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Post-Game Wrap-Up

Posted by Ren McCormack on May 31, 2007

In a defensive battle, we lost 2-1 to KB&TN.   We jumped up 1-0 in the first inning.  They tied it up in the 2nd.  It was a pitcher’s dual, but their pitcher definitely had a leg up on me and Jeremy.  Not even close.

The deciding factor was a play at 2nd base.  The mighty Aaron scooped a ball  threw to 2nd to get the force out.   It was a very tight play.  So tight that everyone was stunned and waiting for the call by the ump (safe).  Meanwhile, the runner on third saw our confusion and snuck home.  I would wager that the 3rd base coach instructed her to run home, which only underscores the purpose and importance of base coaches being vocal and helping out the runners.  We also need to have an awareness of were runners are on base and adjust accordingly. 

However, we kicked ass on the flip cup table, taking them down 4-1 in a best of seven, 14 vs. 14 grudge match. 

Game Ball 

The game ball this week goes to “Drunk Eyes” Rex.  As the lead-off batter, he scored our lone run.  Unfortunately, this was Rex’s last game because he’s moving to Bumblefuck, MD.  It’s in the western part of the state.  Look it up. 

Next Week’s Game

Even though the schedule says that we play on Wednesday next week, ALL games will be on Thursday for the Ronnie Classic.  As you should know by now, the schedule is online at  We play at 6:30 versus the Children Left Behind (the royal blue team that was out last night). 

Thanks to Meg and Angie for volunteering to bring the beer/cups next week. 

On another note, I’ll be at a conference Sunday-Thursday next week, so I won’t be online much.  Just a head’s up. 

Shirts & Swag

I still have a handful of shirts that I bring each week.  Next week will be the final game that I bring them.  After that, you will have to pick them up at my house or ask a buddy to bring it to you.  Five games in (of 9 regular-season games), I think that I’ve done my duty. 

Swag:  I have a running list of who has paid their $4.  Last night I confirmed my list is current (for those that were there).   So far I’ve spent about $95 on socks, wrist bands, name tags, and batteries.  (Yea, I’m using the pitty technique here.  So what?)


5 Responses to “Post-Game Wrap-Up”

  1. I always forget my $4…

  2. Rex said

    thanks for the gameball. and my hometown is pronounced ‘cum ber füc’ it was a blast playing with everybody and i doubt many people will even see that i wrote this comment here. i hope that i was your bad luck, and now that i am leaving you will win the rest of your games. you are all good people with a promising kickball team, and a better drinking team. aloha means goodbye.

  3. Stephanie Flowers said

    Small chance I wont make the game (or wont be on time) – Im in an all day conference tomorrow that might run past 5 so Im not sure when I will be leaving work and if I will make it by 630 (I was hoping for the later game). I will definitely be there for flip cup though!!!

  4. Are we the early game? I’ll be there, but I cannot squat.

  5. Ryan B said

    Can’t make it tonight.

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