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Posted by Ren McCormack on December 11, 2006

Q:  What do you get when 1,283 Santas consume 20,297 beers and 8,754 shots (and that was on my bar tab alone)? 

A:  A whole lot o’ Blitzen! 

Ok, that was terrrrrrible, I know.  But you love it.  Come on…admit it, you do…

We hit the pre-Stumble at 3:30, left for the Stumble at 4:30, then I lost everyone at the Guards and stumbled to the Roslyn Metro (longest walk ever) around midnight.  I think.  Seeing a bar packed to the rafters with nothing but Santas, elves, reindeer, Christmas trees, and some other creative costumes–in Georgetown no less– was some truly funny stuff. The pic below does not do justice the amount of ridiculousness of the night.

I posted the Stumble photos to my Flickr account, so check ’em out.  I also posted a few pics I took at my office party that was held in Union Station. 

The Stumble is usually the 2nd Saturday in December, so mark your 2007 calendards now!

Ps- I sent the team an e-mail about tonight’s (12/11) 7pm Caps/Penguins game.  I have 15% off coupons (a whopping $5 off the $35 seats).  Each team has a rising superstar, so it should be a good battle. 

Santa Stumble


2 Responses to “Post-Stumble”

  1. Becky said

    Not many people can pull off a Santa suit the way you do.

  2. Paul said

    Man that was a great time! Ben I will email you some pics this weekend…sorry I forgot and Im lazy too!

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