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Schedule Change

Posted by Ren McCormack on July 20, 2007

We had to cancel last night’s games because the radar looked nasty.  Then, of course, it was gorgeous out.  Out game will be next Wednesday at 7:15 (note the change in day).  We switched it because 4 teams have 2 games to make up, and asking them to come 2 nights in a row wouldn’t work.  Also, playing Wednesday gives us a make-up day in case it rains. 

Sorry for the change, but I hope you understand the reasons behind it.

All previous make-up games will be played Wednesday 7/25.  The schedule is below and online.  As you can see, 4 games will need to be played at 6:30 and 3 at 7:15. 

Wednesday  7/25

6:30 Garbage Pail Kids v Spin the Bottle
 6:30 Grabassky’s All Stars v Team Ram Rod
 6:30 Well Hungarians v Vandalay Industries
 6:30 Kickin Balls & Takin Names v Terry Tate
 7:15 Vandalay Industries v Angry Jay’s Army
 7:15 Grabassky’s All Stars v Footloose
 7:15 Kickin Balls & Takin Names v Garbage Pail Kids


2 Responses to “Schedule Change”

  1. Jeremy D said

    I’m going to try and fly stand-by and catch an earlier flight back from CA. I had actually scheduled this week and next week’s trip around Thursday night kickball. I’ll try to make it, but switching a regularly scheduled game up to a different night is a big curveball.

  2. Me too, schedule change got me… I’m going to try and make it tonight, but I am at the beach and have a go-kart race this afternoon. If I’m done by 3…

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