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She’s a (Metal) Maniac!

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 28, 2007

*********************News Flash**************************

Tonight’s games are cancelled due to the high chance of thunderstorms.

But, there WILL be a happy hour.  The captains are discussing.  I’ll let you know where/when.

The make up will likely be the week of July 25/26.  TBD. 


Post-Mania Wrap-up

What can I say about Metal Mania IV that the pics don’t say?  We looked ridiculous.  We had Jello-shots (thanks to Lisa), a mullet wig (Aaron), 3 sets of leather pants, and one broken high heel (and no, not on a female teammate). 

The light rain at the field only made things more interesting. 

The wheels really came off at Heaven & Hell.  All I remember are lemon drops and cougars hitting on Aaron. 

Special thanks to Ang, Meg, and Pete for bringing my bag (and car/house keys) to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have made it to work the next day.  Not that I did anything before leaving at 5pm to take a much-needed 3-hour nap. 

Oh, and we won our first game 24-12 (I think). 

Action Item 1:

Who’s in and who’s out for tonight’s 7:15 game vs Grabbasky and the K-funk All Stars (the Irish Green team).  I’ll post here if the games are cancelled because of rain.  As of 3:52, the game is ON.  We will play in light-moderate rain. 

We also will play at the upper field again.  I hope you like playing flip cup in the rain, cause we’ll be playing some on the Mall tonight.  Come out and see what I’m talking about.

Scouting Report:

We won a squeeker vs K-funk last year 1-0 or 2-1.  I know most of this team, and things will get competitive (in a fun way).  We are pretty equal, so expect a tight match. 

  • Grabs (Chris) and Edward (left footed) will kick to right field, and both have multiple home runs this season, so the right fielder and the right-center fielder need to be on the ball. 
  • Their females will bunt, so I’m going to play a male catcher.
  • If it rains, the ball will be slippery and hard to pick up off the ground (I learned this last week when I played 3rd).  Kick the ball on the ground.
  • Get the ball back to the pitcher ASAP.  We really need to improve on this.  In fact, I’m going to call someone out.  Punami Tsunami cost us one run last week when he didn’t get the ball back to the pitcher and was chatting.  Who was playing 3rd base deserves a spanking. 


Whose brining beer tonight, cause we are going to need it!

Scavenger Hunt:

I still have not heard from half the team whether or not you are hunting.  There still is time to put a team together.  Post here whether you are hunting.


For the 3rd time, let’s try 80s song titles. 

See you tonight.  I’ll let you know if the games are off.

Get along with me babe, been singin’ love songs
All of the time
Even only be, honey only, only be
Bop bozadee bozadee bop ditty bop

Just A Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody – David Lee Roth

Get this…this song is a combo of 2 older songs…

Just a Gigolo is a popular song, adapted by Irving Caesar in 1929 from the Austrian song “Schöner Gigolo“, written in 1928

The original version is a poetic vision of the social collapse lived in Austria after World War I, represented by the figure of a former hussar who remembers himself parading in his uniform, while now he has to get by as a lonely, hired dancer. The music features a simple melodic sequence, but nonetheless has a clever harmonic construction that highlights the mixed emotions in the lyrics, adding a nostalgic, bittersweet effect.

The success of the song prompted a Tin Pan Alley publisher to buy the rights and order an English version to Irving Caesar, a very popular lyricist of the time. Caesar eliminated the specific Austrian references and, in the often-omitted verse, set the action in a Paris cafe, where a local character tells his sad story. Thus, the lyrics retained their sentimental side but lost their historic value.

“Just a Gigolo” appeared in a 1931 film, a 1932 Betty Boop cartoon and a 1993 TV-series, all titled after the song. The film Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo, directed by David Hemmings in 1979, was titled after the first verse of the original lyrics, but the “Just a Gigolo” title was used for US distribution. In this film, the song was performed by Marlene Dietrich, in her last film appearance.

“Just a Gigolo” is best known for the 1956 Louis Prima version, where it is paired in a medley with another old standard, “I Ain’t Got Nobody” (words by Roger Graham and music by Spencer Williams, 1915). Although these two songs have nothing else in common, due to the popularity of Prima’s combination they are sometimes mistaken as parts of the same song.

During his Las Vegas tenure, Louis Prima used to revisit his old hits in his new, jive-and-jumping style, often presenting them in medleys. The success of his act gained him a recording deal with Capitol Records, which aimed to capture on record the atmosphere of his shows. The first album, titled “The Wildest” and released in January 1957, opened with “Just a Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody”, which then became his signature number and helped relaunch his career.


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  1. WOOOOO!!!!!!!

    That was awesome!!!! I can’t believe we won the scavenger hunt!!!!!

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