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Banjos, Bulls, and Queens

Posted by Ren McCormack on October 24, 2006

I returned from a fantastic weekend yesterday.  We timed the trip just right and hit the peak of foliage color in southwestern VA, where we stayed and hiked on Friday.  We arrived around 4:00 and got a few miles of hiking in before dark.  Saturday, we packed up and drove the rest of the way into WV.  It’s amazing that 20 minutes on the road equated to 2 weeks of foliage time.  In other words, because the elevation difference in WV the leaves were dropping and the leaf color was not as bright.  After arriving, we hopped on a bus to Bridge Day.  We caught the last 1.5 hours of jumping and got some great photos that I’ll post on my Flickr account.  Unfortunately, the day was marred with one fatality.  There were rumors on the bridge of one jumper being paralyzed and another who broke both arms and legs, but the linked article does not substantiate those rumors. 

Sunday was our day to take on the Class V rapids of the Upper Gauley River–some of the best white water in the world.  The temps were surprisingly warm–warm enough that the adventurous people in the raft jumped off a cliff and took a brief swim.  (Not to say that the initial shock of hitting the water was the most pleasant thing in the world, but I actually felt warmer the rest of the trip.   Neoprene needs a layer of moisture to work properly, so I guess that little jump did the trick).   We had a raging campfire going Saturday night and then fell asleep to the sound of sleet hitting the tent.  Sure, it was chilly, but nothing that a $16 K-mart sleeping bag couldn’t handle.  Oh yea, did i mention that I forgot my sleeping bag on Friday (thankfully I had a fleece blanket) and spent the night shivering?  Yea, I’m a genius, I know.  At least we didn’t hear dueling banjos coming from the back woods…

On another note, Saturday was the Redbull Flutag in Baltimore.  I wish I was around for this crazy event.  Did anyone go?  Stories?  Pics?  The site has a few pics and a short video featuring Ryan Dunn (of Jackass fame).  I hope they return to B-more next year, but I have a feeling that the circus changes cities every year.   Anyone up for a dip in the Anacostia?

Lastly, tonight (10/24) is the annual High Heel Race in Dupont.  While it starts at 8pm, you really need to get there hours early to get a good viewing spot.  Traditionally, I’ve stood in front of Fox & Hound.  While the race itself only lasts 30 seconds, it’s all about the pre- and post-race pageant that the queens put on.  The costumes are fantastic and the crowd, for the most part, is pretty laid back (see:  the b*tch and her husband that cut in line in front of us 2 years ago and thought it was OK because “she lived in the neighborhood and we didn’t”).   

Bridge Day


2 Responses to “Banjos, Bulls, and Queens”

  1. Becky said

    I’ve slacked off on my blog reading but am back! What’s on tap for Halloween? I’ve got a great costume that must be displayed as many days and places as possible. 🙂

  2. I’m heading to a cabin in PA this weekend, so I’m out. I’ll be doing plenty of drinkin’ to stay warm, but it will be far from the madness of G-town, midtown, or Adams Morgan. Think of it this way: at least you have a bad 80s prom dress to wear as a costume, right? I plan to wear mine.

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