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End-of-Season Party

Posted by Ren McCormack on August 21, 2007

Sorry that I’ve been offline, folks.  For whatever reason, my company just started blocking WordPress, so I haven’t been able to keep up with things.   Given that the season is over, I suppose that’s not a big deal anyway.

So here are a few things to mark on your calendars.

As you know, this Friday (8/24) is the end-of-season party at the Front Page in Balston.  From 9-midnight we have an open bar (beer, wine, rail).  Free for Federalis, $20 everyone else.  We’ll have the entire back bar plus the mall-side patio (not the outside patio).

September 8 rumor has it that Aaron and I are having a party.  The evite will follow, but this will be a good one.  Come while it’s still daylight to play some volleyball/horseshoes.  We’ll need to know who’s coming so we know whether to get 2 or 10 kegs.

See you Friday!


4 Responses to “End-of-Season Party”

  1. Becky said

    I shall be at all above functions. 🙂 And, should anyone be interested, I am seeing the following band on Sep. 9 at DC9: Show info: $8 @ 8pm. My cousin is apparently in the band. Let me know if you are interested in keeping me company at the show!

  2. Marty McFly said

    Wow… almost forgot about the end-of-season party. Looks like I’ll be missing ’80s mayhem at Black Cat.

    Will be in Boston on 9/8.

  3. Kathryn said

    I will be at the End of Season party for sure! However, I will be in Annapolis the 8th weekend…. last triathlon of the season. If anyone is in Annapolis that weekend and wants to come and cheer, I would love it!!! 🙂 (race is on the 9th)

  4. aaron said

    I’ll be there!

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