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You Spin Me Round Round

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 29, 2006


Action Item 1:  Post a comment whether (or not) you will be at tonight’s 7:15 game vs. Spin the Bottle.

Action Item 2:  Who’s bringing the cups & libations?

Scouting Report:

Spin is a periennial powerhouse in the division.  They have a rap for taking the game seriously.  What goes with that is that if we are beating them or if the game is close they tend to get down on each other.  So here’s what I want to see:  Footloose taking a 2 or 3 run lead going into the 3rd inning.  Then we can watch them yell at each other. 

Their guys can kick the ball pretty far, so play a little deeper than usual in the outfield.  The upside is that if we catch their pop flys, those are easy outs.  No guys will bunt, but some females will.  Their lead-off kicker, Hoops, will bunt, and she’s quick.  The gal who plays shortstop (Kim) can both kick and catch well, so don’t be caught off guard.  Their third baseman, Spags, can throw the ball like a lazer, so make sure to run hard and through first base.  Their guy outfielder with the leg brace can gun the ball too, so be cautious when running the bases.  They play a male catcher (their captain, Scott), so if you bunt you had better run like the Dickens.  I don’t know what a Dickens is, but apparently Charles was quite the runner. 

Bottom line:  this is a good time, but very beatable. 

And Alisa thinks that after the 3rd inning we need to play a round of spin the bottle on home plate.  [No, I’m not making this up either.]

Captain’s Tip of the Day:

Well, my scouting report gave a few tips.  But here are a few more for good measure:

  • Keep your kicks snuggly on the ground.  I know you like to snuggle.  Don’t deny it. 
  • The ball may be a bit wet because of the 34 inches of rain that we’ve received the past week.  Remember that the key to catching a fly ball is to accept it to your bosom.  Arms in front of you, palms to the sky. 
  • The right fielder has to back up throws to 1st base.  Without our star first baseman, Chuck, this is esp. important this week. 
  • Get the ball back to the pitcher ASAP.  We’ve become a little lazy here.

Team Poll:

Place your vote for costume theme for Halloween in July (July 12/13).  Text your message to 4224 for Pretty in Pink.  Text to 4225 for Pacman.  Action Item 3:  vote.   

Ghost Man On Third:

Read up on all the kickball news that’s fit to print:  Ghost Man On Third, Issue 8

Battle of the Bands:

Friday, July 7.  Nissan Pavillion.  Journey and Def Leppard in concert.  A team with an 80s theme simply cannot miss this one.  Metal Mania costumes are optional.  Tix are $30.  I’m taking a head count to see if there is interest in renting a bus to go.  A plush coach with a restroom.  It’ll leave at 5pm from Balston Mall and return after the concert around 11pm.  Why take a bus?  So we can tailgate, get ripped up, and not have to worry about sitting in traffic while telling yourself that you are not drunk.  Action Item 4:  are you interested in the concert?  The bus?  both?

Party Time:

Remember that Jaime is having a party saturday and that Alisa is having a fireworks-watching party Tuesday.  Reply to their e-vites. 

Ok guys– see you tonight! 

The Ambiuously Gay Duo    cimg1224.JPG     cimg1253.JPG


12 Responses to “You Spin Me Round Round”

  1. Paul said

    AI1: Will be at game tonight.

    AI2: Not Bringing libations

    AI3: 4224

    AI4: Cant make it will be out of town.

  2. Paul M said

    AI1: IN
    AI2: NO
    AI3: 25
    AI4: NO

  3. In, out, 4224, Will be down the street in Rosslyn for 4th.

  4. Matt said

    In (almost definitely); out; neither; yes, but just committed to another event that night!

  5. Justin said

    1. In
    2. Nope
    3. 4225
    4. Hell yeah

  6. Alisa said

    1. Probably won’t make it 😦
    2. Not I
    3. 4224
    4. I am definitely interested….have a couple other commitments that night though so i have to check.

  7. Jess said

    1. not sure I can make it tonight
    2. so no on the drinks
    3. maybe pac man, undecided
    4. have fun, got plans that night!

  8. Ann said

    1-I’m headed to the beach! 2-no 3-PACMAN (it’s easy to wear a white sheet) 4- I have plans as well unfortunately.

  9. Jamie G said

    should be there tonight, no drinks, pretty in pink, got plans

  10. Becky said

    I thought i posted this earlier – it must not have gone through. I don’t know if I can make it on time. If you are short girls, call my cell and I will try my best to get down there.

  11. Angie and Meg said

    Ang and I will be there, but traffic on 395N looks rediculous right now so we might be late. -Meg

  12. firestone

    Goodyear Eagle F1

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