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Post-Game Wrapup: Week 2

Posted by Ren McCormack on May 18, 2006

I gotta say that I like the pattern this team is forming:  2 games, 2 ties, and the last team standing at the X again (and that's really more important to me than winning games).  Our flip cup record was pretty dismal, though.  Terry Tate's Office Linebackers pretty much manhandled us, then the K-funk Allstars treated us like an ugly stepchild.  And I'll take some credit there–I'm not a habitual 3-flipper, but was last night.  Bullocks!  On a good note, I actually remember the ride home last night, and the bag of chips that Pete and I ripped through at 12:30 surely helped stave off the hangover today.  Becky– hopefully you didn't fill your apartment with smoke again this week after exploding a burrito in the microwave. 

The game was great too.  We took an early 3-0 lead, then added two more runs in the 2nd inning.  Our offence stalled a bit after that, though we did continue to get base runners on.  We had a few defensive errors that let in Tony's Tigers last two runs, but thanks to Zeb's (the game ball winner) pitching and some steller 5th inning D, we held off a Tiger Ralley to secure the tie. 

My favorite play was, by far, when Brandon scopped up a ball in left field and drilled a gal who must have weight all of 90 pounds from a  distance of about 5 feet.  Of course the ball bounced off her and went into foul territory allowing the base runners to advance, but it was pretty funny.  Oh, and did I mention that she was already thrown out at 2nd base?  Nice one, chief. 

Second play for the blooper real:  a kick to shallow left center.  Kathryn, playing short stop, yells out, "oh God!" and back tracks.  Arms outstreched, she's lined up to make the grab.  Then Pete "macho man" Reinhardt come in from the outfield, yells, "I got it!" about 0.00367 seconds before the ball was going to make contact with Kathryn's hands.  Seeing the immienent collision, Pete slams on the breaks, slides into Kathryn, and the ball bounces off his face as the sidelines let out a collective "ooooooohhhhhhhhhh!" 

Angie and Meg stepped up to bring the cups & drinks next game.  Thanks, ladies.  Paul told me that you would make good additions to the team.  Of course, that came from the guy who has passed out in a chair at my last TWO parties with a full can of beer in hand…

If anyone is willing to trade shirts to go a size larger, please let me know.  Erin ordered a medium and ended up with an XL.  If someone with a large is willing to step up to an XL, Jed agreed to take the Large and give his medium to Erin.  It's kinda pretzel logic, I know, but whatever works.  Post a comment and let us know if you're willing to do the honorable thing.  (ohhh…a little guilt there…)

We do not have a game next week.  But, if there is interest, we will hold our own scrimmage.  I'm told that I do not do enough on-field coaching, so a little intrateam play may help to work out the kinks.  Action Item:  Let me know if you are interested in scrimmaging/drinking next week and what night you prefer. 

Footloose at the X     Alisa     Footloose at the X


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    Here are some of my pics from the game:

    let me know if this link works! – Chuck

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