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Week 2

Posted by Ren McCormack on May 17, 2006

Action Item 1:

Please let me know whether you will be at tonight’s 7:15 game vs. Tony’s Tigers. 

Scouting Report: 

The Tigers are tied for the #2 ranking right now.  Not that this means too much after one game, though.  When we played the Tigers last season, about half way through the season, we were the bottom two teams of the division.  So I did what any spry young captain would do—I challenged their captain to a bet.  Loser bought the other captain a shot.  Simple enough.  Well, let’s just say that Bob enjoyed his double shot of Jack.  The Tigers were the 15th seed (of 16) in the Silver Spur Tournament, and made it to the championship game. 

I don’t have much to report on for this season.  They beat Yo Momma 5-1 last week.  Yo Momma is comprised of former members of With Themselves and the Ball Hogs—neither of which were exactly powerhouses last year (With Themselves was our only non-forfeit victory). 

My only advise is to not get distracted by the loud, kinda obnoxious dude who roars and yells “Tiger ____ [fill in the blank].”  For example, “Tiger Kick!” 

Captain’s Tip of the Day: 

  • Keep your kicks on the ground!
  • The base coaches need to help our less experienced runners.
  • Play does not end until the pitcher has the ball in control and on the mound; return the ball to the pitcher ASAP.  Otherwise, runners may continue to run around the bases.
  • Runners may over-run first base, but must turn RIGHT into foul territory.  Runners may not run past second or third base. 
  • No leading.
  • No stealing.
  • Tagging up is allowed.  What’s “tagging up”?  Pretend you are a base runner.  After Chuck pops the ball up and it is caught by the other team, you may run to the next base, but you MUST touch the base you are running from first.  If you were standing on the base, you may simply run.  Remember that the team can get you out by either 1) tagging you, or 2) throwing the ball at you because it is not a force out.
  • What is a “force out”?  A force is when a runner must proceed to the next base once the ball is kicked because you cannot have two runners on the same base.  For example, if there are runners on first and second, there is a force out at third.  To get the out, the fielding team may 1) tag the runner, 2) throw the ball at the runner, or 3) throw the ball to the 3rd baseman, who may touch the base with his/her foot or the ball before the runner touches the base. 
  • What is a “non-force out”?  Non-force outs are when the runner does not need to run, but chooses to anyway.  For example, if there are runners on first and third, the runner on first must proceed to the next base, but the runner on third does not need to run.  Should the runner on third choose to run, he/she must be tagged or hit with the ball on the way to home plate. 

Theme of the Week:  This week’s 80s theme will be….[drum roll]…80s toys.  Action Item 2:  Include in your post what your 80s toy will be for your name tag tonight.  No duplicates allowed! 

Ghost Man on Third:

If you did not receive the Ghost Man on Third, Issue 2 by e-mail today, check it out. 


Who is bringing the drinks and cups tonight:  Action Item 3:  Include in your post whether you volunteer to bring the fun. 

See you tonight,


With a bottle of wine in one hand and a woman in the other
'Cause he was a ladies man
He never stopped to worry what the next day would bring
Because the girls would sing:
Rock me Amadeus,
Amadeus, Amadeus, Amadeus,
Amadeus, Amadeus, Amadeus,
Oh oh oh Amadeus.

Rock Me Amadeus – Falco

Falco was the most internationally successful pop artist ever to come out of
Austria, best known for his 1986 chart-topping hit "Rock Me Amadeus." Born Johann Holzel in Vienna on February 19, 1957, he was a classically trained child prodigy, but after graduating from the Vienna Conservatoire, he relocated to West Berlin and began fronting a jazz-rock band. Rechristening himself Falco in honor of the German skier Falko Weissflog, he returned to Vienna in time to play bass on the punk outfit Drahdiwaberl's 1979 album Psycho Today, penning their best-known song, "Ganz Wein." Falco began his solo career in 1982 with the LP Einzelhaft; his "Der Kommissar," which fused techno-pop with rapped German lyrics, became a major European hit and a club favorite in the U.S., with a cover version by the group After the Fire reaching the Top Five in 1983. The follow-up, "Jeanny," was banned outright by radio as a result of its theme of prostitution, but nevertheless went on to top the German charts. While 1984's Junge Roemer attracted little attention, in 1986 Falco issued Falco 3, highlighted by the single "Rock Me Amadeus," a campy blend of classical music and synth pop which topped both the American and British charts. While the rock ballad "Vienna Calling" was a minor hit, Falco's subsequent efforts, including 1986's Emotional and 1988's Wiener Blut, fared poorly; he had been long out of the spotlight when he died in a car accident on February 6, 1998 at the age of 40.

Source:  Yahoo! Music


21 Responses to “Week 2”

  1. Paul M said

    AI 1: I can dig it.
    AI 2: A-Team action figure TBD.

  2. Chuck said

    I’ll be there – Chuck
    Here’s a site for 80’s toys:

    I’ll be “Mr. Fun Fountain”

    …water toy that had a clown’s head as the base and a detachable hat which rose in the air when water came out of the clown head. The hat spun around about 5 feet in the air on the stream of water and shot water from the top of the hat.

  3. Becky Roemen said

    I will be there.

    Alisa and I will be filling the cooler with a delicious surprise.

    My 80’s toy is a toss up between the She-ra action figure and a glo-worm. I think I’ll have to go She-ra though.

  4. Paul said

    I will be there but I got a touch of the flu…I might just be “team photographer” tonight unless Im really needed to pinch-kick!

    My 80’s toy is the forgettable but fun “Ziffy-Whomper” which is a cool snow sled with handles and crazy colors.

  5. Angie said

    I’ll be there.

  6. Matt Michael said

    I’m in.

    Re: toy, is there any doubt with me? I’m total Weeble Wobble…always sway, even when sober; never fall down, even when not. We’ll see how things go with this mystery bevvie at the game, may be tilting extra much tonight!

  7. Bridget W said

    I am in tonight!
    80’s toy – JEM action figure – truly outrageous!

  8. Ann said

    I’ll be there! I’ll be Gumby–I need a side kick Pokey apparently.

  9. Ann, anytime you need a “pokey,” just me know!

  10. Jed is in… maybe I’ll just go with the Laser Tag…

  11. Jessica said

    i’ll be there

    80’s toy–Shera!

  12. Justin said

    I’ll be there.

    80’s toy: ALF

  13. Erin & Zeb Grace said

    We’re in.

    My Buddy & Kid Sister

  14. Hey Ben and Paul and Chuck and everybody else that brings a camera…

    When do we get to see the pics? The thumbnails in the text are OK, but for the lack of a better medium other than Bret Michaels, I Want Action!

  15. Paul said

    Walter(Bret) I will try to send the pics to everyone after everygame from now on if my outgoing computer space can manage it…

    Paul “Every Rose Has A Thorn” Bordelon

  16. Ryan said

    I’m in — Ghostbusters Proton Pack!

  17. Brandon said

    I’ll be there

  18. jayme said

    cant make it… im in alabama!

  19. Peter said

    I’ll be there

  20. Erin Grace said

    F*** Kid Sister, I want to be a Popple.

  21. Zeb Grace said

    Alrighty then….I guess My Buddy flies solo tonight…

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