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Pretty In Pink

Posted by Ren McCormack on July 11, 2006

Halloween in July is here, mein freunds.  I know that you are excited for this one.  And I knowthat you won’t disappoint the team by showing up sans-costume.  If you think that you’ll be tricky and show up without a costume, let’s just say that I just may have something for you to wear anyway, and it won’t be anything that you will want to wear–so go get your own damn costume.  Bad 80s prom dresses are encouraged.  If you want to wear a cheesy tux instead, I’d rather have that than no costume.  Who is going to be Ducky?  Somebody volunteer, please!

Need more motivation to go over the top with the costumes?  The best costumed team of the night wins 10 free pitchers of beer.  No, I am not joking.  If we have 18 people running around in bad prom dresses, we are bound to win. 

I will be going to the thrift store to buy my outfit tonight (Tuesday).  Most bad prom dresses I found were 1) God awful, and 2) about $15.  Action Item 1:  If you want to come with or you want me to pick up something (not so) tasteful, let me know.  I’ll probably leave around 6:30 or 7pm. 

Scouting Report: Yo Momma! currently is ranked #12 and we are #14.  Looking at mutually played teams may give us some clues:  They lost to Tony’s Tigers, who we tied.  They tied the Well Hungarians, who beat us.  They lost to the Recess Warriors, who we tied.  What’s that say?  This will be another close game, but this is like, totally winnable.  They will have some female bunters, and we really need to get those easy outs.  Their captain, Shanda, will argue any call she disagrees with.  Let me handle that (I have a way with the sistas).  We beat this team last year on a controversial call, so expect them to be out for revenge.  All I have to say about that is, “Bring it on!”  Action Item 2:  Post a response whether you will be at Wednesday’s 6:30 game.  Action Item 3:  Who’s bringing cups & libations?  Somebody step up, please. 

Captain’s Tip of the Day:

  • It’s hard to score runs if we don’t get base runners.  How about we try that tonight?
  • Defense wins championships.  Just ask Italy (what a glorious day Sunday was–Lucky Bar was rockin). 
  • Get the ball back to the pitcher ASAP.  Spin took advantage of this and got a few runs when we were lazy with throwing the ball in to end the play.
  • Do not play “chase the runner around” by throwing the ball at them–it’s better to get the ball to the pitcher.  These are those plays, such as an overthrow, where we try to get the runner out at 2nd, then there’s another overthrow, so we try to peg them at 3rd, miss, then they score.  Let’s not do that any more.  It’s often better to cut your losses. 
  • In my position scheme, I envision the shallow center fielder taking throws to 2nd base.  However, there still seems to be confusion with this, and I’m not sure why after 7 games.  When a runner is on 1st base, I want the 2nd baseman, short stop, and shallow center fielders to decide who is taking the throw.  Be vocal. 
  • Here’s a situation:  There is one out with a runner on 3rd.  Generally, where should you kick the ball?  First, on the ground.  Yes.  You know that already.  But you also should aim for the right side of the field.  It’s a long throw from 2nd base position to home.  You may get out at 1st, but you will score the run.  The 3rd base coach also needs to be vocal and tell the runner what to do (e.g., run, stay, or wait then run). 

Picture Pages:

I uploaded new pics to my Flickr site.  Unfortunately, I found out that it caps the number of pics at 200.  I’ve received almost 300 from this season alone.  So much for using Flickr as the division archive.  If you read the last GMOT, you saw that I posted all the pics that I have to my Kodak Gallery account. 

Ghost Man On Third:

I have not done the GMOT yet…check back tomorrow for it. 

Pretty in Pink     pink-4.jpg     pink-6.jpg


13 Responses to “Pretty In Pink”

  1. Paul M said

    AI 1: no
    AI 2: si
    AI 3: no

  2. Walter Gibson said

    1. I’ll call you in like 15 minutes
    2. Yeah, I’ll be there.
    3. Not unless a keg falls into my lap…

    Man, those are some bitchin’ pics!

  3. Kathryn said

    AI 1: Nope, looking around tonight.
    AI 2: YES!!
    AI 3: I can bring just the cups… hope that helps somewhat

  4. Brandon McGowan said

    A1. Were you able to get the hef robe?
    A2. Yes
    A3. No

  5. Becky said

    No – in Michigan at a Bachelorette Party – consuming far too much wine – take lots of pictures of the costumes.

    See you next week!

  6. Angie said

    I can’t make the game tonight. Take lots of pictures!

  7. Jamie G said

    1. no
    2. yes
    3. yes, if someone else buys the libations and I pay them back (Ben? Jed? Let me know). I don’t really want to be hauling a cooler during the 15+ block walk to the fields from my office…

  8. Bridget W said

    I can’t make it tonight – but I want to see a lot of pics! have fun and WIN!

  9. Matt said

    1. AI 1 is moot.

    2. Really doubtful on the game. If there is forfeit risk for the game, email me and I can likely make it. Otherwise, will try to make it to the X later in nite (sans pink, likely in work clothes).

    3. I have a bunch of frosty Miller Lite longnecks looking for a home…if someone wants to pick them up (14th/G) and take to game, go ahead and enjoy!

  10. Erin & Zeb said

    We won’t be able to make it tonight…. See you next week for season finale vs. K-Funk

  11. Paul said

    I will be there but havent got my dress yet…gonna hit the goodwill on the way home…expecting dress to be God awful.

  12. Jess said

    i have class tonight, can’t make it. it’s pouring anyway!

  13. Games cancelled (looks like we’d have been a forfeit anyway)… hey Ben! When they reschedule the games on July 26/27, tell them to shoot for Thursday the 27th. Now everybody has 2 extra weeks to get their dress in order.

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