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Dirty Dancing

Posted by Ren McCormack on July 5, 2006

Instead of setting up a scrimmage in our off week, I decided that we would skip the wheat (kickball) and get right to the shaft (drinkin). 

Come out to the Clarendon Ballroom Thursday night.  We’ll start on the rooftop deck for $2 Miller Lite and Corona Bottles till 8pm.  Once we’re nice and juiced we’ll head downstairs to see a classic Delaware cover band–Burnt Sienna.  They will not disappoint.  Arrive whenever you want, but if you come before 8pm (I believe) you beat the $7 cover.  It’s really nice being up on the roof, so I suggest arriving early.  The weather forecast is 79 and sunny on Thursday–couldn’t ask for better deck weather.  I informed the other captains that Footloose will be rockin the joint, so hopefully we’ll get a decent league turnout. 

Check out the Ghost Man On Third, Issue 9.  This issue has the links that Paul sent for the CBS Early Show article and video as well as the links to my Kodak Gallery pages that have all 265 pics that I’ve receive this season.  And if you’re curious to see what I looked like with hair, check out the archives for the previous seasons.  Ah, hair, how do I miss thee…

Save the Date:  the end-of-season kickball party will be August 12.  Details are still being ironed out, but expect it to be cheap or free with free booze.  What else do I need to say? 

Thanks to everyone for some great parties this weekend.  I love that Footloose is coming together with a fun social network.  That’s what kickball is all about.

Ps- Does anyone remember the score of last week’s game vs. Spin the Bottle? 

Ben, Alisa, and Becky     Coke & Mentos     Drums


5 Responses to “Dirty Dancing”

  1. Alisa said

    I do REALLY want to go the Ballroom, but I have to travel to Mississippi tomorrow for work. It’s just a down and back (and back and back), but I probably won’t land at Dulles until around midnight. I’ll call ya’ll to see if you’re still out….and you better be. Thanks to all who came to my party – and especially to everyone that survived the fireworks display! I would have really hated the ruin the summer with a lawsuit.

  2. Alisa said

    okay – flight is actually supposed to get in around 930pm…so expect me no later than 1030ish.

  3. Paul M said

    I think I can make the 1/2 block walk from my apt.

  4. Laura said

    I’m new in the area and would love to join a team…can anyone help me out?

  5. Hi Laura– Thanks for stopping by my little blog!

    Footloose & the DC Federal Division will not be playing in the fall (there are 2 seasons, a spring and a fall). However, registration is open for the fall season (which starts in late July) in other divisions. Go to and find a fall division in an area that you want to play (e.g., Capitol Hill, Alexandria, etc.). You can register as an “individual” and the league will try to place you on a team that has openings.

    Kickball is a great way to meet people (many of my friends I’ve met through this silly game), so I definitely suggest signing up.

    Where did you move here from?

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