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Rock Out With Your C*ck Out

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 20, 2006

Metal Mania III

That's right, this week the metal mayhem begins.  I can't wait to see all the crazy costumes and band names that you all created.  I've heard rumors or cod pieces, spiked leather dog collars, and mullet wigs.  Personally, I’ll be sporting leather pants, so I hope that it’s not 90 degrees with 90% humidity.  Even if it is, my ass simply looks too good in them to not wear them.    

In addition to your feather boas and Aerosmith-inspired unitards, each of you should come up with your fictitious band name.  Use these classics as inspiration:  Dokken, Guar, Danger Kitty (a fake one), Faster Pussycat, Warrant, Ratt, LA Guns, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Moterhead, Stryper, Poison, Motley Crue, Fat Guy Trio, King Cobra, Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, Slaughter, Clay Aiken, Spinal Tap, and Skid Row.    If you can't come up with your own name, try combining parts of 2 of the above bands.  For example, Quiet Tap or Twisted Poison.  

Need some inspiration?  Use the websites below: 

Which 80s Hair Band Are You?  


Hair Metal Confidential: 


Metal Sludge, premier Glam Metal site & community:

Sleaze Roxx, band bios:

Glam Metal, news & interviews:

Action Item:

Let me know whether you will be at Thursday’s 7:15 game against the #1 team, My Left Foot.

Scouting Report:

Another team of bunters.  I can arrange for no Munters, but the chicks will bunt.  They are usually guy-heavy and tend to take it a bit too seriously.  They still laugh and have fun, but trust me, they relish that they are the #1 squad.  So let’s glam it up and show them that being goofy is more fun than scoring.  Runs, that is. 

Captain’s Tip of the Day:

         You know the deal by now.  Kick the ball on the ground. 

         The right and left fielder backs up throws to 1st and 3rd, respectively. 

         Remember that playing 2nd base means that you actually stand in between 1st base and 2nd base

         Work out substitutions with someone of the same sex between innings. 

Libations:Action Item 2:  Who’s bringing the cups & booze?  Hopefully you worked this out last week.    

Heaven isn't too far away,
Closer to it every day. (oh-oh)
No matter what your friends might say…
We'll find a way
(Whoa, yeah, babe)

–Heaven,  Warrant

A little something about Warrant…

Warrant was formed in Los Angeles by guitarist Erik Turner in July 1984.  In January 1988 Warrant signed a contract with Columbia Records, and in April they began recording their debut album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich. It was a significant success, spawning 3 hits: the #2 power ballads "Heaven" and "Sometimes She Cries", and the rock anthem "Down Boys".Shortly following the release of the album, Warrant toured with Paul Stanley, Queensrÿche, Cinderella, Poison, Mötley Crüe and Kingdom Come. Kingdom Come members Rick Steier and James Kottak would later join Warrant.The band's second record, the Cherry Pie, was released in March 1990, and featured guest appearances by Poison's C.C. DeVille, Danger Danger's Bruno Ravel and Steve West, and Fiona. The album, which spawned the hits "Cherry Pie", "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and "I Saw Red", reached the Top Ten in the United States, and went on to sell 3 million copies. The record's title track, only included on the album as a result of record company pressure, received strong exposure on MTV and became the band's most successful single.The release of "Cherry Pie" was followed by a tour with the band Poison.

And then grunge hit…


Poison     Ratt     Twisted Sister


27 Responses to “Rock Out With Your C*ck Out”

  1. Alisa said

    AI 1: I will be there
    AI 2: Don’t know who will bring booze.

    I’m trying to put together a costume. Any recommendations on where to find big hair would be most appreciated.

    Alisa aka “Pussycat Riot”.

  2. Kathryn said

    I will most definitely be there!! Unfortunately still no playing for me… but I sure will be able to drink! Can’t wait!! Also, some costume suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  3. Paul M said

    AI 1: I’m in.

    Brandon M is on tour in NY this week.

  4. Costume Ideas: hit you local Goodwill or other thrift store. Mix n’ match items. The flashier the better. As a fallback, the old rock t-shirt will suffice. But that’s like the kid who puts on a baseball cap on Halloween and calls it his “costume.” Wigs may be hard to find this time of year– maybe a toy store? Or you could dig up the crimper and hair spray and go to town (come on ladies, I know you still have the crimper attachment sitting around).

    Also, Halloween in July is only 2 weeks away, so we need to decide on our final costume idea for that. I’ll post a poll in my post-fame wrap-up.

  5. Alisa said

    Is Brandon M on tour with his metal band? I can’t believe he didn’t tell us 🙂

  6. Matt said

    1. Out for the game, in for the Ex.

    2. Are these heavy metal names, or porn names?

    3. Doubtful on costuming for me, sorry. Can I dress as Billy Ocean instead?

  7. I will be there.

    I will not be bringing booze

    My band name will be Registered Offender again (why change a winner- however it fails to compete with PJs Coat Hanger Abortion).

    I am all out of wigs from last time… I think my girlfriend burned them all.

    I am all out of antibiotics, so I will be drinking heavily.

    I still have H&H covered… 80s night starts at 10.

    That is all.

  8. EVH a.k.a Ryan said

    I’ll be there!!

  9. Angie said

    Meghan & I will be there!!

  10. Jamie G said

    i have a hot date w/ my office tonight, so no kickball and no two seconds of fame on CBS…

  11. Twisted Kitty (Becky) said

    I will be there in some sort or ‘metal mania’ attire – probably something flashy in hopes of being interviewed by CBS.

  12. Paul said

    Chuck and I (Paul B)will definetly be there and this is how tonight is bound to go: in the words of the song “Round and Round” from the great 80’s hair band RATT:

    Out on the streets, that’s where we’ll meet
    You make the night, I always cross the line
    Tightened our belts, abuse ourselves
    Get in our way, we’ll put you on your shelf

    Round and round
    With love we’ll find a way just give it time, time, time, time….

    Somebody bring alcohol dammit!!

  13. Paul said

    I just realized that this is my baby brother Chuck’s last game with Footloose before me moves next Wednesday to Baton Rouge. Lets make sure we give him a night to remember…Ladies(Pete) this means you! Ha Ha!

    Hmmm Im feeling a bit “under the weather” I may not be able to make work tommorrow! Hee Hee!

  14. Paul said

    Alright Chuck and I have broken down and agree to bring some jungle juice tonight! We will be there early…game starts at 07:15…we should be at the field by 06:15 at the latest…come one come all!

  15. Justin said

    It crushes me to write this, but I won’t be able to make the game tonight. We have a work dinner that, despite my best efforts, I can’t get out of before 7:00. I’ll head down to the fields to cheer on the team, but I’ll be in lame work clothes.

  16. Thanks for stepping up, Bordelon boys. I should be able to split work early today. I can’t focus with the US loss to Ghana and Metal Mania looming anyway.

    Let’s try to ref the K-funk/Spin game…that one should be interesting. It’s WAKAthong night for K-funk…

  17. Ann said

    I might be a little late but i will be there!! Not sure what i have to wear though…

  18. Bridget W said

    I will be there Ann and I are currently trying to figure out costumes…. Tracy Lord

  19. Justin said

    Screw it. I take back my first post and I’m borrowing a page from the Paul “under the weather” playbook. I’ll definitely be at the game tonight.

  20. So I just made a last-minute jaunt to a thrift store and got some reinforcements. I don’t know why I was getting strange looks when I was trying on women’s blouses and giggling to myself. Seems perfectly normal to me. Anyways, my point is that if you think that you are getting away with playing tonight without wearing any costume…THINK AGAIN! (I got Pete a nice pink and orange flower print top. It’s heavenly.)

  21. Peter said

    Ya, I’m not in anymore.

  22. Jessica said

    i’ll be at the game but i might be a little late, that’s all’s i got for you

  23. Paul B said

    Well lets see:

    Big hair: Check

    Stupid costume: Check

    Gallon of Vodka: Check

    Assorted juices: Check

    Cups: Check

    Day off of work tommorrow: Check

    Ice and cooler: DOH!!!!

    Chuck if you read this bring home ice and a cooler (Id call you but our phone is still dead..(wtf?)

  24. Alisa said

    This is getting exciting. With Ben’s reinforcements, we will truly look like a team! And I am very proud of my teammates who have reneged on work commitments just so they don’t miss out on the fun.

    Could be a loooong night. Again.

  25. Paul/Chuck– If you need me to bring in a jug, call me. I’m leaving work at 5 today (yea– yearly!)

  26. Erin Grace said

    Zeb and I are in!

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