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Metal Mania Rocks DC!

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 21, 2007

Well Footloose, the wait is over…today is Metal Mania IV! 

I’ve heard a few tales of mullet wigs and leather ass-less chaps.  It’s going to be a fun night, for sure…

Action Item 1:

Who’s in?  Who’s out?  Game time is 7:15.  Let’s gather by the trees at the upper field so we can change in the restrooms. 

Scouting Report:

This team ain’t too good.  Note, however, that they WILL take the forfeit if we don’t have the required 4 gals and 4 guys.   I’m not sure if they are a bunting team, so assume they are.   So whoever is catching needs to do more than just look pretty.  In acid washed denim and a Michael Jackson Thriller vest, it’s hard not to look pretty, I know…

You know the standard tips…

  • Kick the ball where?  Repeat after me:  “on the ground.”  Very good. 
  • Get the ball back to the pitcher ASAP.  We’ve had some teams get extra bases and runs because we did not get the ball to the pitcher. 
  • Remember that you can overrun 1st base as long as you turn to the right after the base into foul territory.  The advantage to this is that you can run as hard as you can and keep the momentum going without having to slide. 


Who’s bringing the beer?  I think that Meg/Ang have some leftover from last game because only 9 people showed up.  We could probably use another case. 


Do I really need to spell this out? 

Didn’t think so…

 Scavenger Hunt, Ho!

June 30 is the midseason party/scavenger hunt.  I fully expect that Footloose will fill 2 or 3 teams (5-8 people).  Non-Footloosers are welcome too, they just have to pay $10.  More info is available at   and in the GMOT. 

Ghost Man on Third:

Here’s this week’s Ghost Man on Third…read up!

So let’s crimp that hair, razor those Levis, and lace up those platform boots, and get ready to get our first victory! 

So cum on feel the noize
Girls rock your boys
We get wild, wild, wild,
We get wild, wild, wild,
So cum on feel the noize
Girls rock your boys
We get wild, wild, wild,
At your door

— Cum On Feel the Noize – Quiet Riot

A little something about Quiet Riot

First off, this song, Quiet Riot’s biggest hit, is a remake from the 70s glam band Slade.

Metal Health (1983.) Quiet Riot’s third album.

Formed in the mid-late seventies, the early metal group known as Quiet Riot released two albums in Japan. Unfortunately, the group split up, and guitarist Randy Rhoads joined the first incarnation of the Ozzy Osbourne band.  After reforming in 1983 (sans Rhoads, who tragically passed away after 2 albums with Ozzy), the band released its THIRD album, Metal Health (this was their first album in America, but in all actuality it is their third.
This is classic metal the way it was meant to be experienced. There’s a reason this was the first metal album to top the charts Metal Health stands as one of the crowning achievements of eighties metal, and with good reason. It’s ironic that DuBrow sings the line “I really wanna be overrated” in the title track, because this became the first metal album to top the pop charts!


Metal Health


17 Responses to “Metal Mania Rocks DC!”

  1. Steve said

    I’m not going to be able to make it tonight. Have fun!


  2. Walter Gibson said

    Yes! I got out of training this afternoon! This is going to be the greatest metal mania ever!

    How hard is it to kick in leather pants, anyways?

    And yes, $10 2 shots and 2 beers is the antedote at 80s night. May God have mercy on your soul…

  3. Lisa said

    I will be there with….JELLO SHOTS!!! Yummy! Might bring some more beer too.

  4. You’re a super trooper, Lisa– I like the way you think!

  5. Walter Gibson said

    J E L L – O!

  6. Becky said

    I’ll be there! I was a bit hungover and sluggish this morning and totally didn’t get my act together on metal glam – but I’ll try to get home before the game to throw something together.

  7. Jeremy D said

    I’ll be there ready to rock my way into my 30’s!

  8. Becky said

    Alisa is out – she is on business travel this week.

  9. Angie said

    Meg and I are in. I’ll bring the leftover 30 pack!

  10. Word on the street is that Aaron, Pete, Paul, Angie, and Meg are in (please confirm). Mike F, Mike S, and Kendayl are out.

    So that leaves Stephanie, Wade, Kristen (I retracted cutting her), Jess, Jeff, Rebecca, Becky (can you make it after working late?), Kara, Samantha, and Zoli as unknowns.

  11. Walter Gibson said

    I may scare up some beers…

  12. Paul B said

    Im in! See you this afternoon!


  13. Becky said

    Yeah, I’ll be there.

  14. Kathryn said

    I am there!!!!

  15. Ryan B said

    Something came up at work. Not gonna be able to make it out.
    Everyone better “rock out with their cock out”.

  16. Becky said

    Just spoke to Ben – GAME ON.

  17. I think I broke something at Metal Mania…

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