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Bye Week? Byte Me.

Posted by Ren McCormack on June 25, 2009

Post-Game Wrap-up:

Last week was a tough loss.  I forget the score, but it was around 4-1.  Our downside was our kicking—we got maybe one kick out of the infield.  I don’t know if we were trying too hard or if the ball was filled with sand, but the gods of kicking were not on our side last week.  That said, at tonight’s game let’s try to work on our kicking—keeping the ball low, finding the holes, or simply not popping up (EMILY).  Heck, try a toe ball. 

Action Item 1:  Who’s Coming?

Please respond if you’re coming so that we know how many people to expect.  It’ll be a loosey-goosey game tonight because it’s just a scrimmage.  Game time is 7pm, so try to arrive—as you always should—15 min early.  So that we don’t take a field from a team that actually is scheduled to play, we are going to meet on the field back by the restrooms off the pond (aka, the goose poop field).  As a bonus, Chris offered to lead us in stretching exercises. 

Action Item 2:  Beer

Who’s bringing beer, cups, ice? 

Action Item 3:  Theme

We’ve done 80s movie characters, TV characters, and cartoons.  This week, let’s go 80s toys. 

Social Calendiary:

Friday, July 26:  Footloose is playing at the Rosslyn Outdoor Film Festival (  Kristin asked what time to meet.  I say 7:30.  That leaves plenty of time to get home, change, eat or pick up food to bring, grad a bottle of wine (and a cup!) and head down.  Action Item 4:  Who’s coming to the movie?  We need to know how much space to save.  Afterwards, we can walk across the street to The Continental, a cool, retro pool hall (albeit, not cheap pool). 

July 1:  “The DC Improv Comedy School Cast” on Wednesday at 7:00pm at The DC Improv Comedy Club.   Our very own Aaron Pease will perform.  $10 cover, plus 2 drinks (no problem there!)

July 9:  Metal Mania!

July 10-12:  The All Good Music Festival in Masontown, WV.  Tix are $140 for the weekend.  You camp out, drink beer, and listen to good tunes. 

July 20-August 10:  Screen on the Green,1044011.html

August 22:  End-of-Season party.  Save the date now. 

Odds n’ Ends:

Remember to reply to the four (not just the usual 3) action items. 

At special request, I posted pics from last year’s Metal Mania so you can get an idea of how over-the-top we got.  Rule of thumb for Metal Mania:  too far is not far enough!  July 9 is this year’s meyheim, so start getting your costume ready now!  Like I said at the game, Journeys and Hot Topic have a lot of cheesy 80s stuff that, apparently, is back in fashion with the tweeners.  Thrift shops like Goodwill also are gold mines.  Ebay too. 

Finally, see the e-mail below from the Division. Note that the date of the end-of-season party is being set now to encourage a better turnout:

Hey Kickballers,

This may be the first Thursday that I’m not refreshing every 5 minutes to see if we are going to be able to play. Obviously, it is a beautiful day so we are playing.

Just some info on the playoffs/end of seaon party.

– The playoffs will start on Aug. 6th and the Semis/Championship game will be on Aug 20th. – The top 4 seeded teams will have byes the first week – The 12th and 13th seeds will have a 3 inning play-in on Aug. 6th to see who gets to be in the playoffs. They will then play the 5th seed later that night. – End of the season party will be Aug. 22nd. Bar TBD.

I wanted to thank Footloose, Kickin Nuggets, a few memebers from Flippin Sweet and Damien for coming out on Saturday. Between the 25-30 of us we took down 4.5 kegs, which I think is pretty impressive.

See ya tonight, Julie

Don’t have to be so exciting
Just tryin’ to give myself a little bit of fun yeah
You always look so invitin’, you ain’t as green as you are young
Hey baby, it’s you, come on, girl, now, it’s you
Sink your teeth right through my bones, baby, let’s see what we can do
Come on and make it

Hurt so good
Come on baby, make it hurt so good
Sometimes love don’t feel like it should
You make it hurt so good

Hurts So Good – John Cougar

A Little Something About Johnny C:

I thought I’d throw out a few facts about this Grammy award-winning, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame artist (look at that, I already threw out 2 facts!):

  • Co-founder of Farm Aid
  • His first hit (reaching #28 on the charts), I Need a Lover, was covered by Pat Bennetar
  • His early albums were under the name Johnny Cougar or John Cougar, or John Cougar Mellencamp against his wishes
  • His wife, Elaine Irwin, is a former model and a serious hottie


12 Responses to “Bye Week? Byte Me.”

  1. Becky Roemen said

    Sorry team – at MIT for the week stuck in a very small seminar room.

  2. Emily said

    Hey all! Sorry i can’t make it tonight. I will have to work on keeping the ball on the ground some other time. I also can’t make it to the movie tomorrow night.

    Have a great time!

  3. aaron said

    I will be there.

    My 80s toy is LeaderOne. Gobots!

    I broughtened the beer last week.

  4. Nassim said

    Can’t make it. Play hard. Do it for Farah Fawcett.

  5. Chris said

    I will be attending both the game and the movie…..and look forward to the stretching….stretch #1 is the gopher hole….you’ll get it when I show you.

    I will be coming as a Tonka Truck (specifically the yellow dumptruck). I rammed that thing into the concrete walls in my basement over, and over, and over and it still wouldn’t break. Loved it!

  6. Steve said

    Not gonna make it tonight or tomorrow night, but have fun. See everyone in three weeks!

  7. Chelsea said

    sorry guys – can’t make it to the game. little brother decided to show up in DC and expects me to take him to dinner tonight…

    i’m still TBD on tomorrow night – i will let you all know 🙂 have fun tonight!

  8. Breanne said

    I’m in for the game tonight… I’ll bring cups. I’m definitely a Cabbage Patch doll; they caused toy store riots.

    Tomorrow night I have a rehearsal dinner so I won’t make it to the movie.

  9. Russell said

    very sorry for the late post but swamped at work and I have 2 birthday parties to attend tonight so I’m out…I will haev drinks and cups in two weeks for metal mania…

  10. Carrie said

    We have a kickball blog?! Who knew? I’m coming to footloose screening. Never seen it. Have a friend coming.

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