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Scavenger? I Hardly Even Know Her!

Posted by Ren McCormack on May 30, 2006

Mid-season Party!

We are only 3 weeks into the season, but it's tome to start thinking about the division's mid-season party, which will be Saturday, June 10.  We're going to do a scavener hunt (like the past 2 seasons), which basically means that you traverse DC going to different bars and doing silly tasks for points.  We are teaming up with one of those "other" kickball leagues and SMASHED (a social/charity group), so we will have a ton of energetic, young beer drinkers canvasing DC that day.  All teams then will end up at the Front Page for a private party.  That's right, we got the Front Page in Dupont for a private party on a Saturday night.  We're trying to get Heiniken to sponsor it too, which would make this even more off the hook than it already will be.   

Team Requirements:

1. Teams must have 6-8 people

2. You must be 21 or older to participate

3. You must have at least one member of each sex on your team


To register your team please send your team name along with all team players names to no later than 12 noon Wednesday, June 8th.  Please indicate in your e-mail who is a registered WAKA player and who is not.  WAKA will be paying for the $10 entry fee for all WAKA members, others are on their own.  There is no need to register on— the Board will handle registration for all teams that are playing through WAKA.  If there are others on the team who will not be taking part in the Scavenger Hunt but still want to get their drink on at the after party, please e-mail Mel a list of those names as well.   WAKA will be paying for $10 of the $20 entry fee to the party.  The “PARTY ONLY” people that they would still owe  $10 for the party which can be paid at the door at the designated WAKA table

The hunt begins promptly at 12 noon and all team members must check in between 11:00am and 11:59am on Saturday June 10th at the Front Page in Dupont. For more details and there are a lot more, go to

I will not be hunting, so you kiddos will have to organize yourselves.  We are all (relatively) mature adults, so I think that you can handle it.  Posting comments here should be useful. 

The last hunts were full of crazy stories…belly shots, lap dances, hot girl-on-girl action, baby oil, dancing… I expect to hear great stories with lots of scandalous pics…


5 Responses to “Scavenger? I Hardly Even Know Her!”

  1. Sorry… can’t make it this year to see all the boobies….

  2. Becky Roemen said

    I’ll be hunting again this year. I’m happy to organize the footloose team, or at least one of them depending on the number of people. Just email me,, or post a comment if you are interested. 6-8 people and non Footloose friends are welcome

  3. Thanks for stepping up, Becky.

    Note that I updated the registration information since my original post.

  4. Alisa said

    I will be joining your team, Becky. You can count Leigh in as well.

  5. Paul said

    Sorry VERY unfortunately I cant make it either…I will be out and about motorcycling in North Carolina. Have fun and of course I wanna see pictures of naked boobies!

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