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Eagles Nest Night

Posted by Ren McCormack on March 5, 2007

This friday (3/9), the Caps are taking on Carolina.  Sure, the Caps suck, but there will be beer, so it will be fun.  We’re trying to take over the entire Eagles Nest section.  We got 13 locked in so far, but we’re not there yet.  For those not familiar, the Eagles Nest are nose bleads just under the rafters.  Sure, the seats suck, but there will be beer, so it will be fun. 

The box office told me that these seats sell out quickly, so order them online directly through this link (not through Ticketmaster, who can rot in Hell):

The plan is to meet at Fado for happy hour, then head to the game.  Who knows were we’ll end up after the game. 

Who’s in?

Feel free to invite any new recruits. 


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