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Posted by Ren McCormack on August 7, 2006

Tonight at RFD (Chinatown) is the release party for the new movie BeerFest (destined to be an instant classic).  I’m going to Screen on the Green, but this looks like a lot of fun–think beer pong, flip cup, and other drinking games.

Ps- Don’t forget that Thursday is the Silver Spur Sloshing at the X.  Free beer starting at 8pm.


5 Responses to “BeerFest”

  1. Walter Gibson said

    How are they rigging the free beer this time? The last two years the bar seemed unwilling to part with free beer.

    I’ll be at screen on the green also, unless it is raining.

  2. Walter Gibson said

    PS: Where are all the pictures that get removed from the photo stream going?

  3. Flickr maxes out at 200 pics. I have approximately 2,374 from this season alone. When I upload new pics, the old ones are purged.

    But don’t fret, I have them all saved. They also are located on my Kodak Gallery site. The nice thing about Flickr is that you, as a viewer, can download high-quality versions of the pics (unlike Kodak, Snapfish, or similar site).

    If you want to meet up at SonG, call me. Some others should be out there. I’ll arrive around 7pm with dinner and wine in hand.

  4. Alisa said

    Ren, do you work for Flickr?

  5. If I worked for Flickr, would complain that it purges pics once you hit the limit? I wanted to use Flickr as my perminent site for ALL pics (kickball, vacations, white water rafting, etc.), but I simply have too many. Now, I could pay the fee and have unlimited storage…or I could just put them on Kodak.

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