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One Shot, Two Shots, Three Shots, Four

Posted by Ren McCormack on September 20, 2006

So our own little Alisa is all growns up.  Well, almost–she turns 25 this weekend.  Come out to help her celebrate Thursday night (9/21) at Cafe Saint-Ex (at 14th and T Streets NW, near the U St./Cordoza Metro stop (Green line)).  The birthday shots will start rolling at 7pm, but come whenever you can make it.  Alisa predicts that we’ll start upstairs before heading downstairs for the real fun. 

Per Alisa’s words, “Let’s make it a sinful night!”  (No, I didn’t make that one up either.)  So let’s help our little sinner solidify her spot in Hell with a night to forget. 

Birthday Girl


10 Responses to “One Shot, Two Shots, Three Shots, Four”

  1. Alisa said

    Maybe we’ll even play spin the bottle again! 😉

  2. Walter Gibson said

  3. Uhhhh…real good comment WALTER…

  4. Becky said

    I can’t make it, I’ll be in PA. I don’t feel so bad though since I have already helped her solidify her spot in hell. 🙂 Buy her a few shots for me!

  5. Alisa said

    Very unfortunately people did give me shots last night and i accepted them. I don’t remember much of the night. by the time Walter and Ren arrived, I was definitely slurring. Oh – and I lost my purse again.

  6. How many times have you lost your purse now after a night of boozing? Four?

    My favorite part of the night: not the disheveled look you had at 9:40 when I arrived. Not you stumbling around and saying “I think I may get sick” then pound two more shots 30 seconds later. Not when you leaned over to push me and almost fell off the stool (thank goodness Ishu grabbed you, or you would have done a face plant). It was when your friends were trying to get you to leave and you sent them to get your tab from the bar. You then turned around and snickered like Muttley because you knew that you were sending them on a wild goose chase because you didn’t have a tab (who would on their b-day?) and you didn’t want to leave. That was some pretty quick thinking for a drunk.

  7. Becky said

    I think the best part of the night may have occurred after the bar on the ride home… 😉

  8. UH OH…were those plastic bags that Ishu got from the bartender put to good use?? Methinks there were…

  9. Alisa said

    plastic bags? what bags? if i knew i was holding them, i swear i would have used them. unfortunately, i didn’t.

  10. eeeeeeeeehhhhhhuuuuuuuuuu……….

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