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The Omen

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 5, 2008

Post-Game Wrap-Up:


Before I get into my big epiphany, here’s a short synopsis of last week’s game:  when I arrived in the 3rd inning we were up 2-1.  Then I took over pitching duties for Steve, and they immediately scored 4 runs.  So I relenquished my duties.  I believe the final score was 6-3.  Even though Jed scored 2 of our runs, the gall ball this week goes to PJ, because he was clearly the drunkest member of the Footloose squad at the bar.  And that’s not an easy accomplishment. 


The Omen:


It must be a sign.  Tuesday night Aaron and I had our weekly date at the Target on 50.  Target is one of those stores where the more you walk around the more things you see that you “need.”  Case in point, I went to get a new pair of shades and left with $70 worth of stuff.  Well, as we were about to get in the checkout line, we noticed the cheap DVD rack.  For $5 I picked up the Karate Kid (Special Edition, mind you) and Aaron picked up Big Trouble in Little China.  Score.  Then we went to Harris Teeter and for $10 there was the David Bowie classic Labyrinth, The Right Stuff, The Goonies (my favorite movie), and Flashdance. 




So this gave me an idea—we should have an 80s movie night.  It’s our imperative that we watch our namesake movie, Footloose, which Pete was kind enough to give me a few years back, and maybe another 80s classic. 


But what does this mean?  It’s an omen.  It’s a sign that we are destined to kick some ass tonight.  You don’t just see David Bowie in Harris Teeter for nothing.  Bowie wants us—no, demands us—to kick ass tonight. 


Action Item 1:


First, a reminder to please respond to all action items.  Gracias! 


Will you be at tonight’s 6:30 game vs We Got the Runs?  We’re scheduled for Field 3, which likely will be the field in the back on the lower part of the hill (close to the Viet Nam memorial). 


Scouting Report:


We Got the Runs (clever name) is a new team this year.  I reffed their game last week and was impressed.  I think that they will be one of the top teams this year.  They have solid kicking and solid fielding.  We have a few games under our belt now, so we’ve worked out some kinks and the newbies now have a feel for the game.  This has the potential to be a really good game. 


Captain’s Tip of the Day:


          As Mr. Miyagi would say, “Wax on, wax off.”  Wait, no, not that one.  He would say, “Daniel Son, kick the damn ball on the ground.” 

          During the game I reffed last week, there was a tight throw to 1st base.  The gal was thrown out because she ran to first base.  If you run through first base you can keep a full head of steam.  Just remember to turn right into foul territory.  Also remember that you cannot overrun 2nd or 3rd bases. 

          At times it looks like our outfielders, particularly right field, are playing a little too shallow (i.e., close to the infield).  I think it’s a better to play a little deep and run in on the ball than to run backwards.

          Runner automatically get one base on an overthrow.  Nothing kills a team faster than overthrows. 

          To help prevent overthrows, the right and left fielders should back up 1st and 3rd bases, respectively. 

          Confession time:  I broke a cardinal kickball rule last week.  When I was pitching a runner ran home from 3rd base.  Instead of throwing the ball to Meg, who was covering home, I pegged the guy.  Sure, I got the out, but the ball rebounded 10 yards away and they scored a run.  It would have been better to throw the ball to Meg.  It’s always better to throw the ball to a person than to throw at a runner.  The ball is too hard to control and you can’t control where the ball goes after you hit the runner.  Learn from my mistake. 


Action Item 2:  Libations


Who’s bringing cups and booze tonight?


Action Item 3:  Name Tags


Because I was really late last week, I forgot to do name tags.  But I won’t forget again this week.  This week’s theme is 80s toys.  This can be as generic (e.g, G.I. Joe) or specific (e.g., Cobra Commander) as you want. 




Yesterday I spent $50 on ringer socks.  So I’ll have those at the field tonight.  I expect that we’ll all wear them with pride.  I also will have the purple bag with wrist bands, hair ties, and whatever else is in there. 


I also will bring the rest of the shirts.  I have a name list with sizes.  Please make sure you take the correct size and then check your name off the list. 


I also will be hitting you up for your $5 schwag donation so that I can get some new stuff. 


Metal Mania!


Metal Mania will either be June 19 or 26th, so start getting your costume together.  Ask a vet if you have any questions.  The more over-the-top (another classic 80s movie that Target had) the better.  Fake snakeskin?  Awesome.  Feather bowa?  Nice touch.  Fish net stalkings?  Go for it. 


Scavenger Hunt


The hunt is set for June 28.  Info should be posted later this week at 


The hunt is a basically a bar crawl with silly costumes, silly tasks, lots and lots of drinking, and a boatload of fun.  Just look at the pics on the SMASHED website to get an idea.  The registration deadline will be June 23, so start thinking about getting teams of 4-6 people together. 



I am a man who would fight for your honor
I’ll be the hero you’re dreaming of
We’ll live forever knowing together
That we did it all for the glory of love
You keep me standing tall
You help me through it all
I’m always strong when you’re beside me
I have always needed you
I could never make it alone


— Glory of Love, Peter Cetara (Love Theme from Karate Kid II)



17 Responses to “The Omen”

  1. Leigh Aldrich said

    I don’t know if I will be there (going back to work the day after vacation always sucks), I might just have to catch up with everyone at the bar. Heath will be at the game.
    2. Can’t bring this week, but will soon.
    3. Toy name “Kid Sister”

  2. Aly Edwards said

    1- See you tonight!
    2- I’m coming right from work so no beer from me tonight
    3-Toy Name: Cabbage Patch Kid. More specifically, Kim- MY Cabbage Patch Kid…

  3. Kristin said

    1. I’ll be at the game. But won’t be able to go out – 2 more weeks and then I’ll be out and about again!
    2. I can bring some beer and I think I’ve got some cups too.
    3. Working on a name

  4. Steve said

    1. I will be there!
    2. I’m also coming straight from work (and walking at that), so I’ll not be bringing anything other than the piss and vinegar I’m filled with every day.
    3. My toy name will be Gizmo – as in the Mogwai from The Gremlins – and my toy growing up which I threw up on and which subsequently had to be thrown out.

  5. aaron said

    I can’t make it tonight.

  6. Mike Roberts said

    I am out until July 24th (the friggin’ rain makeup week) – I have class on Thursday nights ’til then. But, I should be around for some sweet flip-cup action and other debauchery. There may be a replacement for me, however…consult with Aly (the first one) for details.

  7. Russell said

    1) I will be there tonight
    2) Coming from work so can’t bring anything this time
    3) Gotcha “the sport”(paint ball gun that came from the GREAT 80’s movie with Anthony Edwards called ofcourse “Gotcha”–it was orange and shot only a few different colors…needless to say a ruined a few things in my house and it kept getting taking away by my parents but it was the best toy while it lasted)

  8. Eric said

    Can’t make it tonight. See everyone next week.

  9. Kathryn said

    -I will be there tonight!!!
    -I can’t bring anything this week
    -Toy name: My little Pony 🙂

  10. Emily said

    1) I’ll be there!
    2) I’m coming straight from work so unfortunately i won’t be able to bring anything.
    3) Toy Name: Princess Sparkles

  11. Becky said

    I’m violating blog rules and posting as a ‘maybe’. If I do come, I will be bringing my mom…

  12. Gary W said

    1) I won’t be able to come tonight… grad classes
    2) If I figured out teleportation I would send some alcohol, but lack of technology
    3) The push mower that blows bubbles

  13. Ryan said

    1) TBD
    2) I don’t drink — Sike!
    3) Optimus Prime — the greatest toy from the 80’s. No question. “Autobots — roll out!”

  14. hey gang– we have 4 gals committed right now, the minimum that we need to play, so please come on time and ready to kick some tushy.

    As of 4:40 the games are ON. I’ll text you if they are cancelled because of rain.

  15. Heath said

    1) I will be kicking some balls tonight.
    2) I am coming straight from work so can’t bring beer tonight but will sometime!
    3) I will be nintendo, the greatest thing ever.

  16. PJ and V Brady said

    I think my original post got blocked for the word p*nis.

    Several comments/tips/questions:

    A) we shall both be there sans booze or cups
    B) having several vodka/gatorades may make you play kickball better, but it ruins your flip cup game
    C) if you wife wants to leave the bar, go with her or else she may wind up asleep on the metro, get stuck in the car and be relatively unhappy after you beat her home anyway
    D) Why would I ask a veterinarian about metal mania
    E) Is an electric p*nis pump considered a “toy” and was it made in the 80s?

  17. […] The OmenPost-Game Wrap-Up: Before I get into my big epiphany, here’sa short synopsis of last week’s game: when I arrived in the 3rd inning we were up 2-1. Then I took over pitching duties for Steve, and they immediately scored 4 runs. …Footloose – […]

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