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Ronnie Classic

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 7, 2007


Greetings from Norfolk! I’ve been at a conference all week, which is why I’ve been offline. That, and I’ve closed the bar every night since (and including) Sunday. I’m wiped out, but looking forward to the Ronnie Classic tonight. What’s the RC? Read the Ghost Man on Third

Action Item Zero:

I likely won’t get on e-mail again, so just show up for tonight’s 6:30 game vs. the Children Left Behind. Note that ALL of this week’s games will be played tonight, so we HAVE to squat fields and have some patience.

Scouting Report:

This team will munt (male bunt), so we are going to play a male catcher this week. This is a beatable team. I’ve got a fever, and the only remedy is a single kickball victory.

Captain’s Tip of the Day:

We need to get base runners in order to score runs. It’s as simple as that, ladies and gents.


Today’s theme is… 80s song titles. And no, Pete, you can’t take Maneater.


Ang and Meg agreed to bring the fun tonight. We like it when they bring the fun.

OK- I gotta run…see yinz tonight.


5 Responses to “Ronnie Classic”

  1. aaron said

    I will be there for the kball game but can’t make the flippy cuppy due to a freelance job I am working on.


    The Unforgettable Fire

  2. Becky said

    I’m in!

  3. Lucian said

    We are going to munt the hell out of you!

  4. Kathryn said

    One of my old high school friends just called and said that she is in town (aka Columbia, MD) from San Diego; and so I will be meeting her up in MD tonight……….so I won’t be there 😦 But drink lots for me!! AND WIN!!!

  5. Thanks to the eight of you all that showed up. The scary thing is that we had them on the ropes in the bottom of the fourth, with the go ahead run at the plate. Enough so that they felt the need to continue to munt till it was all over…. Eh, we lost to them like 13-1 last year with a full squad.

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