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Lies, Controversy, and Scandal

Posted by Ren McCormack on May 11, 2007

Post-Game Wrap-up: 

What a wacky game last night.  We tied 6-6, and lost 3-1 in flip cup.  Both were controversial. 

The k-ball controversy was

1) we played until it was pretty darn dark out, which was to our advantage; and

2) there was a ball that was popped to right field that was called a trap.  Meanwhile the runner on first, Baby, ran to 2nd w/out tagging up.  I was on 2nd and started to run.   Hearing the other team cheer about the “catch,” I ran back and tagged up and ran all the way home.  And here is the controversy:  the runner from 1st was on 2nd base at the point when I tagged up.  According to baseball rules, apparently 2 runners cannot occupy the same base.  Kickball does not have this rule.  That’s what I argued, and I won.  This is the closest rule:

10.08 Running past another runner is not allowed. The runner passed by another runner is out. 

We were down 6-2 going into the final half inning.  It was a pretty amazing comeback.  Let that be a lesson on not giving up. 

The controversy on the flip cup table was that we were down 2-0 facing a sweep.  Being a good captain (pat myself on the back), I pulled the team together, and we rallied back to 2-1.  On the next game, it came down to both anchors, whose cups appeared to land at the same time.  The ref, probably facing serious injury if we ruled in our favor, gave the round, and therefore the game, to the other team. 

Game Ball:

The game ball this week goes to Pete, who was all over the place from the pitching mound.  He made double plays in both the 1st and 2nd innings.  He also got us on the board with a solo home run.  I stepped up and tried to do the same thing, and skied the ball back to the pitcher. 


Next week we play Wednesday at 7:15. 

Oh here she comes
Here she comes
Watch out boy she’ll chew you up
Whoa here she comes
(Watch out)
She’s a maneater
Oh here she comes
(She’s a maneater)
Ooh, she’ll chew you up
(Oh here she comes)
Here she comes, she’s a maneater
(Oh here she comes)
(Watch out)
She’ll only come out at night, ooh
(Oh here she comes)
Here she comes
She’s a maneater
(Oh here she comes)
(She’s a maneater)
The woman is wild ooh
(Oh here she comes)
Here she comes
Watch out boy, watch out boy
(Oh here she comes)
Oh, watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out
(Oh here she’s comes)
Yeah yeah she’s a maneater
(Oh here she comes)
(She’s a maneater)
She’s watching and waiting ooh
(Oh here she comes)
Oh she’s a maneater

–Maneater, Hall & Oates


16 Responses to “Lies, Controversy, and Scandal”

  1. mike s said

    i will relinqish any claims to kicking responsibilities and vote myself off the island for being the first guy (maybe the first person) this season to foul out. i award myself no points, and may God have mercy on my soul.

  2. I’ll try not to break the ball again…

  3. Ryan B said

    Going to a concert that night — can’t make it.
    Can someone videotape Rex falling this week? Don’t let me down….

  4. Kathryn said

    I FINALLY will be there on Wednesday and ready to play! Can’t wait!

  5. mike s said

    i’m in for tomorrow night.

  6. Kendayl said

    HI all!
    Last weeks game was so fun minus my face plant on the way to first. ahah i may or may not be there tomorrow my family is coming in town for my graduation, so if i do come i’ll bring some company!

  7. Steve said

    I’m in for tomorrow. Becky Roemen is still kicking balls in the Middle East.

  8. Alisa said

    I’m in for tomorrow, though I don’t think Ben has given us this action item yet.

  9. Alisa said


  10. Lisa Jaworski said

    ooh! didn’t know the game was on Wednesday until just now. I MAY be able to make it, if I can wiggle out of committments with my visiting grandmother. WIll post again, if I can figure this out fast enough.

  11. Wade said

    I’m in.

  12. I’m in if the weather holds up… I may be at the Navy Yard tomorrow, so I won’t see the blog.

  13. Becky Brown said

    I will be there tonight.

  14. aaron said

    am coming and will bring refreshments.

  15. Jeremy D said

    I’ve gotta get up super early and can’t smell the lease bit like alcohol. Not sure if tonight’s the best night, but I’ll try to be there. Anyone driving from Arlington? These $20 cab rides are a killer.

  16. Meghan said

    Kristin and I will be there. Ang is working late again, but will be there as soon as she can.

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