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Red + White + Bad Prom Dress = Pretty in Pink

Posted by Ren McCormack on July 27, 2006

Tonight’s the night that you’ve been looking forward to (or lamenting…one or the other)– Halloween in July.  I can’t wait to see what crazy costumes you drunks came up with.  Remember, that the team with the best costume tonight wins 10 free pitchers of beer.  And I know that you like beer almost as much as I do. 

Action Item 1:  Post a response stating whether (or not) you will be at tonight’s 6:30 game vs. Yo Momma!

History:  Footloose has never lost to this team.  But that’s not entirely true.  Let me explain.  In 2001 the NY Times ran an article on kickball in DC and interviewed members of Footloose.  The author described the team that we were playing, the Bahama Mommas and Pappas, as our “cross-town rival.”  Well, I happend to be friends with the captain, and every since then we have been rivals.  In 2002 the Mommas and Pappas folded, and my buddy formed a new team, With Themselves (as in this week, Footloose will be playing With Themselves).  We narrowly defeated With Themselves last season on a controversial foul ball on the 3rd base line.  With Themselves folded this year, but members from that team and the now defunct Ball Hogs combined forces to form Yo Momma!  Now, we have lost to the Ball Hogs in the past, but never the Bahamma Mommas or With Themselves. 

Wow, that was a lot to absorb.  I don’t think anyone on Yo Momma even knows the history.  Damn…I’ve been playing this silly game waaaaay too long…

Scouting Report:

Yo Momma! is ranked 10th with a record of 3-4-1.  With our big win last week, we moved up in the rankings to 13th with a record of 1-4-3.  They may have 2 more victories, but one more run in 2 games and we’d have the same record.  I’ve reffed a few of their games, and here are my observations:  sometimes they play really well (they handed the #2 team, the Well Hungarians, who we lost to, their lone loss) and other times really crappy. 

They will have a bunch of female bunters.  Therefore, we need to play a competant catcher who can scoop up the ball and make the throw to first.  Ann, are you up for the challenge?  You did well there last game.  As always, the catcher, pitcher, and 3rd baseman need to communicate on who is fielding the kick.  They also have a deep ball threat, so the outfield needs to be on its toes.  Their first basemen, Sarah, plays soccer and can kick well too (so outfield, don’t be up the infields ass when she kicks).  We did really well getting base runners on last game.  Not only does that make the game more fun, but that’s the only way to score.  Runs, that is.  Let’s keep up the scoring!  I want everyone to get to 3rd base tonight. 

All-in-all, this should be a good game.  One, because I know that they are coming in costume, and two because we seem to be fairly matched. 

Also, we need to make sure that we have 4 guys and 4 gals there at game time.  This team will take the forfeit if we don’t have proper numbers (we’ll still play, but they’d rather take the guaranteed win.  Lam-o, I know-o). 

Captains Tips of the Day:

  1. If you pop out, you owe the team 20 pushups.  Kick the ball on the ground.
  2. Don’t let your dress interfere with your play. 
  3. Real men aren’t afraid to wear goofy costumes. 
  4. Remember to tag up on pop flies.  What is tagging up?  When you are on base and there is a pop fly that is caught, you are allowed to run to the next base after you touch the base that you already are on.  If you’ve read previous tips, you know that it is often wise to go part way to the next base in case the ball is dropped.  In this circumstance, you would need to return to your base, touch it, then run to the next base.  If you never left the base, you may simply procede to the next base as soon as the ball is touched (not caught–note the distinction).  Also, you may tag up on a foul ball that is caught.  If a foul ball is dropped, you may not tag up. 

        Here’s a hypothetical situation.  Say we have a runner on 3rd and 1 out.  You already know from last week’s tips that it would be wise to kick the ball to the right side of the field.  IF there is a pop fly to right field or right-center, the 3rd base coach should tell the runner to stay on the base.  The second the ball is touched, the runner on 3rd should run home (whether the ball is caught or dropped).  If it’s caught, just make sure that it is obvious that you stayed on 3rd or touched it after it was caught. 

Ghost Man On Third:

Here is today’s newsletter, the Ghost Man On Third, Issue 12.  Paul B, I need your interview.  Remember to interview Edward tonight.  And don’t worry about the questions being “guy appropriate”– he swings both ways. 


Jed volunteered to bring a case tonight.  But, the way that we drink, we need another 12 or 24 pack and cups.  Who’s going to step up?  Action Item 2:  Who’s supplementing our addiction?


At the beginning of the season I asked for $4 or $5 from each player for miscellaneous expenses.  I have a list of who paid.  If you did not, don’t make me call you out.  You know who you are.  Get me back tonight or next week, please. 

Silver Spur Tournament:

After tonight’s games, the division will be able to rank the teams and set the bracket.  I should be able to post our day/time Friday afternoon sometime.  Check the blog then.  If we win tonight, we should jump up in the rankings and get an easier team to play.  That’s a good thing.  Looking at the standings, there is another important game for us tonight:  K-funk vs Tony’s Tigers.  If K-funk wins, and we win, we could jump up to the 11th seed (we would be tied with Yo Momma, but our poor run differential will hurt us–if we win by 10 or more runs, we will be the 10 seed) and possibly play the team we tied week 1–the Recess Warriors.  If K-funk wins and we lose, we’ll probably be the 14th seed and play either the Children Left Behind or Well Hungarians–both teams that we’ve lost to.  This is all speculative, of course; it depends on the outcomes of tonight’s games.    

Get ready to come out fired up!

Well, beat the drum and hold the phone – the sun came out today!
We’re born again, there’s new grass on the field.
A-roundin’ third, and headed for home, it’s a brown-eyed handsome man;
Anyone can understand the way I feel.

Oh, put me in, Coach – I’m ready to play today;
Put me in, Coach – I’m ready to play today;
Look at me, I can be Centerfield.

— Centerfield, John Fogerty


13 Responses to “Red + White + Bad Prom Dress = Pretty in Pink”

  1. Angie Canfield said

    I’ll be late as usual tonight! Have to work until 6:30ish.

  2. Becky said

    I’ll be there in my nice new blue Goodwill dress. I think I need to cut the sleeves off of it though because it is so damn hot – how is that for style?

  3. Jamie G said

    i’ll be there, and i’ll bring scissors for any necessary “alterations.” i can’t bring libations, but i can give someone money to buy libations…

  4. Brandon M said

    I’ll be there tonight. Ben I’ve got money for that smoking jacket that you bought.

  5. Ann said

    Sorry guys..can’t make it tonight.

  6. Justin said

    I’ll be there, but I might be running a few minutes late.

  7. Paul B said

    Ill be there with way to tight dress for the game but may have to make it an early night. What time does the game start?

  8. Paul B said

    Chuck says he will be out at the exchange later but probably wont make the game.

  9. Paul M said

    AI1: I’ll be there
    The interview is in your inbox. I’m not Paul B.

  10. Paul B said

    Oops sorry I see it now…game is at 06:30pm.

  11. Matt said

    AI1: Sadly, I am doubtful for the evening. Just totally exhausted from work this week. Could make game if needed (Ben–let me know), and might swing by Ex for a drink later (though I don’t wear pink dresses to work, unless it’s Friday of course).

    AI2: I have lots of beer here, longnecks too, if someone wants to pick them up downtown.

  12. Ryan said

    I’ll be there!

  13. patch perfect

    patch perfect

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