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Screen on the Green: Part III

Posted by Ren McCormack on July 31, 2006

Who’s in for tonight?  I’ll be there around 7pm once the temp cools down a bit.  Bring dinner, wine, blanket, and a low chair (if you have one).  Bug spray is a good idea too.

This week’s movie:  Bullitt. 

Cool and charismatic Steve McQueen has the title role, the one that cemented his superstar status. He’s a hardened San Francisco detective tracking the shooter who blasted a mob informer in his custody. The highlight of this spare crime drama is the legendary car chase that careens up and down the hills of Frisco. Not surprisingly, the macho star did not feel the need for a stunt driver. That’s Steve in the ’68 Ford Mustang. The bad guys drive Dodge Chargers. (Warner Bros.) — Jim Byerley


4 Responses to “Screen on the Green: Part III”

  1. Walter Gibson said

    Can’t make it tonight, but I highly recommend Bullitt for those who have never seen it. Great movie! Wish I was seeing it.

  2. Yo Momma said

    A little birdie said that ya’ll had a blog and that Ren McCormack said that our magnificant captain argues every call. She wouldn’t have to argue the call if ya’ll knew how to play ball. If you were true trash talkers you would grow some balls and tell it to her face. Mr. Way With The Sistas!

    Chuck Cranston

  3. Alisa said

    Who is this Chuck “McCranky” Cranston?

  4. Cranky is just mad that they lost because one of their players F’d up. That’s all.

    Love ya, bitches!

    Ps-  Chuck Crankston is Ren’s nemisis in Footloose.  Good reference!

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