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Sex and Victory

Posted by Ren McCormack on July 31, 2008

Post-Game Wrap-Up

Last week we escaped with a 3-1 victory over 13th seed, Kickin’ Nuggets.  Not to be a Debby Downer, but we had no offensive firepower and we made some questionable defensive plays.  To put it in perspective, Spin racked up 30+ runs on them the week before.   But in the tourny a win is a win, and we’re still alive.   In the end, the team that makes the fewest errors wins, and we came out on top. 


The tournament is single elimination, so is we loose, our season is done.  Good thing that we won’t lose.


Action Item 1:  RSVP

Respond whether or not you can make it to tonight’s 6:30 game vs We Got the Runs.     


Scouting Report

We beat the Runs earlier this year 7-0.  I actually ran into one of their players at the Nats game last night, and he was quick to point out that they were missing a lot of their good guy players at that game, so expect this to be a different team than the one we played before.  If we play like we have before, we will win.  If we play like we did last week, it’s anyone’s game. 


I was not a very good coach last week.  After watching their week firepower, I should have made mid-game adjustments.  I’ll strategerize better this week and move people around as needed. 


A plus for us is that PJ and Russell are back (despite Becky’s cruel prank, perpetrated by yours truly, that told them we lost).  A negative is that Tweety Pete is somewhere between here and Denver and Aaron is in NYC.    


The highest that Footloose has ever been was a 5 seed, and we have not made it past the semifinal round.  Should we win tonight, this will mark the farthest that we’ve ever made it.  Make it so. 


Captains Tip of the Day

          Don’t pop out, beotches.

          Re-read last week’s tips, which are gold Jerry, gold! 

          Kickers should wait for a nice pitch.   (yea, this was one from last week—so what?!)

          The infield needs to talk when there is a short grounder.  This usually affects the catcher, pitcher, and 3rd baseman.  It also could affect the 1st baseman (you know who you are).  Call it if it’s your ball; you may have to call off another player.  For example, if Jed is on 3rd, he may call off the pitcher because he has a straight line on the ball compared to the pitcher who has to collect the ball then turn 140 degrees to throw to 1st.  Also, the pitcher, catcher, and 3rd baseman need to communicate if they start bunting. 

          Base coaching  was suspect last week.   Runners:  listen to your coaches.  Coaches:  be vocal, load, and correct with your instructions (keeping in mind the runner’s capabilities). 



I’ll bring the beer, cups, & ice as long as you promise to bring home a victory.      


Action Item 2:  Theme

This week is a free-for-all.  Pick your own piece of 80s nostalgia.  It could be a toy, band, fad, tv/movie character—whatever you want! 


Social Calendar

  Screen on the Green is the next four Monday nights.  Even if you aren’t familiar with the movie (like me), they are fun/relaxing to sit on the Mall, eat, drink, and chat.  I’ll send and evite each Monday.    The upcoming movie is The Apartment.    In two weeks it’s the finale, Superman.   For the finale, you have to get there nice and early (I can only save so much real estate). 

  Aug. 21 is Brew at the Zoo.  Tix are $55 for non-members (*ouch!), but it’s fun and for a good cause.

– We should do a Footloose night at a Nats game on a Friday.  Because not a single person replied whether or not they had interest, I’m just going to plan it and send the details.   


Love and hope and sex and dreams
Pride and joy, fast cars, ice cream
Jet black hair, soft socks and shoes
Let’s fish around, free air again
Golden madness, feed off dead meat
Time not lost, but sold white teeth
We want victory, we want truth
A million stars move into view

Slender Fungus – Tones on Tail



9 Responses to “Sex and Victory”

  1. PJ Brady said

    I am in! and so grateful we didnt lose last week. thanks for the prank guys… grrr. and our mvp russell is back so we should close them out nicely.

  2. Becky said

    I’m in!

  3. Ryan said

    I’m the opposite of out.

  4. kristin said

    Mike and I are in. See ya’ll there!

  5. Mike Roberts said

    Aly and I are in

  6. Emily said

    i’m in!

  7. Steve said

    I’m out tonight guys. Good luck!

  8. Russell said

    I’m in and VERY bitter at Ben since I knew Emily was full of shit but Ben’s e-mail did have me convienced we lost (thanks for a pissed off Monday Ben)…you will pay for that one at the beach…for those that can attend, this weekend at my beach house we are throwing Patrick a deportation party (basically I’m celebrating the fact that Patrick has to move to Europe for 2 years)…the two houses are located in Bethany (same neighborhood about 10 houses away)…all are welcome for whatever part of the weekend you can make it…

  9. Leigh Aldrich said

    Heath and I are in. I can’t bring beer but will bring $20 to anyone who can!

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