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She’s a (Metal) Maniac!

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 28, 2007

*********************News Flash**************************

Tonight’s games are cancelled due to the high chance of thunderstorms.

But, there WILL be a happy hour.  The captains are discussing.  I’ll let you know where/when.

The make up will likely be the week of July 25/26.  TBD. 


Post-Mania Wrap-up

What can I say about Metal Mania IV that the pics don’t say?  We looked ridiculous.  We had Jello-shots (thanks to Lisa), a mullet wig (Aaron), 3 sets of leather pants, and one broken high heel (and no, not on a female teammate). 

The light rain at the field only made things more interesting. 

The wheels really came off at Heaven & Hell.  All I remember are lemon drops and cougars hitting on Aaron. 

Special thanks to Ang, Meg, and Pete for bringing my bag (and car/house keys) to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have made it to work the next day.  Not that I did anything before leaving at 5pm to take a much-needed 3-hour nap. 

Oh, and we won our first game 24-12 (I think). 

Action Item 1:

Who’s in and who’s out for tonight’s 7:15 game vs Grabbasky and the K-funk All Stars (the Irish Green team).  I’ll post here if the games are cancelled because of rain.  As of 3:52, the game is ON.  We will play in light-moderate rain. 

We also will play at the upper field again.  I hope you like playing flip cup in the rain, cause we’ll be playing some on the Mall tonight.  Come out and see what I’m talking about.

Scouting Report:

We won a squeeker vs K-funk last year 1-0 or 2-1.  I know most of this team, and things will get competitive (in a fun way).  We are pretty equal, so expect a tight match. 

  • Grabs (Chris) and Edward (left footed) will kick to right field, and both have multiple home runs this season, so the right fielder and the right-center fielder need to be on the ball. 
  • Their females will bunt, so I’m going to play a male catcher.
  • If it rains, the ball will be slippery and hard to pick up off the ground (I learned this last week when I played 3rd).  Kick the ball on the ground.
  • Get the ball back to the pitcher ASAP.  We really need to improve on this.  In fact, I’m going to call someone out.  Punami Tsunami cost us one run last week when he didn’t get the ball back to the pitcher and was chatting.  Who was playing 3rd base deserves a spanking. 


Whose brining beer tonight, cause we are going to need it!

Scavenger Hunt:

I still have not heard from half the team whether or not you are hunting.  There still is time to put a team together.  Post here whether you are hunting.


For the 3rd time, let’s try 80s song titles. 

See you tonight.  I’ll let you know if the games are off.

Get along with me babe, been singin’ love songs
All of the time
Even only be, honey only, only be
Bop bozadee bozadee bop ditty bop

Just A Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody – David Lee Roth

Get this…this song is a combo of 2 older songs…

Just a Gigolo is a popular song, adapted by Irving Caesar in 1929 from the Austrian song “Schöner Gigolo“, written in 1928

The original version is a poetic vision of the social collapse lived in Austria after World War I, represented by the figure of a former hussar who remembers himself parading in his uniform, while now he has to get by as a lonely, hired dancer. The music features a simple melodic sequence, but nonetheless has a clever harmonic construction that highlights the mixed emotions in the lyrics, adding a nostalgic, bittersweet effect.

The success of the song prompted a Tin Pan Alley publisher to buy the rights and order an English version to Irving Caesar, a very popular lyricist of the time. Caesar eliminated the specific Austrian references and, in the often-omitted verse, set the action in a Paris cafe, where a local character tells his sad story. Thus, the lyrics retained their sentimental side but lost their historic value.

“Just a Gigolo” appeared in a 1931 film, a 1932 Betty Boop cartoon and a 1993 TV-series, all titled after the song. The film Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo, directed by David Hemmings in 1979, was titled after the first verse of the original lyrics, but the “Just a Gigolo” title was used for US distribution. In this film, the song was performed by Marlene Dietrich, in her last film appearance.

“Just a Gigolo” is best known for the 1956 Louis Prima version, where it is paired in a medley with another old standard, “I Ain’t Got Nobody” (words by Roger Graham and music by Spencer Williams, 1915). Although these two songs have nothing else in common, due to the popularity of Prima’s combination they are sometimes mistaken as parts of the same song.

During his Las Vegas tenure, Louis Prima used to revisit his old hits in his new, jive-and-jumping style, often presenting them in medleys. The success of his act gained him a recording deal with Capitol Records, which aimed to capture on record the atmosphere of his shows. The first album, titled “The Wildest” and released in January 1957, opened with “Just a Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody”, which then became his signature number and helped relaunch his career.


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Scavenger Who?

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 25, 2007


I’ll post the post-Mania wrap up later… in the mean time, we need to organize into groups for the Scavenger Hunt and register (preferably by Wednesday). 

Gnomes, pancakes, beer, antics….what does all of this mean?  Come to the mid-season Scavenger Hunt and find out!  


Get ready for one of the best events of the year.  Round up your teammates, friends, neighbors – heck everyone you know.  Because they’ll thank you for giving them one of the best times of their lives.  Think of costume ideas too.   Creativity is rewarded!


Here’s the gist of it:  you hop around to different bars in DC, do some silly game/task, drink, and repeat.  More info is available at   (you’ll note that one of our teams is featured in the main pic…)


Date:  June 30, 2007

Time:  Scavenger Hunt – 2-5 p.m. After party- til the wee hours of the morning

Where:  Meet at The Front Page in Dupont

Price:  FREE for Federalis, $10 everyone else

How to register:  E-mail me by June 27th.  You do not need to email to register.


Remember, this is for charity!   A little something to make you feel good about yourself.


Make sure to include the following info or I’ll have to hunt you down. (Unless you want me to come after you…)

  • Team name
  • All team players’ first AND LAST names (5-8 people, at least 2 of each sex)
  • Team captain name (not me!) and email
  • If players are Federal members or not


Dos Equis and Heineken are sponsoring the FREE BEER.  They may see you racing in the streets and decide to buy your team a round of drinks.  Does it get better than that?  Absolutely! There will be FREE kegs of tasty, frothy beer at The Front Page to re-hydrate then de-hydrate you after the race. There’s no excuse not to participate.   See you there.


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Metal Mania Rocks DC!

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 21, 2007

Well Footloose, the wait is over…today is Metal Mania IV! 

I’ve heard a few tales of mullet wigs and leather ass-less chaps.  It’s going to be a fun night, for sure…

Action Item 1:

Who’s in?  Who’s out?  Game time is 7:15.  Let’s gather by the trees at the upper field so we can change in the restrooms. 

Scouting Report:

This team ain’t too good.  Note, however, that they WILL take the forfeit if we don’t have the required 4 gals and 4 guys.   I’m not sure if they are a bunting team, so assume they are.   So whoever is catching needs to do more than just look pretty.  In acid washed denim and a Michael Jackson Thriller vest, it’s hard not to look pretty, I know…

You know the standard tips…

  • Kick the ball where?  Repeat after me:  “on the ground.”  Very good. 
  • Get the ball back to the pitcher ASAP.  We’ve had some teams get extra bases and runs because we did not get the ball to the pitcher. 
  • Remember that you can overrun 1st base as long as you turn to the right after the base into foul territory.  The advantage to this is that you can run as hard as you can and keep the momentum going without having to slide. 


Who’s bringing the beer?  I think that Meg/Ang have some leftover from last game because only 9 people showed up.  We could probably use another case. 


Do I really need to spell this out? 

Didn’t think so…

 Scavenger Hunt, Ho!

June 30 is the midseason party/scavenger hunt.  I fully expect that Footloose will fill 2 or 3 teams (5-8 people).  Non-Footloosers are welcome too, they just have to pay $10.  More info is available at   and in the GMOT. 

Ghost Man on Third:

Here’s this week’s Ghost Man on Third…read up!

So let’s crimp that hair, razor those Levis, and lace up those platform boots, and get ready to get our first victory! 

So cum on feel the noize
Girls rock your boys
We get wild, wild, wild,
We get wild, wild, wild,
So cum on feel the noize
Girls rock your boys
We get wild, wild, wild,
At your door

— Cum On Feel the Noize – Quiet Riot

A little something about Quiet Riot

First off, this song, Quiet Riot’s biggest hit, is a remake from the 70s glam band Slade.

Metal Health (1983.) Quiet Riot’s third album.

Formed in the mid-late seventies, the early metal group known as Quiet Riot released two albums in Japan. Unfortunately, the group split up, and guitarist Randy Rhoads joined the first incarnation of the Ozzy Osbourne band.  After reforming in 1983 (sans Rhoads, who tragically passed away after 2 albums with Ozzy), the band released its THIRD album, Metal Health (this was their first album in America, but in all actuality it is their third.
This is classic metal the way it was meant to be experienced. There’s a reason this was the first metal album to top the charts Metal Health stands as one of the crowning achievements of eighties metal, and with good reason. It’s ironic that DuBrow sings the line “I really wanna be overrated” in the title track, because this became the first metal album to top the pop charts!


Metal Health

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Post-Game Wrap-Up

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 12, 2007


Unfortunately, I had to miss last week’s game because I got stuck in tunnel traffic in Norfolk.   So I asked Jed to step in and write the wrap-up this week.  Here’s what he offered:

With two bags loaded with beer, Footloose looked ready to take on the world, as well as the Children Left Behind.  One problem: nobody to drink all the wonderful alcoholic bounty.  Forget about only having eight players for the game.  Meg and Angie and Jeremy worked hard to carry it all down there (Pete supervised the operation).  Everybody gave their all both on an off the field, containing one of the toughest teams in the league to a run here and there, forcing their pitcher to rob Becky of a big kick with the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the fourth.  Also credit to our rather thin outfield of Jeremy and Steve and… yup, that’s it, who didn’t let anything by them.  Aaron had the aggravating task of chasing down their munts, but the game ball has to go to Meg and Angie for getting on base 2 or 3 times each and having to play 1st and 2nd base respectively, which meant I was throwing balls 100 miles per hour at them constantly.  Oh yeah, and that beer thing. Just got my Metal Mania gear off ebay… hope yours is as aWesome. 



Numbers and No Shows


This was the 2nd game that we technically should have been forced to forfeit because we did not have the required number of females.  Luckily, both teams were cool and didn’t care.  We have 26 people on the roster–getting 4 guys or 4 gals should not be a problem. 


We all have commitments that prevent us from making a game every now and again–work, travel, friends in town, injuries, etc– but we need more consistency with people showing up.  For those that haven’t made a game yet, come on out…we aren’t that scary a group.  For those that joined with a group of friends, I know there is the “all or none” mentality with coming out.  But, to paraphrase the great rock group Jouney, we will welcome you with Open Arms.  Even if Billy Jo and Bobby Sue can’t make it, you still can come and kick a ball, drink a beer, and flip a cup.   


This Week

There are no games this week because it is a scheduled make-up week.  If there is interest in going out this Thursday, chat it up below.  I have a soccer game, but can meet you out at 9:30.  I’ve heard chatter that 2 teams will be at the X after their make-up game.  Another team is talking about the Dupont area.  Talk amonst yourselves. 

Metal Mania IV

As voted on by you, the team, June 21 (our next game) will be Metal Mania.  After the game, dinner & flip cup at the X, we’ll likely head to Heaven & Hell in Adams Morgan, were the wheels really will come off.  I’m not sure about you, but I feel a cold coming on June 22…cough…cough…

But what IS Metal Mania? 

A few (or 4) years ago during what became the 1st Ronnie Classic, we (Footloose) had determined to do a costume night, and decided on a create your own 80s hair band theme.  It was thusly dubbed Metal Mania.  We had so much fun with it that we’ve kept up the tradition.   In fact, when CBS filmed us for the Early Show last year, it just happened to be Metal Mania.  Check it out:

But what does each person have to do for Metal Mania?   

It’s easy.  You create your own 80s Hair Band persona.  You create the costume, the band name, the props, and whatever else you want.   As with most things 80s, the bigger, louder, and more over the top, the better. 

Need some inspiration?  Use the websites below: 

Which 80s Hair Band Are You?  


Hair Metal Confidential: 


Metal Sludge, premier Glam Metal site & community:

Sleaze Roxx, band bios:

Glam Metal, news & interviews:

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Ronnie Classic

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 7, 2007


Greetings from Norfolk! I’ve been at a conference all week, which is why I’ve been offline. That, and I’ve closed the bar every night since (and including) Sunday. I’m wiped out, but looking forward to the Ronnie Classic tonight. What’s the RC? Read the Ghost Man on Third

Action Item Zero:

I likely won’t get on e-mail again, so just show up for tonight’s 6:30 game vs. the Children Left Behind. Note that ALL of this week’s games will be played tonight, so we HAVE to squat fields and have some patience.

Scouting Report:

This team will munt (male bunt), so we are going to play a male catcher this week. This is a beatable team. I’ve got a fever, and the only remedy is a single kickball victory.

Captain’s Tip of the Day:

We need to get base runners in order to score runs. It’s as simple as that, ladies and gents.


Today’s theme is… 80s song titles. And no, Pete, you can’t take Maneater.


Ang and Meg agreed to bring the fun tonight. We like it when they bring the fun.

OK- I gotta run…see yinz tonight.

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