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Team Poll: Taking the Theme Over the Top

Posted by Ren McCormack on May 23, 2006

I consider myself a fairly creative guy (although, the personality test I just took for a work training says otherwise).  Halloween has always been my favorite holidy because I absolutely love dressing in costume.  Still do to this day.  And Halloween is even better now that Snickers bars have been replaced by cold beers, but I digress. 

We started Footloose in 2001 with a vision.  A vision of of the days of yuppies, when Burt still loved Lonnie, when everyone wondered who shot JR.  To take the 80s theme to gnarly new heights, I bought 200 wristbands on e-bay (no, I'm not joking), a gross of jelly braclets (again, not kidding there), and hunted down the old school tube socks with the stripes at the top (I really wanted to buy team leg warmers, but the guys on the team refused to wear them.  Putzes).  In 2002 I bought the boom box and the tunes helped set the scene.  In 2003 we added the name tags with the rotating theme (80s movie characters, toys, etc.).  In 2004 we added the hair ties and clips and Metal Mania made it's first tour stop on the National Mall–and will have it's 3rd stop this summer this June (so hit up the local Goodwill). 

But I feel like we've become stale.  We need to add a new element to our garb, but my creative side letting me down here (maybe that personality test was right).  So here is what I'm looking for:  fresh ideas.  Do you have any?  Post a comment and let me know. 

On a related note, this stuff ain't cheap.  If you re-read my first post, I asked everyone for a few duckets to cover this stuff (I spent $52 on tube socks 3 weeks ago).  So far I've received a grand total of $0.  I cordially request that each person give me $3, $4, $5…whatever.  It's much appreciated. 

See everyone Thursday for our practice/intra-squad scrimmage.  Let's say, 6:45?  I'll have a bag of equipment.  I know of at least 5 other teams that plan to go to the X that night, so it should be a fun night.  Plus, I'm taking Friday off to beat the traffic to Dewey, so you know that I'm going to be in fine form.  I still have 4 openings in my beach house that I need to fill…let met know ASAP if you're interested!

– Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. 

ps- If you want to read my personality assessment, let me know…it's pretty spot on.  Do you think that I have a dominence style, influencer style, supportive style, or compliance style? 


2 Responses to “Team Poll: Taking the Theme Over the Top”

  1. Do you really want me to think of something over the top? Don’t you understand the consequences? If I could only type half of what is running through my mind right now….

  2. Jed, what’s “over the top” to you is simply unthinkable to most…

    Save your crazy ideas for Halloween in July.

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