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Post-Game Wrap-Up

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 12, 2007


Unfortunately, I had to miss last week’s game because I got stuck in tunnel traffic in Norfolk.   So I asked Jed to step in and write the wrap-up this week.  Here’s what he offered:

With two bags loaded with beer, Footloose looked ready to take on the world, as well as the Children Left Behind.  One problem: nobody to drink all the wonderful alcoholic bounty.  Forget about only having eight players for the game.  Meg and Angie and Jeremy worked hard to carry it all down there (Pete supervised the operation).  Everybody gave their all both on an off the field, containing one of the toughest teams in the league to a run here and there, forcing their pitcher to rob Becky of a big kick with the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the fourth.  Also credit to our rather thin outfield of Jeremy and Steve and… yup, that’s it, who didn’t let anything by them.  Aaron had the aggravating task of chasing down their munts, but the game ball has to go to Meg and Angie for getting on base 2 or 3 times each and having to play 1st and 2nd base respectively, which meant I was throwing balls 100 miles per hour at them constantly.  Oh yeah, and that beer thing. Just got my Metal Mania gear off ebay… hope yours is as aWesome. 



Numbers and No Shows


This was the 2nd game that we technically should have been forced to forfeit because we did not have the required number of females.  Luckily, both teams were cool and didn’t care.  We have 26 people on the roster–getting 4 guys or 4 gals should not be a problem. 


We all have commitments that prevent us from making a game every now and again–work, travel, friends in town, injuries, etc– but we need more consistency with people showing up.  For those that haven’t made a game yet, come on out…we aren’t that scary a group.  For those that joined with a group of friends, I know there is the “all or none” mentality with coming out.  But, to paraphrase the great rock group Jouney, we will welcome you with Open Arms.  Even if Billy Jo and Bobby Sue can’t make it, you still can come and kick a ball, drink a beer, and flip a cup.   


This Week

There are no games this week because it is a scheduled make-up week.  If there is interest in going out this Thursday, chat it up below.  I have a soccer game, but can meet you out at 9:30.  I’ve heard chatter that 2 teams will be at the X after their make-up game.  Another team is talking about the Dupont area.  Talk amonst yourselves. 

Metal Mania IV

As voted on by you, the team, June 21 (our next game) will be Metal Mania.  After the game, dinner & flip cup at the X, we’ll likely head to Heaven & Hell in Adams Morgan, were the wheels really will come off.  I’m not sure about you, but I feel a cold coming on June 22…cough…cough…

But what IS Metal Mania? 

A few (or 4) years ago during what became the 1st Ronnie Classic, we (Footloose) had determined to do a costume night, and decided on a create your own 80s hair band theme.  It was thusly dubbed Metal Mania.  We had so much fun with it that we’ve kept up the tradition.   In fact, when CBS filmed us for the Early Show last year, it just happened to be Metal Mania.  Check it out:

But what does each person have to do for Metal Mania?   

It’s easy.  You create your own 80s Hair Band persona.  You create the costume, the band name, the props, and whatever else you want.   As with most things 80s, the bigger, louder, and more over the top, the better. 

Need some inspiration?  Use the websites below: 

Which 80s Hair Band Are You?  


Hair Metal Confidential: 


Metal Sludge, premier Glam Metal site & community:

Sleaze Roxx, band bios:

Glam Metal, news & interviews:


7 Responses to “Post-Game Wrap-Up”

  1. I think I may be retiring “Registered Offender” for something scarier… stay tuned.

  2. Becky said

    Twisted Kitty will probably make a reappearance because everyone knows she was LOADS of fun at the bar last year. 🙂 She may be getting a makeover though, we’ll see.

    I’ll be out for happy hour on Thursday – Dupont or Golden Triange area so keep me posted.

  3. Mike S said

    unfortunately. i won’t make it to metal mania – i’ll be on a plane to aspen for the weekend. but maybe i’ll wear my metal mania costume out there instead… see you all in a few weeks….

  4. Angry Jay’s Army will be at the Big Hunt at 6pm. Just putting it out there. I have a soccer game, so I won’t be out (sad as that may be).

  5. Kendayl said

    Hey Ben
    I won’t be able to make it this week again.. but its my last graduate class this summer so next week.. COUNT ME IN!!!!!!! maybe we can do a metal mania II…:) ahah have fun and good luck!


  6. Ryan B said

    I should be able to make it to the game but I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to come appropriately dressed. Is this still allowed? I accidentally put my spandex leggings in the dryer.

    Note to self: Don’t try that again.

  7. Walter Gibson said

    If I don’t get back on, I’m there!

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