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Through the Looking Glass

Posted by Ren McCormack on July 14, 2006

The end is in site (unfortunately). 

Next week we play Thursday at 7:15 vs. Grabassky and the K-funk Allstars for what very well could be the most fun game of the season.  I have a few surprises in store…look out…

Our rained out game from this week will be made up Thursday, July 27 at 6:30.  It still will be a costume night, so that means those dresses haven’t gone to waste.  If you have notgotten your costume in order yet, first off, that’s BS bc you had 3 weeks notice.  But, you got a nice reprieve.  You now have 2 more weeks to get your costume.  If you think that your playing without one, think again…Jed and I went shopping and picked up some beauties.  Once again, I ask who is going to be Ducky???

The playoffs will be the first week in August, night/time TBD after the regular season is over and the division puts the bracket together.  We are guaranteed at least one game…if we keep winning, we keep playing. 

Thursday, Aug. 10 will be the championship game and Silver Spur Sloshing (translation, free beer–like the pre-season party).  August 12 is scheduled to be the official end-of-season party (location and details TBD).  However, we may bump it back to August 19. 

Lastly, if you haven’t replied to Justin’s e-vite for his wine-o party tonight, do it.  Do it. 

Private eyes
They’re watching you
They see your every move
Private eyes
They’re watching you
Private eyes
They’re watching you watching you watching you watching you

–Private Eyes, Darryl Hall & John Oates

Did you know that Hall & Oates was the top selling group of the 80s?  Yup.  Way to represent PA, boys. 

cimg1515.JPG     cimg1513.JPG     cimg1519.JPG


7 Responses to “Through the Looking Glass”

  1. Walter Gibson said

    There were some impressive costumes done on Thursday…

  2. Paul B said

    For what its worth I love Hall and Oates…”Your a Rich Girl”, “She’s Gone”, “Kiss Is On My List” , “Maneater”…all the hits are here…even though John Oates looks like Baba Booey on Howard Stern…ugly!!!!

    Wont be at wino party tonight sorry I have other committment…doh…have fun and take your “chasers” hangover remedies!!!

    Im going home early today..whoo hoo!

  3. Walter Gibson said

    I just realized that you opened this entry with, “The end is in site.” What the Mickey Mouse shit is that? I hope you were just trying to be punny and the webSITE is shutting down.

    I told you I’d be critical of mistakes…

  4. Byte me.

  5. Paul M said

    The end is not in sight…sign up for Tito’s Cash & Prizes to keep the kickball IV flowing. See Paul M.

  6. Becky said

    What would be required of someone who decides to be Ducky?

  7. Required? You just need to dress like Ducky. He had some pretty wild outfits in the movie. Think layers and prints. Google him for ideas.

    Sooooo…do we have a volunteer?

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