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Posted by Ren McCormack on July 3, 2007

Halloween in July

Place your bet for one of the following costume ideas for Halloween in July, which is our next game—Thursday July 12 at 7:15.  Not all of these are 80s oriented (and that’s OK). 

 A)     Create your own SuperheroB)     Create your own WWF (pre-WWE) wrestler (excessive roid use is optional)C)     Mr. and Ms. Pacman (and everyone else will be the ghosts).  This costume will take some effort.  D)     80s movie character of your choice

Happy HourWho’s in for a night out at the Ballroom?  We’ll start on the roof then head down to see the band (Dr. FU).   Please let me know so that I’m not anchoring the bar while waiting for people who aren’t showing up…HiBall Events’ Independence Eve Bash

TUESDAY, July 3rd

The Clarendon Ballroom– Biggest In DC for six years running
– Featuring the area’s hottest new cover band:  Dr. FU
DJ Pat Premier spinning in the lower ballroom & DJ Rene spinning on the main floor early and between sets.
– Huge rooftop patio
Due to popular demand deck party starts at 5:00 pm – 2:00 am
– $5 ’til 7 PM, $10 Early (at door only; no advance sales)


5 Responses to “Halloweiner”

  1. Ryan B said

    My vote is for the 80’s movie character. X-Rated films included? I make a great John Holmes. Passin on the C Ballroom. I will however be at the Science Club enjoying the “periodic table of alcohol”

  2. Walter Gibson said

    Ironically, we were the ONLY teams that didn’t dress up for the Hunt.

    Also, I will give anyone a dollar who shows up in just a speedo and says it’s their WWF costume (“The Charging Hammock” with his finishing move, “The Banana Split”).

    Other ideas:

    1) Everyone puts on their favorite wifebeaters, cut-off T’s, and denim, throws some grease in their hair and we have The Outsiders (we could also have some people dress up preppy and play flipcup- Greasers vs. Socs)

    2) Reincarnate your favorite ’80s (horror) villain. This could have potential.

  3. Kathryn said

    I will not be at the Ballroom tonight…. doing another bar crawl a little closer to home. Lindy Promotions puts this one on “The Liberty Bar Tour” at Mackey’s, Front Page, etc. So if anyone wants to join up here, let me know! 🙂

    I like the “Other Ideas” #1/…. and be The Outsiders. But if that is not an option, then my vote is to dress up as an 80’s movie character

  4. Damnit Jed, you always have to make things more difficult, don’t you?

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