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Post-Mania Wrap-Up

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 27, 2006

Sorry for the delay in posting the post-game wrap-up.  Better late than never, right?   RIGHT? 

I must say that Metal Mania III was the best Metal Mania yet!  A big thank you to everyone– you dressed up in silly costumes and brought the bravado that accompanies being in a fake 80s metal hair band.  There were some great costumes:  Paul’s “flasher” outfit was downright scary.  Zeb (unintentionally) looked like Barney Rubble.  Justin was part of the Cobra Ki dojo and definitely swept the leg.  Ang and Meg were “Twisted Teecherz,” and definitely looked like no teacher I had growing up (unfortunately).  The “orange-mango surprise” was quite the elixir.  Cheers to Chuck and Paul for their masterpiece of a concoction. 

I have approximately 1,258 pics from the night, about 1,121 of which are from the last 30 minutes at Heaven & Hell before they kicked us to the curb to get jumbo slice.  I’ll post/share them when I can.  Also, I hear that there were nasty thunderstorms at 11pm and 1am, but i wouldn’t know because were were tearing up the dance floor, popping balloons, and drinking Miller Lite bottles like they were going out of fashion. 

I’m sure that the CBS Early Show got some great shots of us in full metal regalia…I’m kinda scared to see what we look like on TV…but definitely looking forward to seeing it.  Once I know the date it is set to air, I’ll let ya’ll know. 

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to a 3-year Footloose vet, Chuck, who went and did something stupid– bought a house in Louisiana with his girlfriend.  Gosh Chuck, I thought that kickball was the most important thing in your life.  Well is should be, damnit.  My personal feelings of loss and abandonment aside, we all wish you the best and hope that you can make it up to your Nation’s capital for some games (or just to pound some brewskies). 

This Week’s Schedule:

Wednesday:  Happy hour at the Front Page in Arlington (Balston) for $1 beers.  Then off to watch the new Superman movie at the Balston Mall.  Have you noticed how some reviewers think Superman is gay while others think that he’s a reference to Christ?  I wonder what the Christian Right has to say about a gay Christ. 

Thursday:  We are scheduled to play the 7:15 game vs. Spin the Bottle.  This division does play in light rain (hell, we played the first week’s games (not ours) in heavy rain while there was a tornado warning).  But, if games are cancelled, where are we going for happy hour? 

Saturday:  Jaime sent an e-vite for her around the world party at her apartment complex in Cleveland Park.

Next Tuesday:  Alisa sent an e-vite for a fireworks-watching party at her apartment in VA Square. 


I promised this in my last post, and the time is here to pick our team theme for “Halloween in July” on July 12.  Here are the two front runners:

  1. Pretty in Pink:  everyone, and I do mean everyone, wears a bad 80s prom dress (a bad bride’s maid dress will suffice too).  Ok, I really don’t mean everyone.  We will pick one person to be Ducky.  The thrift store were I bought my faux snakeskin pants had dresses for $10-$30.  We could have a group field trip to try on dresses…HA!   
  2. Mr. and Ms. Pacman:  This one is more difficult, but we could have one person as Pacman and one Ms. Pacman.  Everyone else is either a ghost, a dot, or a piece of fruit.  The ghosts are pretty easy: a colored sheet cut with a ragged bottom and felt eyes would work.  Although, they wouldn’t have much “body” to them.  The dots, fruit, and pacpersons (how PC is that?) are more difficult.  I do have a few ideas on how to make Pacman though.  We could have a costume assembly party at my place in Alex the Monday or Tuesday before the game to get everything in order.  Maybe we’ll even watch the Footloose DVD that Pete gave me a few years ago as motivation. 

Place your vote now! 

Mr. Miller         Footloose in Metal Mania Costumes      Group at Heaven & Hell     Chuck and Honeys


4 Responses to “Post-Mania Wrap-Up”

  1. Paul said

    I vote Pretty in Pink simply because its easier than Pac Man…and plus I like to dress in drag.

  2. Becky said

    I will not be here for Halloween in July, I am throwing a bachelorette party that night, in Michigan. My vote would be pretty in pink (thought pacman done right could look really cool – but it would be a lot of work).

    We went to Heaven and Hell last Thursday? I don’t remember any of that.

    My Friday morning after that went something like this:
    Random Co-worker: Last night was one of the worst storms I’ve seen.

    Me: It stormed last night?

  3. Walter Gibson said

    Yes I will be there, not I cannot bring drinks.

    I vote Pretty in Pink.

  4. Pacman said

    if you are into Pacman you shall check out this pacman website where you can play pacman, ms.pacman and more 🙂

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