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Let the Games Begin!

Posted by Ren McCormack on May 2, 2007


Action Item No. 1: 

Please let me know whether (or not) you will be at tonight’s 7:15 game against Ram Rod. 

Scouting Report: 

I’m friends with the team captain, Amanda, who is a big goof ball.  If there is a team that takes kickball less seriously than Ram Rod, then I’d like to meet them.  This will be a fun, low-stress game.  It’s kinda like whenPenn
State plays a D2 team the first game of the year to work out the kinks.   

But, it doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to play.  In fact, during the playoffs last season they were in a tight 2-1 game versus the eventual champion, My Left Foot (a no-fun team who is thankfully out of the division this year).  Ram Rod was surprised the score was close and the Stinky Feet were getting mad at themselves. 

This will be a fun one.

Captains Tip of the Day: 

Kickball is a game of talent, skill, agility, and fearlessness.  OK, who am I kidding…it’s not.  Nine times out of ten, the team that loses makes more mistakes than the other team.  Each week, I’ll run through some basic rules, tips, and keys to kickball domination.  I’ll start with basic stuff and work up to more complex things.   

  • The easiest out in kickball is a pop fly.  To remedy the fever of a popfly, drink two Miller Lites, KICK THE BALL ON THE GROUND, and call me in the morning. 
  • Positions are basically the same as baseball/softball, except that you can play 11 people in the field.  We play 5 outfielders, with one of them in “shallow center,” about 5 steps behind 2nd base. 
  • The rules are basically the same as baseball/softball rules, with a few execptions, such as:    
  1. Balls, strikes, and foul balls are each counted separately.  Four fouls = an out. 
  2. You can throw the ball at someone to get them out, but you cannot hit them in the head.  If a runner is hit in the head, they are safe (unless they were sliding or intentially moved to create a head shot). 
  3. There is no infield fly rule.  Don’t know what that is?  Don’t worry about it.
  4. No leading.
  5. No stealing (tagging up is allowed).


Each week, we have to supply a ref for the game the opposite time as ours.  For example, this week we have a 7:15 game, so we need to supply a ref for the 6:30 game.  I plan to get to the fields for the 6:30 game, so I’ll handle our reffing responsibility this week.  When we play at 6:30, we also need to supply a “squatter” at the fields because the area of the Mall where we play is not permitted.  We can’t let no stinkin’ softball team snag our fields. 

Failure to supply either may result in a forfeit.  Three or more forfeits and we are disqualified from the end-of-season tournament. 


Each week, we’ll ask for volunteers after the game to bring liquid refreshments, cups, and ice for the following week.  That way, we rotate responsibilities.  And that doesn’t mean that you can simple call “cups” to fullfill your drunkenly duties…

I have a couple of cases of Miller Lite all lined up for this week.  Aren’t I good to you?


Each week we’ll have a different name tag theme.  We’ll have 2 costume nights (Metal Mania and Halloween in July).  This week’s theme is an easy one:  80s movie characters. 

That’s all folks! 

Remember to respond to the Action Item. 

Oh, I just died in your arms tonight
It must’ve been something you said,
I just died in your arms tonight
Oh, I just died in your arms tonight
It must’ve been some kind of kiss
I should’ve walked away, I should’ve walked away

(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight – Cutting Crew


A little something about Cutting Crew: 

Their first album, Broadcast, released in 1986, was the first U.S. number one album for Richard Branson‘s Virgin Records. It included the song “(I Just) Died in Your Arms“, their most popular single. It reached number one in the U.S., and number four in the UK. The track was later included on the soundtrack of the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which is set in the 1980s. Also, the track was used in a “mashup” with the a capella lyrics from Jay-Z’s Moment of Clarity off of the Black Album.The band received a Grammy nomination in 1987, for “Best New Artist”. 


11 Responses to “Let the Games Begin!”

  1. Paul said

    I will be there tonight! Looking forward to it!

  2. Steve said

    I’ll be there! Looking forward to joining the team!

  3. Becky said

    I have strep throat and lots of other lovely things going on, so I’m not sure. I want to come by the fields after work to meet everyone – but don’t know if I can stay and play. I’ll try!

  4. aaron said

    I will be there to get my kick on. my only hope is that Ren will get so mad at the ump over a call he will kick the dirt a few times, then his foot starts a-tappin’, his arms a-swingin’, and next thing you know he’s dancin’ the crap out of that grain elevator!

  5. Some people e-mailed me their status. Here’s an update:

    Yes: Mike S

    No: Kathryn Z (probably will come to the X later), Lisa, Stephanie, and Alisa

    No, per Mike S: Rebecca, Kendayl, Jessica, Samantha, and Mike F, Jeff Q, Jeremy. Please use the blog in the future, gang…Thanks!

    That leaves 10 other people (almost half the team) yet to reply…

    We need at least 4 gals so that we don’t forfeit. Meg, Angie, Kristen, and Kara, I hope you pull through for us!

  6. Paul said

    Ben I will bring my wig in case we need to dress Pete up as the 4th chick so we dont forfiet…oh wait Pete already looks like a dame (granted an ugly one) with his long hair…wig not needed!…Pete please shave the man stubble off your chin and put on a little lip-stick beeeotch!

  7. Paul, need I remind you who the CBS Early Show anchor thought was a chick last year?



  8. I’m there…

  9. Angie said

    Sorry I can’t make it tonight!

  10. Pete said

    I’ll be there. By the way, I hate you Paul…

  11. Rex said

    I’ll be there and be square.

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