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This Time It’s Personal

Posted by Ren McCormack on May 10, 2007


Now that we got the week 1 jitters out of our system, I’m confident that we will show the Terry Tate Office Linebackers who the real muscle is in the Federal Division. 

Action Item No. 1: 

Let me know whether you will be at 7:15 game.

Action Item No. 2:

Rex and Aaron volunteered to bring beer, ice, and cups to the game.  Aaron has another committement, leaving us with a void that needs filled with frothy goodness.  Who else is bringing the goods? 

Scouting Report:

We tied Terry Tate last season when they were the last place team.  They were a lower tier team last season, and I don’t expect much to be different this year.  However, they gave perennial powerhouse, Spin the Bottle, a run for their money last week.  So I really don’t know what the hell to think.  This game can go either way. 

Captains Tip of the Day:

  • Pop flies are easy outs.  So don’t pop out.  Kick the ball on the ground.
  • Play does not end until the pitcher has the ball in control and on the mound.  So it’s important that we get the ball back to the pitcher quickly after each play. 
  • Overthrows can lose games.  It’s usually easier to throw the ball to a teammate covering a base rather than trying to pegg a runner. 
  • It’s easy to catch a ball “basket” style with your palms up rather than “football” style with your palms facing in front of you.  By catching it basket style your body can act as a backboard if you bobble it. 


This week’s theme is the same as last week– 80s movie charactors– because I forgot to get the name tags out.

I will have a purple bag with a bunch of goodies.  Please help yourself to anything in there.  I’m usually running around before the games and tend to forget handing this stuff out. 

Slush Fund:

Don’t forget to give me $4 for incidentals.  Thanks to Wade and Becky for their contribution last week. 


The shirts are in!  I’ll bring them to the game.  So everybody come topless.  That’s an order. 

That’s all I got for now.

 – Coronal Burnside

(Because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
(Because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
Because your kiss is on my list of the best things in life
(Because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
(Because your kiss) your kiss I can’t resist
Because your kiss is what I miss when I turn out the light

— Kiss On My List, Daryl Hall & John Oates


A Little Something about Hall & OatesHall & Oates is a popular music duo made up of Daryl Hall and John Oates. The act achieved its greatest fame in the late 1970s and early-to-mid 1980s. They specialized in a fusion of rock and roll and rhythm and blues styles which they dubbed “Rock and Soul”. They are best known for their six #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100: “Rich Girl“, “Kiss on My List“, “Private Eyes”, “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)“, “Maneater“, and “Out of Touch“, as well as many other songs which charted in the Top 40.They last reached the pop top forty in 1990 and then slowly faded from public view, though they did not formally break up. They have continued to record and tour with some success. In total the act scored thirty-four hit singles on the
Billboard Hot 100. As of 2006, Hall and Oates have seven RIAA platinum albums along with six RIAA gold albums.
In 2003, Daryl Hall and John Oates were voted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. 

Oh, and did I mention that Hall & Oates are the top selling group of the 80s?  Guess I should mention that. 


17 Responses to “This Time It’s Personal”

  1. Lisa Jaworski said

    I cannot make my team committments due to a friend/family emergency. So sorry…I was really looking forward to it. And to think I was the member of Rubber Balls & Liquor who had the BEST attendance last season. This is pathetic!!

  2. mike s said

    i’m in for thursday. even if i’m not on the distro yet.

  3. Ryan Beauchemin said

    You said not to wear shirts, are pants optional as well?
    I’ll be there.

  4. Samantha said

    Hey guys- Sorry I haven’t been out yet, finishing up school has been nuts! But i’ll be there tomorrow, I’m the one with the red socks! See everyone tomorrow.

  5. stephanie flowers said

    Unfortunately, my back is still on the outs so I cant make it 😦 (I hate getting older). If Im feeling well enough I may try to come cheer on the team and help win flip cup. Sorry – I only missed 2 games last year so this is really ticking me off.

  6. I’m in. I gotta drive, so I’ll be be there @ 6:28, if you need a ref.

  7. Wade Hampton said

    I’m out today – strained a calf running and can barely walk. Ditto on the getting old thing.

  8. aaron said

    I have a screening for the 48 hour film project tonight, so I can’t make it…sorry! I will get beer, ice, and cups next week! Good luck!

  9. Jeff Q said

    I’m not going to make it tonight

  10. Paul said

    Ill be there!

    Well Im off to Itunes to download Kiss on My List by H&O…excellent!!!

  11. Steve said

    I’ll be there tonight. Becky asked me to relay the fact that she is kicking balls in the Middle East tonight so she will not be in attendance.

  12. Mike S said

    i’ll bring beer, ice, and cups tonight. let me know how much…two cases or so?

  13. Rex said

    I will be there with the carbonated hoppy sodas.

  14. Kara S said

    Sorry guys, cant make it tonight…I’ll be there next week though.

  15. Alisa said

    I’ll be there tonight. I’m going to a midnight concert at the 930 club, so I’m in for the long haul. Hope others will be ready to stay at the X all night.

    I believe Becky is also catching balls in the Middle East.

  16. OK gang, it’s 1:41 and we are one female short for tonight. But there is hope: Becky B, Meg, Jessica, and Rebecca haven’t replied yet. Come on ladies…who is going to step up?

  17. Jeremy D said

    Sorry, I can’t make it tonight. I have a customer event to attend.

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