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Here Kitty Kitty…

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 4, 2009

UPDATE (4:22 pm): 

Because of how our schedule works out we will not be making up games that are rained out. Therefore, since games will be rained out tonight WE WILL STILL HAVE A MATCH UP…at McFaddens. We’ll have a flip-cup competition… Here’s how it will go down … and these games WILL COUNT in the standings.

Each team playing at the 6:30 time slot will arrive at McFaddens ready to take on their scheduled opponent in flip cup. We’ll play with the usual “players” and play 7 rounds. Teams can substitute in and out between rounds. The best of 7 will get the win and the score (ex: 4-3, 5-0, etc.) will be entered into the system as the result of this week’s games. Teams playing at 7:15, please plan to show up to McFaddens by 7 – although the earlier the better so you can cheer on the 6:30 teams. Please also note that we are still keeping the rule in effect from last year that if you forfeit more then 2 games you will not be in the playoffs.

I know this is completely different then what we have done any other year but I think it’s going to be fun. We were all planning on playing kickball today anyway so we might as well get together and have some fun.

Just a little incentive to get everyone out (besides the whole having to forfeit thing)…we will be buying a keg for the “scheduled” flip cup games. That way no one has to put up money for their game. After your scheduled game is finished you are on your own. If there is beer left over from the 7:15 games that will be for anyone that wants it.

See ya tonight!

Ren says– game on!  let’s get there at 6:30 ready to play some flip cup!  see you at McFadden’s, Footloose!

Post-Game Wrap-Up:

Last week’s game was a mess.  Only Jed, Heath, Chris, Chelsea, and myself actually made the game.   The other team was short people too, so we each picked up players from the late game and played anyway.  Now, it’s disputed whether we squeezed 2 or 3 innings in, but either way we pretty much crushed them.  Then the late teams walked away because they thought it *very* important to actually start at 7:15.  I wish someone whould explain to those tards (to use the word of the week from the previous post) how daylight savings time works.  Ladies, let me give you a hint:  as a dude, I don’t care how cute you are, if you’re rude and unbending, you’re written off in my book.  You hear that Kate from the red team?  Cuz I’m talking about you.  “I have to be somewhere at 8pm, so we have to start now.”  Well you know what, I’m glad your team got smoked.  Thanks to Chris for sucking it up to ref that game, cuz I didn’t want to be around those hosers. 

No, I’m not bitter.

OK, now for our ladies that showed up, but didn’t find us, there is a 3rd field that is hidden from site back bay the restrooms.  That’s where we were.  Chances are, that even if we officially forfeit, we still will srimmage and hang our till the beer is kicked.  SO, if you’re late, come find the smoke grey team.

ALSO, I have a sign up sheet– I need everyone’s cell #s.  I couldn’t contact anyway about the game because I didn’t have any #s. 

LASTLY, we should have forfeited the game.  Thankfully, the other team was cool and let us pick up players.  Not every team will be that cool.  So you know, 3 forfeits and we are not allowed to play in the end-of-season tournament.   

Scouting Report:

Tonight (6.4) at 6:30 we play Tony’s Tigers, once of the few original teams in the division (the others being us and next week’s foe, Vandalay Industries; though you could argue that Legion of Doom’s liniage makes them an original team).  The Tigers regularaly have a lot of turnover because they are a work team.  That said, they always seem to take it pretty seriously, so expect a competitive game.  Their pitcher last week seemed pretty into the world of competitive kickball.  But he doesn’t rock a headband the same as I do. 

I may be running late, so Jed and Becky will get things started if I’m not there on time (just give me a little leeway (sp?) please!). 

Captain’s Tip of the Day:

  • We need to get runners on base to score.  That’s some pretty advanced math, I know.  Pop outs are easy, so try to keep the ball low.
  • I’m going to change up positions a little bit– the “shallow center” position takes all throws to 2nd base (special situations notwithstanding).  The 2nd base position splits the difference between 1st and 2nd.  Ladies- I usually play you in these positions, so read that again.
  • IF the team bunts, I may put a male catcher in.  We’ll make that adjustment after the 1st inning.  The starting catcher needs to be prepared for bunters and either throw the ball to the pitcher or to 1st base. 
  • It’s going to be slippery tonight, so be cautious rounding bases (esp. at 2nd).  

Rain Policy:

If you do not receive  an e-mail from me or the division stating that games are cancelled, always assume that they are on.  I will text you only if games are called off due to weather.  The worst that can happen is you get a little wet and a lot drunk.  My cell is 703.967.9145. 

Action Item 1:  Who’s In?

Do you plan to make tonight’s game?  If you say yes, you’d better come (*cough…LEIGH…cough*). 


Thanks to Carrie and Kolaleh for getting us tipsy tonight.

Action Item 2:  Theme

This week’s theme is 80s cartoon characters. 

Here comes the rain again
Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion
I want to walk in the open wind
I want to talk like lovers do
I want to dive into your ocean
Is it raining with you

So baby talk to me
Like lovers do
Walk with me
Like lovers do
Talk to me
Like lovers do


10 Responses to “Here Kitty Kitty…”

  1. Steve said

    I’ll be there!

    80’s Cartoon Character: Optimus Prime (naturally)

    Optimus Prime: You destroy everything you touch Megatron!
    Megatron: That’s because everything I touch is food for my hunger. My hunger for power.
    Optimus Prime: No! I am going to end your hunger once and for all.

  2. aaron said

    I’ll be there!

    80s cartoon character: Destro

  3. Chris said

    I’ll be there!

    I am a smurf, specifically Smurf #2 that appeared in the episode of Family Guy.

    Smurf #1: Yo, Smurf, that party last night was freakin’, Smurf!
    Smurf #2: You bet your smurf it was!
    Smurf #1: Hey, I saw you leaving with Smurfette.
    Smurf #2: Yeah. Right when we left the party, she started smurfin’ me.
    Smurf #2: Shut the smurf up! Right in the smurfing parking lot?
    Smurf #2: Oh, yeah.
    Smurf #1: That’s freakin’ smurf!
    Smurf #2: You betcha.
    Smurf #1: Freakin’ smurf.

  4. Eric J said

    Mike S and I will both be there.

    80s cartoon characer — Master Splinter

  5. Fernanda said

    Jem AKA Jerrica from Jem and the Holograms.

    I will be there!

  6. Emily said

    I’m there and I shall be Voltron……

    From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend; the legend of Voltron, Defender of the Universe, a mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil. As Voltron’s legend grew, peace settled across the galaxy. On Planet Earth, a Galaxy Alliance was formed. Together with the good planets of the solar system, they maintained peace throughout the universe, until a new horrible menace threatened the galaxy. Voltron was needed once more. This is the story of the super force of space explorers, specially trained and sent by the Alliance to bring back Voltron, Defender of the Universe!

  7. Chelsea said

    I’m there – representing Rainbow Brite 🙂

    Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids fight to protect the world’s color from the evil Murky Dismal and his inept sidekick, Lurky. Rainbow Brite, whose real name is Wisp, has a talking horse named Starlight. The color sprites mine color crystals, which Rainbow uses to add color to the world. Twink is the head sprite who often accompanies Rainbow on her adventures.

  8. See the update in red text. Go straight to the bar for FLIPMANIA.


  9. Stepping out of the office for a couple hours… may end up back at the Nats game before ours. If I don’t find a computer before gametime, I will be there!!

  10. Becky R. said

    No blog this week. Email me directly if you will be at tonight’s game (June 11) –

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