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Being Quirky In Albu…Ahhh…Forget It

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 13, 2006

Hey gang,

Greetings from Albuquerque! 

Well, it's 1:23 am.  Let me just say that a few Jack & Cokes at this altitude makes you feel gooooood.  Staffing the company booth at 8am tomorrow is gonna suck BIG time, though.  Well, it's nothing that I'm not used to after a kickball night, so no complaints.  And let me say that drinking mararitas with the program exec then hearing stories about your dad running down the hall in his boxers just make make the trip worth missing a week of kickball.  (Yea, Dante is really at the conference.) 

I just wanted to say hi to everyone, remind you that Jed will be running the show this week, that the Family Guy that's on TV right now is hysterical, and that the scavenger hunt was frickin awesome!  when you hear a teammate say, "I have to leave…I've kissed WAYYYY too many random people today," well, you know it was just one of those wacky days.  who says that we are too old to play spin the bottle on the dance floor of the front page (and hearing the DJ call us out was funny sheet)?  who says that pouring beer on each other is stupid–ok, so it was.  so what?  (oh, and i dind't have time to shower before my flight…i'm sure that i smelled great.  Quick footloose story:  the first year we had a "footloose initiation."  it basically was pouring beer on each other on the dance flor of the hatter.  it was amusing the first few weeks, until i doused a dude on another team.  actually, it was the gold team….funny.  anyway, the guy got realllly pissed.  the next week he told me off how i embarrassed him, immasculated him, blah blah blah.  turns out what he was really mad about was that Camalot wouldn't let him in.  HA! 

Anyway, kick some ass at the game.  Watch out for the bunts (both from the peni and the peni-less).  be sure to take them down in flip clup. 

also, in 2 weeks it's Metal Mania, so get hit the Goodwill this weekend and get your costume in order.

rock on,


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  1. Alisa said

    well i don’t know what teammate would have said that! how inappropriate. and it’s called a beer shower, and it’s perrrrrfectly alright. goes well with business casual.

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