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In the Words of Johnny Drama…”Victory!”

Posted by Ren McCormack on July 21, 2006

Way to go, Footloose!  We pulled out the our first victory of the season with a 2-1 win over K-funk.  We took an early one-run lead in the first, then K-funk tied it up in the 2nd.  We were deadlocked until Jed’s stellar homerun to, where else, right field.  Looks like someone read the Captain’s Tip of the Day! 

Game Ball:

I got to give Jed his 3rd game ball of the year for his game-winning home run. 

I’ve got the all-star iron ons; I just keep forgetting to hand them out.  Remind me and I’ll hand them out to the winners at the next game. 


Flipmania! went off without a hitch.  I was fully expecting the park popo to put an end to the shenanigans, but we pulled it off.  The tree cover must have hid us.  Riiiiiiight. 

Pretty in Pink:

Remember that next Thursday at 6:30 is our make-up game vs. Yo Momma!  I’ve talked to their team captains, and their entire team is dressing up.  I fully expect that Footloose will make a good showing too.  You’ve got one week to pull your costume together.  While bad prom dresses are preferable for everyone, a bad tux jacket is ok too (bow tie and cumberbund optional).  At the very least, have some kind of 80s costume. 

You’ve been really good about dressing up for our theme nights–the Ronnie Classic & Metal Mania III.  I promise this will be the last time, so let’s go out strong.  Oh, and the best team costumes wins 10 free pitchers of beer.  What other motivation do you need?

Silver Spur Tourney:

In 2 weeks the division tournament will start.  Once the final round of games are played next Thursday, the division will do the final rankings, then they’ll pair the teams and put them into a bracket.  Then we’ll know what day/time we play the first week in August.  Check the blog for the info. 

Have a great weekend!

We are the champions – my friends
And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end
We are the champions 
We are the champions
No time for losers
‘Cause we are the champions – of the world

Ok, Ok– you purists out there will note that “We Will Rock You” is not an 80s tune.  But, it’s timeless, so it counts.  Plus, it’s just too appropriate not to use this week.  News of the World is a Queen album released on October 28, 1977. Containing such hit songs as “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions” (which are both commonly heard at sporting events) and “Spread Your Wings“, the album went four times platinum in the United States alone.


7 Responses to “In the Words of Johnny Drama…”Victory!””

  1. Walter Gibson said

    A win next week will assure that we do not have to play one of best teams in the first round of the playoffs…

    We should distribute these at the next game…

  2. Walter Gibson said

    Crap… doesn’t accept http…

  3. Kathryn said

    Good luck next week! Unfortunately I will not be at the game next week because I am leaving for AZ for work early tomorrow morning and will be there all week. So… WIN!!!! And enjoy the beer too!

  4. Paul B said

    Chuck has returned for the week and he and I will be there Thursday in full costume! I really hate my dress…Im either buying a new one or going to plan “b”. Congrats on the win Footloose!

    See ya Thursday!

  5. Chuck’s in town? kick ass!

  6. Alisa said

    i’ll be at the game, but unfortunately have to leave shortly thereafter. I don’t have a prom dress because I wasn’t planning on the game being rescheduled 😦 I will do something 80s though for sure. like totally.

  7. Jessica said

    i hate to miss all you dressed up in wonderful prom dresses but i got a 20 pager to write…enjoy…lets go for a second win

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