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Debaucherous Dewey

Posted by Ren McCormack on August 25, 2006

For those heading to Dewey Beach this weekend…look out!  Footloose is going to tear up that town. 

For those heading to Dewey Labor Day weekend, give me a ring if you want to meet up.  We’ll probobly have a cookout Saturday after Jam Session.  Our place is SA-WEET.  If you like a late-night dip in a pool (clothing optional), then you’re gonna love our house. 

Here’s to the good times that I won’t remember…

Ps-  wish your co-captain, Jed, a happy birthday!  If you’re around Saturday night, head to Peyote in Adams Morgan and encourage Jed to belt out some 80s classics (trust me, it won’t take much arm twisting). 

Pps- stay tuned for information on the annual white water rafting trip to West Virginy… It’s one wet & wild time!

Ppps- seriously, look at this house that we are renting!  It’s way too good for me…

5 Cottage Lane


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