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Extra! Extra!

Posted by Ren McCormack on August 10, 2006

Curious what happend at the games last night?  Read out them in this special edition of the Ghost Man On Third, Issue 14.

See you tonight at the Silver Spur Sloshing.  Remember to get a wristband and that the free beer does not start until 8pm.    The taps are supposed to shut off at 11pm, but the X has a tendancy to shut them down early…so get a stockpile 25 min. before 11pm. 


3 Responses to “Extra! Extra!”

  1. Walter Gibson said

    I can’t believe we drank all that beer… that must have been a record.

  2. The end of the night is blurry…Pete had to remind me that my roommate drove me home (I assumed that I took Metro). And I didn’t even play any flip cup. Man o’ man…

    I must admit that I’m disappointed with our team turnout (me, Jed, Pete, Kathryn, & Jaime). We were a front runner to win the Most Social Team award, but now I’m not too sure. Let’s step it up Aug. 19 at the end-of-season party.

  3. Kathryn said

    Last night was fun, for the little bit of time that I was there, but I am ready for the post-season party…. as I hope everyone is too!

    See you all next weekend!

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