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Tonight’s the Night

Posted by Ren McCormack on July 12, 2007


I have some good news and some bad news.  And they are one in the same. 

The team we are scheduled to play tonight, the Non-Proliferators, is a company team (working for the Feds).  Twenty-four of their 26 players were all sent away on assignment for the rest of the season. 

The bad news:  no official game tonight.

The good news:  Win #2! 

But here’s the deal:  it’s been a few weeks since we’ve gotten together and played.  So let’s still meet up at the fields, drink some beers, and have a pickup game.  Because we are the 7:15 timeslot, we can likely pick up some stragglers from other games to play. 

Action Item 1:

Respond to the blog whether you can make it tonight.

Action Item 2:

Schwartz volunteered to bring some beers tonight.  Who else is bringing beers?  Don’t forget cups…

Next Week’s Game:

Our next official game is Wednesday, July 18, at 6:30.  We play Jimminy Kickit, which is one of the bottom tier teams.  If we lose this game, I’ll never hear the end of it.  So let’s not lose. 

Next week is also Halloween in July, so get your 80s movie character costume together this weekend.  I already have mine…though I think I’m going to change it up.  Naturally, I fully expect anyone that comes next Wednesday to be in costume.  No excuses! 

Make-up Game:

Our rained-out game will be made up Thursday, July 26. 

Silver Spur Tournament:

The division tournament will start August 1st and 2nd.  We’ll know what night/time we play once the regular season is over and we rank the teams and create the bracket.  That will likely be July 27 or July 30. 

Teams that win their first game will play the following Wednesday, August 8.  Thursday is the championship game followed by loads of free beer at the X for the Silver Spur Sloshing (kinda the unofficial end-of-season party and awards ceremony). 

End-of-Season Party:

The party is in the works.  Date, time, and venue TBD.  It will likely be Saturday August 18 or 25, so save the date. 

Dewey Beach:

Last season, Footloose took a team trip to that little slice of Heaven known as Dewey Delaware.  Is there interest in getting some hotel rooms or renting a house?  I’m thinking the weekend of August 4, 11, or Labor Day weekend.  Or two of the three (preferably). 

I would prefer a house so we all under one roof and can play beer pong and flip cup and have more room.  (Boy, that was a lot of “ands”!)  But, that comes at some added cost.  I’ll only make reservations if we have commitments ($) from people (I learned that lesson the hard way).  Of course, it’s open to non-Footloosers too. 

Anyway, let me know if that interests you. 

Ho’d Up Camouflage! 


11 Responses to “Tonight’s the Night”

  1. mike s said

    i’ll be there tonight anyway, with beer.

  2. mike s said

    that is…if we have enough people to scrimmage ourselves and/or drink the beer….

  3. I’ll be there no matter what cause it’s Thursday and that’s what I do–kickball and beer.

  4. Becky said

    I’m in for coming down to the fields tonight – its beautiful out!

    For Dewey, I am in Berlin the first two weekends you mention and then at a wedding on Labor day. Major bummer because I was hoping to relive last year’s fun!!

    But, if the end of season party is decided soon – maybe Dewey can be the weekend the party isn’t? Food for thought…

  5. Walter Gibson said

    I’m there

  6. Steve said

    I’ll be there tonight! Would love to do Dewey but the only weekend I can make it is August 4th…

  7. Angie said

    I can’t make it tonight.

  8. Ryan B said

    I’ll be there tonight.

    I’ll also be in Dewey Beach the wknd of 08/04. If I happen to see any of you there during that time, I apologize now for my drunken stupor.

    See you kids in 3 hours.

    Mike — no bourbon tonight please. Just ice cold beers.

  9. mike s said

    no bourbon is right. i was in a bad way that last time. see you in a few hours.

  10. Becky and Alisa– when are you doing sangria night?

  11. Becky said

    Maybe for halloween? we’ll consult and get back to you

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