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Everything’s Duckie

Posted by Ren McCormack on August 29, 2006

…don’t worry, the Dewey recap is yet to come…

but for now, enjoy this tidbit that I just found on the Post website (I know that you didn’t get enough of Pretty in Pink during our costume night):

“Pretty in Pink: Everything’s Duckie Edition” (List Price: $14.99)
Release Date: Aug. 29

Blane or Duckie?

It’s a question that has nagged avid fans of the John-Hughes-teen-movie genre for two decades, ever since his New Wave Cinderella story, “Pretty in Pink,” was released in theaters.  As any self-respecting Molly Ringwald scholar knows, the original conclusion to the film had Ringwald’s character Andie accompany quirky best friend Duckie (Jon Cryer) to the senior prom, choosing him over sensitive richie Blane (Andrew McCarthy).  But when test audiences balked, the filmmakers scrapped that option and shot a new ending in which Andie and Blane live happily ever after. Among the ’80s-obsessed, the switch still sparks debate on a variety of topics: true love, selling out, the social class structure in American society and why McCarthy’s hair looks so hideous in the final prom scene.

Read more here:

Pretty in Pink


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Debaucherous Dewey

Posted by Ren McCormack on August 25, 2006

For those heading to Dewey Beach this weekend…look out!  Footloose is going to tear up that town. 

For those heading to Dewey Labor Day weekend, give me a ring if you want to meet up.  We’ll probobly have a cookout Saturday after Jam Session.  Our place is SA-WEET.  If you like a late-night dip in a pool (clothing optional), then you’re gonna love our house. 

Here’s to the good times that I won’t remember…

Ps-  wish your co-captain, Jed, a happy birthday!  If you’re around Saturday night, head to Peyote in Adams Morgan and encourage Jed to belt out some 80s classics (trust me, it won’t take much arm twisting). 

Pps- stay tuned for information on the annual white water rafting trip to West Virginy… It’s one wet & wild time!

Ppps- seriously, look at this house that we are renting!  It’s way too good for me…

5 Cottage Lane

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Ghost Man On Third

Posted by Ren McCormack on August 18, 2006

Here is the final newsletter of the year, the Ghost Man On Third, Issue 15.  This issue features information on a upcoming WAKA/DC United event and lots of pics from the season, many of which I have not used in previous GMOTs. 

I hope that Footloose has a strong showing Saturday!


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Party Like It’s 1999

Posted by Ren McCormack on August 16, 2006

Well, the Tourney is over, but the fun still continues!  I  need your help in deciding a few of the end-of-season awards.  Send me you votes ASAP so that we can honor those who truly deserved to be mocked.  All awards will be announced this Saturday night at the  End-of-Season Party  (<–check out the nifty invite I put together) to be held at McFaddens.  In case you drank too much and can’t remember the End-of-season Party is Saturday night starting at 7pm and will include your very favorite–FREE BEER–and some light appititizers.  It is free for all DC FEDERAL players and $20 for friends of Federalis.  The award categories are:

  • Most Spirited Team (include reason!)
  • Most Obnoxious Individual (include reason!)
  • Best-looking Male team
  • Best-looking Female team
  • Golden Ho Male (include stories!)
  • Golden Ho Female (include stories!)
  • Old Man Kickball (oldest on your team – include age)…uh…Paul, I think you have this one locked up!
  • Rubber Ducky (team most likely to show up in the rain)

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Yo! Adrian!

Posted by Ren McCormack on August 14, 2006

Tonight is the FINAL Screen on the Green of the season–Rocky.  I plan to get there by 7pm to stake out a place (we’ve been sitting by the left side of the screen (as you look at it), pretty close (across from the port-o-potties-don’t worry, out of smelling distance-I just used that as a visual reference), and a few people in from the walkway).Who’s in?Bring dinner, a blanket, any low-sitting chairs, wine/beer/water, cups, etc.  I’ll be there early to save some space, but I’m not saving a plot of primo ground for 20 people who plan to show up 5 min before the movie starts (sundown-around 8:40).  This will be a popular (i.e., crowded) one, so get there early.  The nearest metro is L’enfant Plaza (Yellow & Blue lines).

Call if you can’t find us. 

Here’s more info:


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Extra! Extra!

Posted by Ren McCormack on August 10, 2006

Curious what happend at the games last night?  Read out them in this special edition of the Ghost Man On Third, Issue 14.

See you tonight at the Silver Spur Sloshing.  Remember to get a wristband and that the free beer does not start until 8pm.    The taps are supposed to shut off at 11pm, but the X has a tendancy to shut them down early…so get a stockpile 25 min. before 11pm. 

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Just When You Thought You Were Out…

Posted by Ren McCormack on August 9, 2006

Here is this week’s Ghost Man On Third, Issue 13, which includes information on the Silver Spur Sloshing. 

Do you like kickballers?  Do you like flip cup?  Do you like seeing Matt dance like a monkey?  Do you like 3 hours of free beer?  Then you’ll like the Sloshing.  Come to the X at 8pm Thursday night.  Better yet, come to the fields to watch the championship game first.  You need a wristband to partake–don’t ask the wait staff for one; a Board member will be distributing them. 


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Posted by Ren McCormack on August 7, 2006

Tonight at RFD (Chinatown) is the release party for the new movie BeerFest (destined to be an instant classic).  I’m going to Screen on the Green, but this looks like a lot of fun–think beer pong, flip cup, and other drinking games.

Ps- Don’t forget that Thursday is the Silver Spur Sloshing at the X.  Free beer starting at 8pm.

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Brew at the Zoo

Posted by Ren McCormack on August 5, 2006

Who’s in?  This event is great– microbrews, bands, and baboons.  It will sell out, so get tix early.  It will be Aug. 24, 6-9:00.  Also, ticket price increases Aug. 11.  Yea, it’s $50, which sux, but when else can you party with packaderms?  Afterwards, we can roll out to the bars in Woodley/Cleveland park area. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to taste beers from more than 25 microbreweries and sample hors d’oeuvres from area restaurants. All proceeds benefit Elephant Trails: A Campaign to Save Asian Elephants. Ticket prices for the second annual Brew at the Zoo will increase by $10 on August 11.

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Goonies Never Say Die

Posted by Ren McCormack on August 3, 2006

Don’t you realize? The next time you see sky, it’ll be over another town. The next time you take a test, it’ll be in some other school. Our parents, they want the best of stuff for us. But right now, they got to do what’s right for them. Because it’s their time. Their time! Up there! Down here, it’s our time. It’s our time down here. That’s all over the second we ride up Troy’s bucket.

God damn, do I love this movie.  This is one of the best monologues ever composed.  Here are some other good Goonies quotes:  And that pic of Brittney Bower ain’t shabby either…

The very best quote is from Mouth:  Yeah, but you know what? This one, this one right here. This was my dream, my wish. And it didn’t come true. So I’m taking it back. I’m taking them all backOh man, that’s good stuff. 

Well, Mouth, my dream of kickball domination didn’t come true either.  But my dream of drunken tomfoolery did, so I guess it all works out.  We played what was clearly our best game of the season, falling to Vandy 5-3.  After the first it was 2-2, 3-2 after the 2nd, and 5-3 after the fourth.  We shut them down in the fifth and got two base runners on before an unfortunate double play to end the game.  It was a really close game and could have gone either with.  I’ve known their captains for years, and they were quite impressed with us.  And damnit, they should be– we played great.  We were just a few plays away from a major upset. 

As Matt kindly pointed out to me last night, the season isn’t over until after the post-season party on August 19.  However, I will take this opportunity to thank ya’ll for one kickass season.  I can’t believe how fast it’s flown by.  It wasn’t all that long ago that we were meeting at the X for our pre-season party.  The challenge will be keeping the party train rolling in the off season.  Happy hours, parties, Blocktoberfest (some time in October), the Oktoberfest in Shirlington (Oct 7), Dewey (Aug 25), white water rafting (details to come), Screen on the Green (next 2 Mondays), DC United/Nats games, concerts, Brew at the Zoo (Aug 24), and whatever else pops up.  You know me, I’m a social cat, so I tend to plan stuff.  So keep checking the blog!   But, I don’t have to be the only planner–you too can step up and plan something! 

Next Thursday is the Silver Spur Sloshing after the championship game.  What’s that mean?  Go to the fields to watch the game then go to the X for 3 hours of FREE BEER from 8-11. 

August 19 is the official end-of-season party at McFaddons.  We have FREE BEER starting at 7pm (methinks) and running until our kegs dry up.  I suggest getting there early (7ish).  We also will hand out the division awards that night.  With a little encouragement and a lot of alcohol I just may to the Truffle Shuffle for you. 

Did you notice that I posted new pics to my Flickr site?  Check them out to the right.  The cool thing about Flickr is that you can download the images in good resolution.  Feel free to pirate them. 

I haven’t had time to do this week’s GMOT yet (F’n work getting in the way of my fun).  Look for it on Friday as a “Round 1 Wrap-up” issue.  I’ll post it here as always. 

Lastly, here a humorous little tale from the life of Ben:  so two nights ago, after a couple beers and a vodka tonic (yea, it’s nice having a stocked bar at home) I’m taking my contacts out before hitting the sack.  I drop one and spend a few minutes searching, but can’t find it.  I have disposibles, and they were at the end of their lifespan anyway, so I trash the other one.  Yesterday I popped in a nice new pair.  Refreshing.  As I’m getting ready for bed at 2:15 last night (lack of sleep is definitely one thing that I won’t miss once the season ends) I drop the same flipping contact.  I spend at least 10 minutes on my hands and knees (keep those comments to yourself, pervs) but, alas, can’t find it.  So I curse myself for being an idiot and pass out.  I wake up this morning, do a quick search, but nothing.  I grab a new contact and open the case to put in the one used contact.  It didn’t look quite right, so I took it out of the case.  It didn’t look right because there were 2 contacts in there.  So I either took it out and put it in the wrong side, then forgot that I took it out (quite possible) or it happened to drop into the case.  I’m going with #2.   

What’s good enough for you Is good enough for me

It’s good enough It’s good enough for me Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Good Enough, Cyndi Lauper

Check out the video on YouTube (it features some classic WWF wrestlers.  Apparently they thought this video was good enough to split into 2 parts.  Thank goodness music videography has come a long way):

 Goonies Movie Poster      

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Never Fear, Underdog Is Here!

Posted by Ren McCormack on August 2, 2006

American’s love a good underdog story.  Look at some classic 80s movies– Hoosiers, Vision Quest, the Bad News Bears.  It is simply American to root for the underdog.  There is just something in our genetics that calls for rooting for the little guy.  The guy that is a longshot.  The guy that no one gives a shot in hell to. 

Tonight, as we march into kickball battle, we are that underdog.  We are the team that no one expects to win.  But anyone who thinks that is unAmerican and their phones should immediately be wire tapped and their teams sent to “re-education” centers in Gitmo.  So I say to thee, that we are true patriots, and that we have the full force of the collective American ego behind us tonight, and that it is our manifest destiny to defeat the infidels of Vandalay. 

Action Item 1: 

Post a response letting me know whether you will be at tonight’s 7:15 game vs. Vandalay Industries.  Remember that the word “whether” gives a choice, as in “whether or not.”  Of course, being a true American, you know our basic English rules, so I did not need to remind you of that fact.

Scouting Report:

What can I say?  Vandy is a good team whose record does not reflect how good they really are.  They are the only team to ever have kept the #1 sead, My Left Foot (the team we played Metal Mania week), to a 1-0 game.  They have solid defence and solid kicking.  They also are smart base runners, so it is very important that we get the ball back to the pitcher ASAP.  The outfield needs to make sure to get the ball in as quickly as possible too.  Vandy is a stanch “no bunting” team, so we do not need to defend the bunt. 

Captain’s Tip of the Day:

By this point in the season, we all know how to play.  Just remember to do the little things like backing each other up, getting the ball back to the pitcher quickly, tagging up, and talking to each other.  Other than that, have fun.

Also, it is supposed to be 101 degrees today with a heat index of 112 and a code red.  I suggest bringing water.


Who is bringing cups and beer tonight?  One case is not enough…we need at least 2.  If you have not brought beer yet or you only brought cups or ice, this is your opportunity to excel. 


You know who you are.  Get me back with a few duckets tonight. 

Run, run, run, away
Like a train runnin off the track
The truth gets left behind
And falls between the cracks
Standing on broken dreams
But never losing sight
Spread your wings

We’ll get higher and higher straight up we’ll climb
We’ll get higher and higher leave it all behind

— Dreams, Van Halen


IF you need more motivation, last year’s 15 seed, Tony’s Tigers, had an improbable and amasing run in the playoffs, going all the way to the championship game.  Also, we played Vandy in 2004 in the playoffs.  That year they were the 11 seed and we were the 5 seed.  They upset us 9-3.  All I have to say is that payback is a bitch.


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