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Help Save SMASHED!

Posted by Ren McCormack on March 9, 2007


I got an e-mail from the organizers of SMASHED.  You know them because they are the lead organizers for the scavenger hunt that we do each summer.  They also do similar events throught the year to raise money for charity while having a good time.  So far, they’ve raises over $20k, which is pretty darn amazing. 

But, they are in trouble.  The DC council may shut events like the scavenger hunt down.  This is were your help is needed.

Here is the e-mail I received.  Please read and pass it on to anyone who can help save events like these. 


All bar tzars, volunteers and friends of the Idiotarod racers:WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

It has recently come to our attention that a number of people have made
formal complaints with the DC City council calling the DC Idiotarod a
“bar Crawl” and calling for its permanent shut down. (not likely that
it will ever end in Adams Morgan again since we have grown so large, but
I don’t like to see us made the scapegoat). They very well could shut
down this very fine annual event without your help.

If you are a resident of the Dupont or Adams Morgan or Mt Pleasant Area,
or have friends who are, we would like to bombard the City Council with
POSITIVE comments about the race.

Please share with them how much excitement the Race generated among you
and your friends. Please share with them, how the opportunity to raise
money for a charity in such a unique way was an inspiration. Please let
them know how much you appreciated and respected the presence of the
DCPD all along the course route. Please let them know how SMASHED
begged for good behavior and listed many rules to ensure the safe
participation of all racers. Tell them about the many, many bystanders
and asked what was being done…and how you handed out materials
explaining the race, the charity, and how to find out about SMASHED.

Please let them know that you encourage fun activities, such as the
Idiotarod race, and would encourage the DC City Council to disregard the
complaints of a few disgruntled people for the greater good.

Please direct your calls or emails to Jim Graham’s office below.

By Mail or in Person
Councilmember Jim Graham
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 105
Washington, DC 20004

By Phone
(202) 724-8181

By Fax
(202) 724-8109

Jim Graham’s Office constituent services Jim Graham’s Chief of staff

A letter already sent by a friend

Mr Graham,

The idiotarod shopping cart race, as silly as it seems, has roots and history in several cities across the country and is a great diversion for residents young and old alike.

I am a 29 year-old scientest for a local non-profit, living in adams morgan for 6 years and am an active member of the community. I was thrilled to participate in the race for the second year in a row, see a boom in the number of participants this year, and have my own doorstep be part of the course.

Contrary to what news has been spreading, this race is most certainly not a bar crawl (of which several of those events occur on any given weekend – just wait for saint patrick’s day next weekend) and does not include, condone or imply “involuntary drinking.”

In fact, during both races I participated in, I never even set foot in the bars that were at the checkpoints, except to use the restroom, as i was reveling in the costumes and good humour outside along with the other spectators (which included my parents). The other night I was at the Safeway on Columbia and heard several older Adams Morgan residents reciting the funny costumes and events they witnessed. The winner of the leisure course was a family that came from New Mexico to compete.

Please do not let the bad press overshadow an event that was fun, raised money for charity and provided an usual and creative saturday afternoon for all. It is unfortunate that such an event can be ruined by a few complaints. Adams Morgan is the vibrant desirable place precisely because of the diversity it attracts, and includes events like these. 


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