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Santa Stumble

Posted by Ren McCormack on November 29, 2006

Ever wonder what made jolly ol’ Saint Nick so Jolly?  Well, let’s just say that it wasn’t the cool, crisp air at the North Pole. 

The 2006 Santa Stumble bar crawl is slated for Saturday, December 9.  What could be more amusing than seeing hundreds of santas, elves, and reindeer galavanting around Georgetown?  Trust me, I did the Stumble last year and had a phenominal time.  To make the drunkeness seem like we’re not just a bunch of boozers dressing up in December and acting like bafoons for no reason, there actually is a damn good reason– it benefits the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Question:  Do I need to dress in costume to participate?

Answer:  No, you don’t need to, but that’s half the fun– coming up with a creative, non-standard santa or elf costume (see the pics on the website for ideas).  PLUS, you get beer specials (I hope!) and don’t have to pay any normal covers at the participating bars if you are in costume. 

So get shopping and pull your costume together.  You can buy a Santa cap at any Wal-mart, Target, or craft store.  I plan to hit the Goodwill this weekend for the rest of my costume…


8 Responses to “Santa Stumble”

  1. Becky said

    Last year, didn’t you fall asleep on the metro or something and then run from your cab driver? I feel like there was a story similar to that right around Santa Stumble time. Unfortunately, tis the season of holiday parties and I will be attending one. Take pictures!

  2. Santa won’t divulge his secrets, but Metro, sleep, cab, and cop all were involved at some point in the night. Luckily, jail cell was not…

  3. Alisa said

    What a surprise! Becky and Ren are the only other two responders. I would LOVE to go to this, but I’ll be traveling for work. I wonder if they do Santa Stumble in Mississippi? I could start it.

  4. Paul said

    I may be interested!

  5. Paul said

    I may be interested

  6. is that Paul B ~and~ Paul M, or is Paul B just not so good at this whole technology thing?

  7. Paul said

    Paul B is just not good at this technology thing! DOH!

    So what time and where are we meeting tomorrow??

  8. Paul said

    Paul B is just not good at this technology thing! DOH!

    So what times and where are we meeting tomorrow??

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