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Tiger Purrrrrrr

Posted by Ren McCormack on May 14, 2008

Post-Game Wrap-up

We got the season started right with a 4-2 victory over Flippin’ Sweet (formerly Terry Tate Office Linebackers).  We jumped out to an early lead and it looked like we were going to walk (or slip, given how wet it was out there) away with an easy victory.  By the 3rd inning, though, they cut the lead in half at what would be the final score.  Our defense was stellar, shutting them down 4 of 5 innings.  We looked a little shakey that one inning, but came out OK because of Steve’s fantastic pitching.  Or something like that. 

I normally give out a game ball, but I don’t think there was any single standout, so we all get a little piece of rubber this week.  <insert dirty joke here>

For pics of week 1, check out my Flickr account to the right.  —->

Scouting Report

This week we play Tony’s Tigers, one of the long-time teams in the division.  They always have a high turnover rate, however, because they work for a government contractor.  Of course, about half of our roster is new too, so I can’t give either team the advantage.  The Tigers played after us last week, so if you watched any of the game, you saw what they have.  They beat a new team (I forget the score).  I think some of their guys purposely tried to aim for right field, so whoever plays out there needs to be aware of that.  Don’t be distracted by their over-enthusiastic “Tiger” cheers.  You gotta love their enthusiasm, but dang does it get old. 

I will miss this game because I’ll be recovering from a bachelor party the night before in Madison, WI, as we drive to Minneapolis.  Tell me how jealous you are.  (Actually, it’s going to be a kick-ass weekend.)  Co-captains Jed and Becky will be running the show, so you must do whatever they say.  And I mean whatever

Also, I forget who took the bag of equipment (PJ?), but remember to get it to the field by 6:15 so the fields can be set up by 6:30.  I’m trying to work out a trade with the captain who was scheduled to take it so that we don’t have to take it again. 

Action Item 1

Post a response letting Jed and Becky know whether you will be at the 7:15 game.  The word “whether” implies “whether or not,” in case your 2nd grade teacher (mine was Mrs. Lovett) didn’t teach you that.  It’s important that the captains know how many people will be at the games.  We need a minimum of 4 guys and 4 gals to play or we have to forfeit.  More than 3 forfeits and we are not allowed to play in the division tournament, which would crush my dreams of world kickball domination. 

Captain’s Tip of the Day

  • Kick the ball on the ground so that it can’t be caught.  Don’t overthink it, just try to keep it low. 
  • Did you know that you can overrun 1st base?  Well, you can.  The advantage of this is that you can keep your momentum going all the way through the base.  You just need to turn to your right into foul territory.  Note, however, that you cannot overrun 2nd or 3rd base.  If you overrun these bases, the other team can tag you out.
  • What’s a tag out?  It’s when you touched with the ball, either when someone is holding the ball or when they throw it at you and you are not on the base. 
  • So I can drill someone with the ball?  Damn straight.  Just don’t be a douche about it.  However, head shots do not count as an out unless the runner intentionally bends to get hit in the head. 
  • There is no infield fly rule.  If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry about it, cause it’s not a kickball rule. 
  • Is there a strike zone?  Yes, yes there is.  It’s one foot to either side of the plate and one foot high–at the ref’s discretion.  Different refs call the strike zone wider or narrower than others.   
  • Can I bunt?  Technically yes, you can.  But we’re not a bunting team (I won’t call anyone out here…ahem…).  Some teams do, but we’re not “one of those.”  Some teams are anti munt (male bunt) but allow their females to bunt.  I’m not really a big fan of that either.  It’s called KICKball for a reason. 

Action Item 2

We need a volunteer ref for the 6:30 game.  Who can do it this week? 

Action Item 3

Who is the bringer of libations and cups?

Heads Up on Things to Come

I’ll give more details later, but there are a few season events:

  • Metal Mania will be in June.  It’s a “create your 80s hair band” night.  So start thinking about the most outrageous costume you can.
  • Halloween in July.  We need a team theme, so start thinking of ideas. 
  • Scavenger Hunt, our mid-season party, is usually in mid-June.  The date is not set yet. 

Ok gang, let’s keep the wins coming.  We do not have a game the next week because of people going out of town for Memorial Day, so I’ll see you in 3 weeks.

That’s when a sport was a sport
And groovin’ was groovin’
And dancin’ meant everything
We were young and we were improvin’
Laughin’, laughin’ with our friends
Holdin’ hands meant somethin’ baby
Outside the club “Cherry Bomb”
Our hearts were really thumpin’
Say yeah yeah yeah
Say yeah yeah yeah

Cherry Bomb – John Cougar Mellencamp 



13 Responses to “Tiger Purrrrrrr”

  1. Becky said

    I’ll be there! Brings back memories of the first time I played this team 3 years ago. We drank all those pitchers of beer out of the trough with straws.. And my family was there and the pictures surfaced at the next family reunion. Ah, good times…

  2. 1. I will be there.

    2. I will try to be there to squat, so I can ref if need be.

    3. I will not be bring beers, though.

  3. Mike Roberts said

    1. I’ll be there for the big show.

    2. I’ll drop off the equipment by 615ish, but will not available to ref the early game.

    3. I will not be able to bring beers this week.

    4. Also, no munts from me this week, even though you know I’m a damn good munter!

  4. Steve said

    I will be there with balls on…

  5. PJ Brady said

    Violaine and I will be there. Although reffing last week was fun I cannot this week. I will bring a 2-4 of something if someone can bring a cooler.

  6. mike s & kristin w said

    kristin and i will be there.
    kristin may be a few minutes late to the game and will not be able to bring beer.
    i would prefer not to bring beer again, but can grab some in a pinch.

    if you need to get a hold of me during the day, email me at can’t see the blog, can’t see gmail during the day.

  7. Eric said

    I’m out this week. See you all next Thursday.

  8. Ryan said

    Can’t make it

  9. aaron said

    if it’s 715 game i can bring some brews and a cooler.

  10. Heath said

    Leigh and I will be there…If your not first, your last.

  11. Gary W said

    I shall be there, still on the Disabled List though. In dire situations (AKA not enough players) I will step in to kick the ball on the ground, advance the runners and take the out at first :).

  12. Katie Schiavi and Kathryn Zoli said

    Zoli and I are in. Though as a kickball virgin, I’m not sure if I’ll be a huge asset to athletic aspect of the team. At least my drinking skills are honed.

    Did we miss a shirt pick up or do we get them at the game today?

  13. Not sure about shirts… both Ben and Amanda are out of town, and not sure anybody else knows are shirt situation.

    I’m out of here. See you @ the fields

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