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Time to Heat Things Up

Posted by Ren McCormack on July 17, 2008

Post-Game Wrap-Up

Last week’s game got off to a veeeery late start bc the other team was waiting for their 4th gal. Now, we only had 3, but sssshhhh. But, she had shorts/sneaks/shirt for a guy, and they only had 8 or 9 people. That said, we crushed them, running up a score of 11-1 (and the 1 run was a give-me that they really didn’t earn, but more cause we weren’t paying attention and let them have it by the time we figured it out). With 1 out and 2 runners on base, there was a kick into right-center. I was playing deep cause the guy kicked a previous ball pretty deep. I ran in, collected it, and saw the guy running for 2nd. So I through the ball a good 5 feet in front of him, so when the ball got there, it bounced and hit him in the ass. Then Russell (?) threw it home for the 3rd out, saving the run. Oh, and we only played 3 innings, batting twice. Now that’s the offensive fire power that we need going into the playoffs!

The game ball goes to, well, anyone who hit a home run (too many to count).

Action Item 1: RSVP

Please let me know whether (or not…a lot of people forget that OR NOT part) at tonight’s 7:15 game vs Vandaley Industries. Let’s see if we can actually manage to get 4 gals out tonight. We lost V, but Zoli is back from her erotic journey from Milan to Minsk. Once the playoffs hit next week, we really need to have 4 gals so that we don’t have the threat of forfeit. No one has called us on it yet, but as we get deeper in the playoffs, some team will.

Hopefully I’ll be there to ref the early game.

Scouting Report

Vandy was the yellow team playing after us last week. They are the returning Silver Spur champs and have been in the league since it started in 2001. So they know how to play. They are one spot behind us in the standings and, according to Jed’s expert analysis, have zippy chance of catching us, so we are guaranteed at least a 4th seed. But let’s not get cocky. Having known their captains for 8 years, I fully expect them to bring it just to rub it in my face. They are a staunch anti-bunt team, so we don’t have to defend that. They lost last week because their D was a bit week. So we may be able to exploit that. But, that doesn’t give us free rain to bomb pop flies, which is the easiest way to get out. Their pitcher, bearded Brad, has a seriously wicked pitch—spinning, fast, and bouncy. Do NOT feel like you need to kick every pitch. You have 3 strikes, so pick a decent pitch to kick. And no, he won’t take it easier on you simply because you do not have a penis. That would be sexist. And that would be wrong. Also, one of their gals, April, is preggers, so she will kick and have a gal pinch runner. I’m ok with this. For those that remember ex-Footloosers Zeb and Erin, Brad and April are friends with them from Penn State.

Bottom line: this is one of the premier kickball teams when they want to be. They don’t have a great record this year, but don’t be fooled—they are still my bet to take the spur.

Captains Tip of the Day

Ø Relax and kick. But if you pop out, you owe the team a pitcher of beer.

Ø On D, remember to spread out. There are times when we get bunched together, particularly around 2nd base.

Ø Get the ball back to the pitcher ASAP.

Ø Remember that its easier to throw the ball to a person rather than pegging a runner.

Ø Here’s the situation: there are 2 outs and you are a runner on 2nd with no one on 1st. There is a kick to 3rd base. What do you do? Run (after all, there are 2 outs)? Stay? The answer is… Depends. The old “run on 2 outs” rule is mostly true. Yes, most times you run, but because there is not a runner on 1st, you do not HAVE to run. Therefore, what you should do is take a few steps and watch what the 3rd baseman does. If he throws to 1st, then run. If he bobbles it, doesn’t throw it, or throws it to the pitcher, then don’t run. Your 3rd base coach should be vocal and tell you what to do.

Action Item 2: Libations

Who’s bringing beer/cups/ice tonight? Learn from PJ and don’t bring a warm 12 pack when it’s 93 degrees out… We’re the late game, so make sure we have enough to pre-game and take us through the game.

Action Item 3: Theme

We’re at the point in the season where coming up with new themes is getting tough. This week’s these is 80s pop culture icons. There are a million and one options here from music, to movies, to TV, to politics, to ad campaigns and beyond. Be creative!

Social Calendar

Ø You should have received Aaron/my evite for the party on the 26th. If not, let me know. Hope you can make it!

Ø Screen on the Green is the next four Monday nights. Even if you aren’t familiar with the movie (like me), they are fun/relaxing to sit on the Mall, eat, drink, and chat. I’ll send and evite each Monday. As an FYI, this upcoming Monday I have a softball game (yea, I cheat on you with them), so I won’t get down there until 8-8:15. So we’ll need someone/group to get there early and snag a big spot.

Ø Aug. 21 is Brew at the Zoo. Tix are $55 for non-members (*ouch!), but it’s fun and for a good cause.

Ø We should do a Footloose night at a Nats game. Any interest?

And now you find yourself in ’82
The disco hot spots hold no charm for you
You can concern yourself with bigger things
You catch a pearl and ride the dragon’s wings

It was the heat of the moment
Telling me what my heart meant
The heat of the moment showed in your eyes

– Heat of the Moment, Asia


8 Responses to “Time to Heat Things Up”

  1. 1. I will be there.

    2. Probably can’t do drinks.

    3. I can’t squat… hopefully will be there in time to ref 6:30 games if nec.

    4. Glasnost

  2. Becky said

    1. I will be there.
    2. I can bring some beers if someone can bring ice and a cooler and cups.
    3. No squatting.
    4. I need time to think about this.

  3. aaron said

    me and ben will figure out the cooler thing
    can’t pop a squat
    where’s the beef?

  4. Steve said

    Hey all – well I’m back from my two week hiatus but naturally I’m sick and am on anti-biotics so I’ll be sitting this game out sorry. For the record though my 80’s thing would have been Morning in America.

  5. PJ Brady said

    i will be there
    no booze
    can’t squat (bad knees)
    was bo derek from the 80s or earlier? shit i dont care, she was hot.

  6. Ryan said

    1.Back from Africa and ready to kick some balls.
    fun fact: Ta Ta means to pass gas in Twi (one of the many
    dialects of Ghana)
    2. I’ve brought before
    3. Can proly get there early — what field do I need to ref on?
    4. Alf — I used to do a great impression.

  7. Emily said

    1) I’m there
    2) coming straight from work so i can’t bring drinks.
    3) I’ll have to think about my icon…so many to choose from.

  8. Russell said

    I’ll be there for the game…I’ll be there right around 6:30 so I can help ref if needed. I have to leave after the game so no bar for me tonight.
    No on alcohol tonight.
    Parachutte (sp?) pants…hey for awhile I thought I was going to be a professional break dancer (granted it was 4-6th grade but still)…
    so far we only have 1 girl (eventhough I just yelled at Emily to post that she was going to be there–so that makes 2 but we need to more)…

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