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Game 2: Can You Say, “Winning Streak?”

Posted by Ren McCormack on May 28, 2009


Thursday at 6:30 we (hopefully) will continue our winning tradition when we take on Terroist Foot Jab.

Scouting Report:

TFJ is a new team to the division, so I have zippy scouting report data other than their name is simply retarded.  To any teammates that are offended that I used the word “retarded,” well, tough noogies.  This is a team from the 80s when the tards went flying before PC only meant “personal computer.”  You know, like a Commodore 64.  Which, by the way, I totalled kicked ass on while playing Montezuma’s Revenge in the 3rd grade. 

In summary, TFJ are tards. 

Action Item 1:  Attendance

Who’s in for Thursday’s game?  Remember to reply whether or not you can make it. 

Captain’s Tip of the Day:

Being too lazy to read what I wrote for last game, I’m just going to wing it this week:

  • You don’t have to kick the crap out of the ball.  You’ll probably just pop out anyway.  Kinda like I did 2x last game.  There’s nothing wrong with a respectible kick on the ground.   
  • We got a pretty cheap out last game when the girl on 1st from Legion of Doom ran to 2nd when there was a pop fly.  We through the ball back to 1st base and turned a double play.  There are a few lessons in this scenario.  First, if you are on base and there is a pop fly, don’t take off in a full sprint to the next base.  Go part way to see if the ball is caught or dropped.  If it’s caught, then you still have time to run back to your original base.  If it’s dropped, then run to the next base.  The next lesson is that the other team’s first base coach did not do his/her job in telling the runner what to do. 
  • Speaking of base coaches, let’s make sure that we always have one at first and one at third.  The main job of the base coaches is to help out the runners by telling them when to run (like the scenario above), how many outs there are, etc.  The first base coach helps the kicker and runner on 1st, the third base coach helps the runners on 2nd, 3rd, and tell any subsequent runners whether to stay at third, run home, duck, dip, dive, dodge, duck, slide,  jump, or otherwise avoid a thrown ball.  When you are a base runner, listen for the instructions of your coaches.  If you’re not sure what to do, ask them.  For base coaches, I’ll look to the team (particularly the vets who know what they are doing) to help coach bases. 
  • Here’s a hint on catching a big, red, rubber ball:  it’s easier to accept the ball to your bosom palms up than to catch it like you are bumping a volley ball above your head. 
  • When kicking, the strike zone is 1 foot to either side of home plate and 1 foot above the plate.  You do not need to kick every pitch.  If it’s not near the plate or too bouncy, just wait for the next pitch.  You have 3 strikes and 3 (NOT 4!) fouls before you are out.  If the pitcher throws 4 balls, you get a walk (or you get to take 1st base). 
  • Lastly, get the ball back to the pitcher ASAP unless you are trying to make an out–otherwise the ball is still in play and runners may continue to advance. 

Action Item 2:  Theme

This week’s theme is 80s TV characters.  When you reply to the blog, include your character (but only if you plan to attend–we don’t want you steeling any good ones if you can’t make it!).  There was one tard last game *cough…Tom…cough* who thought that 80s movies really meant 80s TV.  For your tardiness, you have to pick a new name. 

Also, remember to fill out your name tag with both your 80s name and your real name so that we all get to know each other. 

Action Item 3:  Libabtions

Who will step up and bring libations and cups this week?  Please bring enough for the entire team (so a 12 pack won’t cut it).  I supplied 2 cases and cups last week.  We have enough people on the team that we can rotate drink duties and should never have to repeat. 

Misc. Joo Joo

Thanks to everyone who dropped me some duckets for schwag.  To the others– I’m keeping a list and checking it twice. 

Actually, regarding the list, if everyone could add their cell #s, I’d appreciate it.  I’ll need them in case of rainouts. 

Is it wrong that a grown man just bought 144 jelly bracelets?  Well, methinks not.  They will be in the Bag o’ Schwag.   As with every game, HELP YOURSELVES to the purple Bag o’ Schwag. 

I see you, and you see me
But you’re blowin’ the lines
When you’re making a scene
Oh girl, you’ve got to know
What my head overlooks
The senses will show to my heart
With its watchingful eyes
You can’t escape my

Private eyes
They’re watching you
They see your every move
Private eyes
They’re watching you
Private eyes
They’re watching you watching you watching you watching you

–Private Eyes, Hall & Oates


A little something about Hall & Oates:

The top selling act of the 1950s:  Elvis

1960s:  The Beatles

1970s:  Elton John

1980s?  You guessed it, Philadelphia’s own Hall and Oates.  Bust that one out next time you’re playing the 80s edition of Trivial Pursuit


23 Responses to “Game 2: Can You Say, “Winning Streak?””

  1. Chris said

    I shall be attending. And I definitely don’t know the story behind Ren McCormack….you’ll have to fill us newbies in. I am also happy to coach third base whenever I can. I played a lot of baseball over the years so I can help out those who need help. My celly is (202) 262-1421.

    I will be going as Stefan Urquelle from Family Matters (Steve Urkel’s alter ego love machine). And yes, Family Matters is TECHnically an 80s show since it Premiered September 22, 1989. Yeah, yeah I can hear the moans and boos…but I didn’t really watch 80s TV…so yeah…deal kiddies…this is all I got.

    At first the effects of the “Cool Juice”, which was the formula used to create Stefan, turned him into a cold-hearted ass. Also, this “Cool Juice” would not allow Stefan to last for an extended period of time (sounds like Whisky dick to me). Thankfully, alterations in the Stefan formula, reinvented to be called “Boss Sauce”, as well as the creation of the “transformation chamber”….hmmmmm, allowed Stefan to woo the ladies for extended periods of time (if I had a nickel…). Obviously, Phizer later killed Stefan and made billions of the “Boss Sauce”.

    Family Matters- Episode “Original Gangsta Dawg”

    Steven ‘Steve’ Quincy Urkel: Hello.
    Stefan Urquelle: Steve, what’s up with your cousin? He interruped my phone call meant for Laura
    Steven ‘Steve’ Quincy Urkel: I’ll show him. [Calls Laura’s Cell and gets OGD instead]
    Cornelius Eugene Urkel aka OGD: Yo.
    Steven ‘Steve’ Quincy Urkel: Cornelius Eugene Urkel, you have better find a good excuse to leave town soon.
    Stefan Urquelle: You can take a bus or an airplane. Anywhere away from my Laura.
    Cornelius Eugene Urkel aka OGD: That’s big talk coming from a guy in Italy.
    Steven ‘Steve’ Quincy Urkel: I’ll have you know, I’m not in Italy. And I’ll be coming home tomorrow.

    • Chris said

      I was just informed that Ren McCormack was the main character from Footloose. I am offically an idiot (but to my defense I have never seen the movie). Let the heckling proceed….

  2. Becky R said

    I am in Hong Kong and don’t think I can make it back in time for the game. 🙂 Good luck!

  3. I will be at the game.

    I will be driving, so I can take care of about 20 beverages.

    My theme name:

  4. Chelsea said

    I’ll be there! 🙂

    TV Character: Kimmy Gibbler from Full House

    And now for a few Kimmy gems…
    Kimmy Gibbler: I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you! You’re just not joining in!

    Kimmy Gibbler: D-U-M, Dumb!
    D.J.: Kimmy, there’s a B.
    Kimmy Gibbler: [swatting the air] Where?

  5. Leigh said

    I will be there with Heathballs in tow (he is at the bar all day so don’t know if he can reply to this posting). My 80’s TV character will be Laverne from Laverne and Shirly.

  6. Tom aka "B.A." Baracus said

    Count me in…

    Against impossible odds, the A-Team always managed to “right the wrongs” while managing to stay just one step ahead of the law.

    “Ten years ago, in 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they did not commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortunes. If you had a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire … The A-Team!”

    random trivia-
    The very first episode of the A-Team TV show aired immediately following the 1983 Super Bowl game where the Redskins kicked the crap out of the Dolphins

  7. Becky S said

    I should be able to make it this evening.

    TV character: Ms. Bliss Saved by the Bell the original series.

    Little known fact: Saved by the Bell was a “spin-off” of a series titled, “Good Morning, Miss Bliss,” which takes place at John F. Kennedy Junior High School, in Indiana. Then, when the students advance to Bayside High School in “Saved By The Bell” not only does Mr. Belding go with them, but they are somehow mysteriously in Los Angeles, California

  8. Man, I’m LOVING the trivia that’s coming to light!

    My name this week is going to be… Richard Milhouse “Boner” Stabone. Classic name.

    Boner: “I’m Dickey Stabone.”
    Mike Seaver: “Dickey, that’s a pretty stupid name.”
    Boner: “Yea, yea it is. I hate it!”
    Mike Seaver: “Stabone. Boney. Bone. Boner! Yea, from now on our name is BONER!”
    Boner: “But all the names in my underwear say ‘Dickey!'”

  9. Kolaleh aka "Golden Toe" said

    I’m excited to make my first game tonight.
    are heals allowed on the field? I play better…

    • Chris said

      Heals are definitely allowed….afterall we need them to walk/run. haha ;0)

      Now hEEls on the other hand….I say yes! allowed…and should make for an interesting run around the bases 🙂

      • Chris said

        Actually….I think the foot is also spelled heel….so yeah…my comment not longer is funny

  10. Wait– was your comment funny in the first place? Hummmm…..

    • Chris said

      well…..i thought it was….but then again I’m the ass that didn’t know Ren was from Footloose…I’m actually surprised you haven’t kicked me off the team for not seeing the movie haha

  11. Breanne said

    I’ll be there…

    TV Character- PUNKY BREWSTER!!!!!

  12. Viv said

    hey kids, sorry but wont be able to make this one. 😦

  13. Kristin said

    Will try my best to be there!

  14. aaron said

    i don’t think i can make it. with work and all. but if i was there i would go as Stringfellow Hawke of Airwolf and I would put my sunglasses on and take them off like 45 times in 15 minutes.

  15. Games are on!!! Be there at 6:30!!!

  16. mike s said

    eric and i are in tampa. back for next week.

  17. Hey, I may not be around a computer when the blog is posted, but, yes, I will be there.

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