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Everybody Wants to Rule the World (of Kickball, that is)

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 12, 2008

Post-Game Wrap-Up:

We had a strong showing last week, defeating We Got the Runs 6-0.  Our D totally shut them down.  I give credit to the fact that Steve wouldn’t let me pitch.  The game ball went to Ryan, who’s home run counted for 3 (or was it 2?) of our runs.

Action Item 1:

Yes, no, or maybe so…are you coming to the 7:15 game vs Spin the Bottle?  The weather should be in the 80s, so it won’t be a blistering hot day.

I likely will be running very late and may miss the game.  Stupid work.  I’ll see you at the bar if I’m not at the field.  Jed and Becky will be running the show if I’m not there.

Scouting Report:

Spin is one of the elder teams of the division.  They used to be the “bad boy” team of the division that everyone loved to hate.  They’ve also been in a few championship games, so they know how to win.  That said, there has been a lot of turn over the past few years, and, after quite a few beers, they’ve mellowed out a lot.  They’ve always been cool to me, so I like ’em.  And by “cool to me” I mean they give me beer when I ref.

Their men are staunch anti-munters.  That said, their women (at least some of them) will bunt.  Therefore, we need to play a catcher that knows how to field bunts and can make the throw to 1st.  I haven’t seen them play this year yet, but if they still have some of their bigger guys, they can kick the ball a mile, so the outfield needs to play deeper than usual until we get a feel for their kicking style.

As someone said to me after game #1 this year, “Spin is a shell of their former selves.”  This is another winable game.

Squatting & Reffing

I can’t ref the early game this week.  Jed said that he would try to, but if you want to get down there early to keep him company and have a few pre-game brewskies, I’m sure that he would appreciate it.

Action Item 2: Theme

To get you thinking about your Metal Mania costume (reminder:  Metal Mania* is NEXT WEEK), this week’s theme is 80s hair bands.  What’s your band name?

In addition to your 80s name, remember to put your real name on your name tag so that we get to know one another.

* For info on last Metal Mania III, do a search of blog archives.  I frickin’ love Metal Mania!

Action Item 3:  Libations

You know the deal.  Who’s bringing cups and drinks?

Scavenger Hunt:

The Hunt is set for June 28.  Teams of 4-6.  Ridiculously silly, fun, drunk time.  If you miss this and you’re not out of the country or in a wheelchair, you are off the team.  No arguments.  More info is at

Quiz of the Day:

Think you know the 80s?  Take one of the many quizzes here:

Welcome to your life
Theres no turning back
Even while we sleep
We will find you
Acting on your best behaviour
Turn your back on mother nature
Everybody wants to rule the world

— Everybody wants to rule the world, Tears for Fears


15 Responses to “Everybody Wants to Rule the World (of Kickball, that is)”

  1. mike s said

    1. I’ll be there. I might be able to get there to help ref the early game, but no promises.
    2. Working on it.
    3. Already brought beer once…but i’ll check this again later for beer status.

  2. Emily said

    1) I’ll be there…will most likely be there around the start of the early game…so i’m happy to help ref or just back up Jed’s calls. 🙂
    2) 80’s Hairband Name – Twisted Sister!
    3) I’m on beer!

  3. PJ Brady said

    1. I will be there, but not to ref
    2. I am going with Spinal Tap!
    3. Have brought beer

    And I will be out of the country on June 28th in the nation of South Carolina. 😦

  4. Russell said

    1) I’ll be there for the game and the bar (should be there around 6:30 so I will help/keep jed company while suppling him with fluids and making fun of Emily)…
    2) Motley Crue
    3) I will stop and pick up an 18 pack and cups (but I don’t have my cooler today)…

  5. Ryan said

    1. Can’t make it.
    2. Swollen Testes — we play Death Metal and Yanni covers.
    3. I’ll be boozing at the office.

  6. Violaine said

    1. I’ll be there a bit early – not to ref though, wouldn’t want to do that to another team
    2. Duran Duran
    3. No beer this week – coming from the office

  7. Steve said

    1. I’ll be there by 715
    2. Night Ranger
    3. Sounds like beer is covered from earlier posters

    Note: Becky is in Minnesota at a family reunion so she’s out for tonight.

  8. 1. I’m leaving work soon… I can be there to squat and ref, but the more the merrier.

    2. Every Mothers’ Nightmare

    3. I did beer last week…

  9. Leigh Aldrich said

    1. I will be there, but coming straight from work.
    2. Whitesnake
    3. Can’t bring beer, but can provide cash is someone can bring beer and cooler

    I can’t attend scavenger I am in the foreign country of Alabama for work 😦

  10. Aly Edwards said

    1- I’m there! I know I said I’d be there last week and didn’t show- I got a migrane. Sorry!
    2-Ratt. Honestly, I’m not too familiar with their work but they used to have a concert every summer next to the bar Mike and I worked at…
    3-Probably won’t have time to grab beer before the game tonight.

  11. Heath said

    1. I will be there.
    2. Guns and Roses.
    3. Guess beer is covered.

  12. aaron said

    i’ll be there.
    i already broughten beer.

  13. Kristin said

    I may or may not be there – Moving Up Ceremony at school for the kiddos so we’ll see what time we finish up. This probably goes for Rory too since he works with me.

    Brother is out which means no cheerleader tonight – his acl surgery was this morning.

  14. Gary White said

    😦 Me at home in cast… ACL surgery went well though, not too much pain right now. Kick some @$$!

  15. Katie Schiavi said

    Still at work 😦 No way I can make it tonight.

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