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When the Lights Go Down in the City…

Posted by Ren McCormack on July 7, 2006

Well, it’s 11:03 am and I still feel dizzy from last night.  Burnt Sienna put on a good show at the Ballroom, and some of us (once again) closed down the bar.  Man, I really am going to get myself fired if I keep this up…but I’m having a lot of fun on the way down…

Weekend Plans:

Saturday K-funk is sponsoring a BBQ/party in Arlington.  I previously forwarded an e-mail with the scoop.  It will be a fun night.  Before that, I propose the following:

  1.  Dress shopping.  Yes, dress shopping.  As you well know, next week is Halloween in July, and we are doing a Pretty in Pink theme.  Now gentlemen, you can take the wussy way out (Paul M) and where a bad tuxedo, or you can grow a pair and wear a dress.  So here’s what I’m thinking:  a Footloose outing to some thrift stores to try on and buy bad prom dresses.  How funny would that be?  If you want to partake, post a response.  Timewise, i’m thinking around 1pm after I recover from my post Journey/Def Lep hangover (ohhhh, man am I pumped for this concert tonight!). 
  2. World Cup Match.  The consolation final game of Germany/Portugal is at 3pm (yes?).  Let’s watch these hot Spanish men get sweaty.  (Did I just write that?)
  3. BBQ.   After the game we roll over to the party. 
  4. World Cup Final.  Sunday at 1:30 pm is the World Cup final.  Let’s watch it.  Together.  Then we’ll douse ourselves in baby oil and have Sumo wrestling matches after Italy takes it to France (I gotta cheer for the homeland). 

Calling on Ducky:

Action Item:  Who is going to be Ducky next week?  Someone either needs to step up or we just vote for Jed.  Post your wish. 

Ok gang, I’m off work in 23 minutes to head to Journey/Def Lep.  When I crack that first beer at 3:30 J-balls and I will be laughing at all you suckers that are still at work.  You had your chance to see these legiondary bands thrill the crowd with their signiture tunes…  But don’t worry, I’m sure that my drunk dialing fingers will be in full effect tonight. 

Steve Perry & Neil Schon     Def Leppard     Steve Perry


5 Responses to “When the Lights Go Down in the City…”

  1. Kathryn said

    Oh how I wish I would have bought a ticket to the Journey concert tonight…. have fun!! I will not be at the kickball party on Saturday bc I will be down in Roanoke, HOWEVER, I want to come back early on Sunday and hopefully I will be watching the game and then finally drinking with you all!!!

  2. Paul M said

    1. Wussy out…call it what you may, but I’ve already donned Leigh & Becky’s sexy coutour once this year in the name of kickball and paraded between bars in downtown DC and even received several compliments.

    In the words of heavy metal immortals, KoRn: “I did my time.”
    3.I’ll drag Brandon from his Centreville nest to the BBQ.
    4. I’m in. Andare Italia!

  3. Jamie G said

    1. possibly- but then i wouldn’t be able to get the keg until sunday- ben, it’s your house, so it’s your call
    2/3. i’m in
    4. already have plans, but may join for the 2nd half

    i vote jed for ducky.

  4. Matt said

    1-3. Working Saturday day and out of town Saturday nite.

    4. Might be in town, but might go to King Dominion. Maybe Team USA will be there too, since they have had a long vacation by now.

    Ducky–need to have a drinkoff of Jed, Ryan, and Paul — loser wins!

  5. Walter Gibson said

    1. Don’t need to shop; already got my dress off ebay.
    2. Watching game, go Germany.
    3. Yes
    4. Have football practice, can’t attend.

    Jed cannot be Ducky. Already has dress. Votes that a girl should step up and be Ducky.

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