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Post-Game Wrap-up: The Fall of Footloose

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 8, 2006

Well, the inevitable happened—we lost our undefeated status to the testosterone-laden Well Hungarians 16-1 (was that the score?).  Seriously, what do they have, 5 women on their team?  We didn’t really do anything wrong—their balls just seemed to find our open spots on the field.  Plus, we didn’t really get base runners, which makes it hard to score.  Just remember our team motto, “We’re not here to win, we’re here to score.” 

Aside from the food order taking an hour, I would say that the Ronnie Classic was a success.  Thanks to everyone who dressed up.  Sure, we all looked goofy, but that’s the point.  And if we’re all goofy together, that somehow makes it ok.  Remember that Metal Mania III is scheduled June 21, so get your Hair Metal costume in order.  I suggest assless leather chaps and a feather boa. 

The game ball this week goes to Jam Master Jed for filling in as captain and leading the troops, squatting the fields (amazingly, we got 4 fields), and bringing the libations.  Jed will be leading you into kickball battle next week too because I’ll be in
Albuquerque at a conference all week with FEMA and those wacky floodplain managers.  I expect many drunk dials Wednesday night. 

Action Item:  Who is bringing the libations next week? 

Remember that Matt proposed a team outing that the Clarendon Grill tonight (Thursday) around 8:30-9pm to see the 80s cover band The Reflex (  If you’ve shaken off the hangover from the Anacostia Ice Tea (I haven’t yet, and it’s 1:48 pm), try to make it.  (Note that it’s at the C.Grill, not the Ballroom like I stated in the previous post. 

Lastly, check out the pics in the right-hand side bar.  I added almost all the pics that I’ve received thus far this season to my Flickr account.  Unfortunately, in doing so I lost the 2001, 2002, and part of the 2003 pics.  I have not posted the 2004 or 2005 pics because I’ve exceeded the amount of memory that I’m allowed to upload in a single month.    There are some really good pics in there (though, not many of kickball…hum…wonder why?). 

To all the hunters, I’ll see you Saturday!  Strap on those seatbelts, ‘cause it’s gonna be one wild ride! 


Sister Christian, oh the time has come
And you know that you're the only one to say
Where you goin', what you looking for?
You know those boys don't want to play no more with you
It's true
You're motoring
What's your price for flight,
And finding Mister Right?
You'll be all right tonight

Sister Christian – Night Ranger  

Check out the video:

A little something about Night Ranger Night Ranger formed in San Francisco in 1981. The quintet are most known for the power-ballad "Sister Christian," which peaked at #5 in early 1984.  In 1982, the band changed its name from Ranger to Night Ranger after a country band, The Rangers, claimed a trademark infringement. ger a deal with MCA Camel in 1983.The band's modest hit single, "Don't Tell Me You Love Me," received a boost through its MTV video airplay and managed to peak at #40 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Jack Blades' puppy-dog appeal seemed to win over female fans, while Gillis and Watson's duelling guitars pleased the male audience. Their first albums struck a balance between hard rockers ladened with sexual innuendo, and accessible pop ballads to guarantee airplay.Night Ranger's hold solidified with their second album, "Midnight Madness," which featured the ballads "When You Close Your Eyes," and the aforementioned "Sister Christian," written and sung by Kelly Keagy for his own sister. It became a cautionary anthem for teenage girls across a conservative
America, warning them not to "give it up before their time is due."
In 1985, Night Ranger continued headlining their own tours in support of "Seven Wishes," which followed a very loose concept of the band flying across the ocean in a B-25 Mitchell bomber. In 1987, they co-wrote the title theme to the Michael J. Fox film, The Secret of My Success, which served as the lead single from "Big Life."   Later, Jack Blades left Night Ranger to form the popular supergroup Damn Yankees with Ted Nugent and Tommy Shaw of Styx.


  Ben & Chau     YAR!     Pete & Chau    


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