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Tiger Purrrrrr

Posted by Ren McCormack on May 16, 2007

Action Item No. 1: 

Footloose!  Let me know whether (or not) you will be at tonight’s 7:15 game against Tony’s Tigers.  If you need the schedule, it’s online at   I felt like a proud papa when I logged on to the blog today and say that a bunch of you already posted.  I’m so…so….happy… 

Scouting Report: 

Tony’s Tigers is usually mediocre (at best) during the regular season, but turns it on during the playoffs.  As a 15 seed (of 16 teams) two seasons ago, they made it to the championship game.   They also were in line to receive the “most spirited team” award last year.  However, no one from their team showed up to the end-of-season party, so the award went to the runner up.  Yup, you guessed it—Footloose.   Many on the team work for USAID, and the captain, Bob, is being shipped overseas, and this is his last game.  He tried to make a bet with me, but I would feel bad taking his money, so I turned it down.  Let’s send him to
Zambia crying.  

Captains Tip of the Day: 

  • Don’t pop out like I did last week.  You are better than me.  Kick the ball on the ground.
  • Substitutions:  I should have stated the team policy sooner.  My bad.  You can spank me tonight.  As a captain, this is my weak spot.  I’ll set the starting lineup.  After that, the people sitting out should pick a member of the same sex to switch out with (unless I say “Johnny, go in for Bobbo; Jane go in for Madonna”).  We just need 4 people of each sex on the field and no more than 11 total people. 
  • Bunting.  Sigh.  Ok, here’s the deal with bunting:  is it legal?  Yes.  Is it right?  Hells no.  These colors don’t bunt.  Does it mean you have to try to kick the crap out of the ball?  No.  Is bunting a good strategy to win?  Sure is.  But, like Nancy Reagan taught us—Just Say No. 
  • Base Coaches:  When kicking, we should always have a 1st and 3rd base coach.  Their job is to tell the runner what to do, tell them how many outs there are, tell them when to tag up, and to shag foul balls.  Therefore, the base coaches should know the rules and general kickball strategy.  They also should be people who are not coming up in the kicking order.  I’m also terrible with asking people to coach.  Luckily, people like Jed and Pete have my back.  But I’m a huge guy, so I need others to get my back too.  Just keep an eye on it an make sure we have someone out there. 


Who’s bringing the booze tonight?  Make this Action Item No. 2.   


This week’s theme is 80s cartoon characters.  When you post a reply to this post, note your character.  Make this Action Item No. 3.    Slush Fund:  Make sure I’ve got your $4.  If you paid, make sure that I crossed your name off the list.  Yes, I do keep a list.   


I’m running low on wristbands.  I guess the 200 that I bought a few seasons ago was not enough.  Seriously, I bought 200.  You gotta love e-bay.  So, try to bring them if you took a set.    If you have ideas of other swag to enhance our 80s theme, I’m all ears.   Rain Policy: 

So there is an 80% chance of rain this afternoon.  Booooo.  The division will notify the captains (me) by 4pm ONLY if the games are called off due to rain.  I will then post it on the blog.  If you do NOT see a post, assume the games are on.   Unfortunately, I left my cell phone at home today, so I’m out of pocket.  I have my work cell, however, so if games are cancelled between 4 and 7, I’ll call the number that you put on the registration form. 

If you do NOT hear from me, always, always assume the game is on.   The division does not like to reschedule games. 

It’s poetry in motion
She turned her tender eyes to me
As deep as any ocean
As sweet as any harmony
Mmm – but she blinded me with science
“She blinded me with science!”
And failed me in biology

She Blinded Me With Science – Thomas Dolby  

A little something about Thomas Dolby:

Thomas Dolby (born Thomas Morgan Robertson, on 14 October 1958) is an English musician, producer, and inventor best known for his 1982 synth pop hit “She Blinded Me With Science“.  Thomas was born in London, England. His father, Martin Robertson, was an internationally-distinguished professor of classical Greek art and archaelogy at the University of London and Oxford University.  The “Dolby” nickname comes from the name Dolby Laboratories, and was given to him by friends impressed with his studio tinkering. Dolby Laboratories was reportedly very displeased with Robertson using the company name as his own stage name and sued him, trying to stop him from using the name Dolby entirely. Eventually, the case was settled out of court and it was agreed that he would refrain from using the word Dolby in any context other than with the name Thomas.

Perhaps his most popular side-gig was as keyboard player on Def Leppard‘s 1983 Pyromania album. Due to contractual problems (they did not share the same record label), Dolby appeared on Pyromania using the alias Booker T. Boffin.  Dolby contributed the signature synthesizer sound on the track “Urgent” on Foreigner‘s 1981 album 4. On the same album he played the atmospheric synth intro to the mega-hit “Waiting For A Girl Like You”.  Dolby performed at the Live Aid concert in London as part of David Bowie‘s band.  In 1990, he appeared in the huge charity concert performance of Roger Waters’s rock opera “The Wall” in Berlin, organized by Roger Waters: he played keyboards in “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)” (sung by Cyndi Lauper), and then played the Teacher’s role in the sequence “The Trial”.

Dolby established himself as a successful business entrepreneur after founding Beatnik Inc. (formerly Headspace), a technology company specializing in mobile phone audio file formats, such as polyphonic ring tones for mobile phones. [2]While still remaining on the company board, Dolby stepped down from his position as CEO of Beatnik Inc. to pursue other technologically innovative interests, such as founding Retro Ringtones LLC in 2002, which produces the RetroFolio™ ring tone asset management software suite for companies involved in the mobile phone ringtone business. At the second annual Mobile Music Awards, Miami, Florida in 2004 RetroFolio won “Best of Show” and “Best New Technology” awards.

In July 1998, Thomas received a Lifetime Achievement in Internet Music award from Yahoo! Internet Life. 


8 Responses to “Tiger Purrrrrr”

  1. mike s said

    hey ben – lots of responses are down below for tonight, on last week’s post-game wrap up. i assume we are on rain or shine, at least for the bar?

  2. aaron said

    i will repost: my bad self with be there, with some bad beer.

  3. paul said

    Ill be there Ben unless we are rained out.

  4. Kara S said

    I’m coming. Can’t wait.

  5. Pete said

    I’ll be there tonight.

  6. Steve said

    I will be there tonight as well as OPTIMUS PRIME!

  7. Kathryn said

    I will be there tonight! And for my 80s cartoon…I will be Smurfette 🙂 I think that’s how you spell it??

  8. Angie said

    I have to work late so I’ll be there around 7:45!

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