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Footloose & Fancy Free

Posted by Ren McCormack on April 21, 2007

Welcome to the 2007 season!  We’ve got a full roster that’s a mix of vets and newbies.  So if you don’t know everyone, that’s fine (because neither do I!).  To get to know each other before the season starts and to see what this kickball stuff is all about, we’re going to have a few pre-season events.   But before we get to that, let’s go over some background info.

Footloose is a team with a theme.  If the name “Footloose” didn’t give it away, maybe this will:  do you like jelly bracelets?  Do you still wear tube socks with the stripes at the top?  Do you still fall asleep with a Glow Worm tucked snuggly under your arm?  Do you look Pretty in Pink?  Because you know, and knowing is half the battle.  Because you’re just a small town girl living in a lonely world.  Because you’re Hungry Like the Wolf, you’ve joined a team that loves everything cheesy about the 80s.  So get ready to do the Safety Dance, flip too many cups to count, and maybe, just maybe, play a little kickball. 

What are my expectations as the team captain? 

  • First and foremost, the only thing that I ask of each player is that they respond to the questions that I ask in the blog ( each week by posting a comment.  This will typically be something very complex such as “please let me know whether you will be at tonight’s game.”  Now let me be a snotball and give everyone a lesson in basic English.  The word “whether” expresses an alternative, as in “whether or not” (i.e., give me a yes or no answer).   

  • Next, read my weekly posts.  They will contain little tips of success and 80s trivia.  For example, what’s the first rule of kicking?  Just ask a veteran.  What’s the top selling album of 1983?  That should be a gimmy, as it’s also the world’s overall top selling album:  Michael Jackson’s Thriller ( 

Album cover (Special Edition)

  • If you do not respond to the blog letting me know that you are coming to a game and you show up, that’s cool, just know that you’ll be at the bottom of the kicking order.  Fair warning. 

  • Footloose strives to find a balance between being goofy and being competitive.  What’s that mean?  Rock the wristbands, but still rock the other team.

Here are some other tidbits of info:

  • Jed has graciously agreed to be my co-captain and go-to guy again this season.  Hopefully I won’t need Jed’s services, but the reality of work is that I’ve been logging in some hefty hours.  

  • All newbies must be initiated.  What’s that mean?  We’ll let you know. 

  • We will handle on-field drinks the same as last season:  We will rotate who supplies cups and drinks for each game.  The type of drink is up to you.  A couple 30 packs?  That’s cool.  Sangria?  That makes for a fun night.  Jungle juice?  Hells yea!  Officially, drinking is not allowed on the Mall.  Officially, we do not drink on the Mall.  Just don’t ask what’s in the cups.  Discretion (and cleaning up all trash) is key.

  •  I ask that each person give me $4 for miscellaneous expenses. 

  • There will be a few games where we are responsible for taking an equipment bag and bringing it the following week.  So I’m not stuck lugging the thing on the Metro, if anyone is driving and knows that they will be at the next game, I’d be very grateful if you step up and volunteer to take/bring it. We’ll cover that when it comes up.

  • There will be at least two costume games this summer (other than our normal 80s garb, of course).  Metal Mania IV and the league-sponsored “Halloween in July.”  What’s Metal Mania?  It’s your chance to flex a little creative muscle and use a lot of Hairnet.  Basically, each team member creates their own 80s metal band personality and comes decked out and ready to rock.  I have a couple ideas for Halloween in July, but more ideas are welcome.  Last season we  did “Pretty in Pink” and wore bad prom dresses.  Stayed tuned for future posts on both costume events.  In the mean time, hit the local Goodwill and stock up on acid wash jeans and snakeskin vests.


  • The pre-season party is this Thursday, 4/26, at the Exchange (17th/G Streets).  The X is our sponsor bar.  Here’s the scoop with the pre-season party:  Show up to the fields at 6:30 for a few pick-up games.  The fields are located between the pond and the Viet Nam memorial (near 20th and Constitution).  The nearest Metro is Foggy Bottom (blue/orange lines).  The pre-season games are a good opportunity to figure out how much traffic there is and how long your commute to the games will be.  Parking along Constitution opens up at 6:30, FYI.  After the games, we go to the X for 3 hours of FREE BEER (this is the best combination of words in the English language, in my opinion) from 8-11.  I have my final class of the semester that night, so I won’t show up until about 10, unfortunately.

  • Next Saturday, 4/28, I’m lining up a scrimmage against another team.  If the weather permits, we’ll meet in the afternoon to play some k-ball and drink some brewskies.  Details to follow.
  • The first game is Wednesday, 5/2 at 7:30.  I hope you’ve been following the Footloose spring training program consisting of squats, leg extensions, and beer pong.
  • What are you doing Saturday, 5/5?  Cinco de Mayo?  Screw it.  Gold Cup?  F it.  You are coming to my birthday party.  I don’t know what’s in store, but it likely will include a shaved lemur, a bar in DC, and night that I don’t remember.

Action Item:

It may seem weird, but I need your e-mail address.  The WAKA registration system will allow me to see you t-shirt size and phone number, but not your e-mail address.  Yea, it’s screwy.  So please respond to this e-mail.

In Conclusion…

Well, I think that’s enough info for now… I hope you can make the pre-season party.  Let’s get the season started off right (drunk).


Ps-  Live the blog.  Love the blog.  Save it as a favorite.


7 Responses to “Footloose & Fancy Free”

  1. Becky said

    Ben, I think you are fantastic.

  2. That was inspiring… I can’t wait for kickball now. Not sure if I will be at preseason party until late either… but I’ll track you all down.

  3. aaron said

    Do you guys have a highlight film from previous years, set to, I don’t know, maybe “Eye of the Tiger” to inspire us newbies to play better?

  4. We don’t exactly have a hightlight film, but you can check out the division archieve of photos (which yours truly maintains):





    2003 End-of-Season Party:



    If you want to rock out to Survivor and pretend that you are Rocky taking down Ivan Drago on Christmas day, then knock yourself out…

  5. Wow… it took me like an hour just to go through ’01.

    btw, the password for 80’s night this week is Gorillas in the Mist. Just throwing that out there… it’s not like anyone works Fridays anyway.

  6. Becky said

    Yeah, last time I went to 80’s night with Footloose was quite something… I didn’t work on that Friday because I physically couldn’t… There should be plenty of photos of that night in the highlight reel.

  7. aaron said

    I won’t be able to make it to the Xchange until 830 or so, depending on when the cable guy comes (his window is 4-8). I will definitely be available for the scrimmage Saturday.

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