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Game 4: Gipper’s Return

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 7, 2006

Action Item 1:  Please post whether you plan to be at tonight’s 6:30 game versus the Well Hungarians by 3pm today.  It’s very likely that I will be running late tonight (it’s the week preceding our major conference), so our co-captain Jed is going to run the ship.  He also has the bag of equipment and will squat the field for us.  Everyone needs to give Jed a hardy smack on the ass for stepping up to take care of all this. 

Tonight is the Ronnie Classic.  The entire division (all 16 teams) will be out there.  We will try to get 4 kickball fields, but I bet we only get 3.  Both at the fields and at the X, please be patient because things will be a bit hectic.  It’s going to be a madhouse! 

Scouting Report:

The Hungarians are a very good team.  They took down the defending champs, Spin the Bottle, in week one.  They tied Yo Momma (a decent team) in week 2, and they crushed the pathetic new team Natural Born Kickers 16-0 last week.  This will be a test for us.  Are we a good 0-0-3 team or a bad 0-0-3 team? 

How do they rack up so many runs?  Bunting.  And not just female bunters, they have male bunters, or Munters, too.  So we are going to shake up the traditional positions a bit.  We’re going to play a male catcher who has the arm to make it to 1st.  Our firstbaseman also needs to have his A game on tonight, knowing when to stretch to get the out and when to bag it and prevent the ball from being overthrown.  It also is imperitive that the catcher and pitcher have good communication.  If they both go for the ball full force, it’ll only lead to confusion.  Your last girlfriend gave you good advice—communication is key to making any relationship work.  Listen to her—she was a wise sage.  Additionally, the right fielder needs to back up all throws to first base.  Overthrows at 1st will kill us tonight if we let it. 

That said, not everyone is a bunter, so the other positions need to be ready. 

Captain’s Tip of the Day:

  • Kick the ball on the ground!  Where?  On the ground!
  • If your name starts with B, ends in N, and has and E in the middle, your job tonight is to not kick the first pitch, no matter how tempting it looks. 
  • A general rule of kickball is that the team that makes the fewest errors wins.  Let’s be that team today. 
  • The strike zone is 1foot to either side of home plate and 1 foot high.  If the pitch is bouncy or you just don’t like it, you do not have to kick it.  Wait for a pitch that you like. 
  • There are 4 balls (then you walk), 4 fouls (then you’re out), and 3 strikes (then your out).  That’s a lot of pitches, so let me reiterate to wait for a pitch that you like.  The ref will tell you the count (the number of balls, strikes, and fouls). 
  • The short stop, shallow center fielder, and 2nd baseman need to communicate who is taking throws to 2nd base before each play. 
  • The pitcher needs to make sure that fielders are ready before each kicker steps to the plate.  Just take a quick survey so that we are not caught out of position, talking to the hottie on the other team, or drinking our beer. 
  • For the outfielders, it is easier to run in on the ball than to run out to get it.  For their stronger kickers, play a few steps back. 

Mid-season Party:

As you know, this Saturday is the mid-season party.  Thanks to Becky for captaining our team.  If you can’t make the hunt, you can still make the post party at the Front Page in DC.  We have 12 free kegs, so get their early.  The division is covering half of the $20 cover charge.  Try to make it! 


Remember that tonight’s theme includes wearing blazers and neckties.  Everyone’s name tag will say “Gipper” in honor of the Ronnie Classic. 


I don’t remember who volunteered to bring beer/cups this week.  Jed?  Action Item 2:  who’s bringing the booze? 

Ghost Man on Third:

Here is the Ghost Man On Third, Issue 5.    

Thursday Night:

Matt pointed out that we all like to drink and listen to cheesy 80s music.  In light of this, Matt suggests that we meet at the Clarendon Ballroom Thursday night to see The Reflex (  The band goes on at 9:30.  The Ballroom has a great rooftop deck, so I would suggest getting there for the $2
Corona bottle happy hour (till 8pm).  You also beat the $5 (or so) cover charge.  Action Item 3:  Anyone interested in going to the Ballroom Thursday night? 

Remember to respond to the three action items!

And we danced, like a wave on the ocean, romanced
We were liars in love and we danced
Swept away for a moment by chance
Yeah, we danced and danced and danced

And We Danced – The Hooters 

A little something about The Hooters

The original line-up of the Philadelphia pop/rock act the Hooters came together in 1980, but despite indications that the band was on the road to commercial success they broke up in 1983. Founding members Eric Bazillian and Rob Hyman stayed in touch, however, and both worked on Cyndi Lauper's 1983 debut album "She's So Unusual. Hyman co-wrote the hit "Time After Time" with Lauper as well as playing keyboards, and Bazilian is credited as playing the "hooter" (melodica) as well as guitar and bass for the album. Happy with their work on Lauper's album, Columbia records approached Bazilian and Hyman with a record deal for then-defunct Hooters. Original drummer David Uosikkinen came back on board, and new bass and guitar players were recruited to record the revamped band's first album, "Nervous Night."  Things fell in place nicely for the band in 1985.  "Nervous Night" sold well, and they had hits with "And We Danced" and the biblically-inspired "All You Zombies."  And on top of playing their first shows abroad, the Hooters were given international exposure when they opened the American side of "Live-Aid," the African famine relief event the line-up of which reads as a who's-who of 1980s music.


17 Responses to “Game 4: Gipper’s Return”

  1. Paul said

    Chuck and I will be there!

  2. Paul M said

    AI1 I’ll be there. I may be wearing this Gipper name tag, but I’ll be sporting the Rick Vaughn look.

    AI2 I will bring the cups.

    AI3 I can make it to the Ballroom tomorrow but only until 9:15 since I have a hockey game in Alexandria at 10:30.

  3. Becky Roemen said

    1. I will be there (hopefully early enough to help Jed squat the fields)
    2. I will be drinking Jed’s beer from Paul’s cups.
    3. Tomorrow is up in the air as of now – keep me posted.

  4. OK, I’m squatting the fields, so I’ll be there.

    Libations: I volunteered for this before getting stuck with the bag, so this may be tricky. Anybody up for Anacostia Iced Tea?

    I’m not going to work tomorrow. Be prepared for shenanigans…

    I have a Nats game tomorrow… no Reflex for me.

    And for those who didn’t check out the crazy Asian game show (Old Man Bites Gently), it nearly made me piss my pants. Great concept. All I have under my name today is accidental soccer porn.

  5. Ryan said

    I will be there!!!!

  6. Zeb & Erin said

    We’ll be there!

  7. Zeb & Erin said

    Count us in for tonight.

    Won’t be able to make it out to the Ballroom tomorrow…

  8. Justin said

    1) I will be at the game tonight decked out in coat and tie.

    2) Not the booze dude, but I will happily indulge in a beer (or ten) after work.

    3) I will make every effort to be at the Ballroom tomorrow night.

  9. Jamie Gross said

    1) i’ll be there, but i can’t play the field- i tried to break my thumb this weekend, and it’s still purple 2) not the booze person 3) can’t make it to clarendon

  10. Bridget W said

    1) I will be there – but probably late – working in Chantilly doesn’t and 66 don’t mix. 3) tomorrow I am up in the air – going away this weekend, lots to do!

  11. Matt Michael said

    A. Props to Ben, as always, great postings, organization, enthusiasm. Here’s to you!

    B. Team, let’s WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER!!!! (We can tie the rest of the games).

    Item 1: I’ll be there; no jacket (it was a weekend wine festival casualty).

    Item 2: I drink Jed’s booze, bring fun.

    Item 3: Band is at CLARENDON GRILL (not Ballroom). Pretty much same place, easy to confuse. I will be there c. 8:30 – 9. Get ready to Rock Out 80’s style!

  12. Peter said

    I’ll be there.

  13. Zeb said


    Let me know if you need support on the beer front. I can probably pick up a 12-pack or 2 on foot on my way over to the fields if need be.

    email me at

  14. It’s 3:48 and I just posted this week’s GMOT…funny stuff, if I do say so myself!

  15. Bridget O said

    1) I’ll meet y’all at the bar
    2) Not the booze person
    3) I’m playing golf tomorrow but I may meet you afterwards

  16. Ann said

    1-I’ll be there.
    2-no booze this week
    3-Going to the Nats game tomorrow

  17. Alisa said

    1 – i’ll be there
    2 – will drink, not bring, booze
    3 – thursday – possibly, i am busy until about 9ish

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